Books published in 1968

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In Time Of Emergency

  [english | 1968]  

Department Of Defense

Excerpts: [... Cross________________________________________. Utility ...... shock. * Treat broken bones and burns. * FOLLOW OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS. Chapter 2. Understand The Hazards Of Nuclear Attack. Summary.CHAPTER ...... outside their own bodies. Only simple precautions would be necessary to avoid swallowing the particles, and because of their size (like grains of sand) ...... protection. ...]
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The Invention Of The Sewing Machine

  [english | 1968]  

Grace Rogers Cooper

Excerpts: [... it were especially adaptable to this work. By the 18th century the hook had been reduced to needle size and inserted into a handle, and was used to ...... needle, 1807. (Smithsonian photo 33299-K.)]. A type of rope-stitching machine, which might be considered unimportant to this study, must be included ...... The lockstitch required two threads, one passing through a loop in the ...]
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