Books published in 1981

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Judgments Of The Court Of Appeal Of New Zealand On

  [english | 1981]  

Wallace Mcmullin

Excerpts: [... in this Court was completed in less than six days. We had envisaged that some further days might be required for cross-examination, as there were ...... Regulations 1978. It was approved by the Minister for release as a public document. The Chief Inspector concluded that 'The probable cause of the accident ...... The applicants acknowledge that they have no rights of appeal. What ...]
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Life In A Thrashing Machine

  [english | 1981]  

Walter Petrovic

Summary: [A very fun read. I read it in one sitting. Very visual and the characters are people that you can relate to. It is like watching a really good 40s movie set in modern times.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | post 1930Downloads: 310