Books published in 1973

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Humanist Manifesto Ii

  [english | 1973]  

American Humanist Association

Excerpts: [... the demands of women and minority groups for equal rights effectively challenge our generation. As we approach the twenty-first century, however, ...... and guide humankind toward the future. - Paul Kurtz and Edwin H. Wilson (1973). The next century can be and should be the humanistic century. ...... many flee in despair from reason and embrace irrational cults and theologies of ...]
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Lazarillo Of Tormes

  [english | 1973]  


Excerpts: [... back into a man. The novel is a fantasy, and may be allegorical. The beginning is its most realistic point, and the first chapter of this novel became ...... LAZARILLO OF TORMES. Letter of Dedication. To The Reader. I Where Lazaro Tells about How He Left Toledo to Go to the War of Algiers. II How Lazaro ...... wouldn't get any worse, the poor woman went ahead and carried out the ...]
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