Books published in 1989

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  [english | 1989]  

James Patrick Kelly

Summary: [Loving Natalee: A Mothers Testament of Hope and Faith is an autobiography written by Beth Holloway about her missing daughter Natalee Holloway with portions contributed by Sunny Tillman. It was first published in October 2007 by HarperOne an imprint of HarperCollins and has also been marketed under its alternate subtitle The True Story of the Aruba Kidnapping and Its Aftermath.]
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Spell Of Catastrophe

  [english | 1989]  

Mayer Alan Brenner

Summary: [For a change Max was not actually on the run which is to say that he didnt think anyone in particular was after him. Of course his perception (which happened to be wrong) did not materially change the situation. He did indeed have a pursuer and later that night the pursuer caught up.]
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