Books published in 1985

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Blood Brothers

  [english | 1985]  

Eugene Jacobs

Excerpts: [... United States, the Japanese most wanted the Philippines. General MacArthur, as well as the Japanese, believed that the Philippine Islands were the ...... of the Philippines. In December, 1941, there were only two companies of the 43rd Infantry of Philippine Scouts (P.S.), a housekeeping detachment, stationed ...... by saying, Moshi, moshi. (hello) and sayonara (good-bye).. We ...]
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The Mind Like A Strange Balloon

  [english | 1985]  

Tom Maddox

Excerpts: [... How are you, Jerry? he said. He shook the water off his raincoat and draped it over a chair, then looked around at the pine veneer on the walls, green ...... be the one he was talking about because I had blown my chance to work with the government. When SenTrax delivered the first Aleph system to NSA, I was ...... pack for high orbit? As little as possible, Jerry. Travel light. ...]
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