Books published in 1964

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A Review Of The Frogs Of The Hyla Bistincta Group

  [english | 1964]  

William Duellman

Excerpts: [... observations have been made on the ecology and life histories of three of the species the other two species are known to me only from preserved specimens. Acknowledgments. For ...... but not tuberculate. An anal sheath is present. The skull is rather broad, flat, and solidly roofed. The ethmoid is broad, curved downward laterally, ...... of the tympanum to the eye apparently are of ...]
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The Eyes Have It

  [english | 1964]  

Randall Garrett

Summary: [The Crusades Through Arab Eyes is a French-language historical essay by Lebanese author Amin Maalouf. It is a narrative retelling of primary sources drawn from various Arab chronicles that seeks to provide an Arab perspective on the Crusades.]
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