Books published in 1966

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Cliges A Romance

  [english | 1966]  

Chrtien De Troyes

Excerpts: [... woman-worship, this complexity of love, this self-debating, first comes into literature with Chretien de Troyes, and is still with us, no more interesting ...... for the lads whom they see departing, follow them with their eyes' ken as far as they can and so that they may watch them the better and the further, ...... my heart and my two eyes together but methinks they hate me. ...]
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Fulton Steam Battery Blockship And Catamaran

  [english | 1966]  

Howard Irving Chapelle

Excerpts: [... DESCRIPTIONS 147. COPENHAGEN PLANS 150. HISTORY OF DOUBLE-HULL CRAFT 152. SAIL AND INBOARD PLANS 157. RECONSTRUCTING THE PLANS ...... Morgan Lewis Commodore Jacob Jones U.S.N. Noah Brown, shipbuilder Samuel L. Mitchill Henry Rutgers and Thomas Morris. The committee proved ...... undertake and complete so much work between 1813 and 1815 and still be able to build the steam battery ...]
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History Of Phosphorus

  [english | 1966]  

Eduard Farber

Excerpts: [... of the United States National Museum. The scholarly and scientific publications of the United States National Museum include two series, Proceedings ...... relating to the botanical collections of the Museum of Natural History have been published in the Bulletin series under the heading Contributions ...... Institution as a consultant in chemistry. When phosphorus was discovered, ...]
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