Books published in 1921

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A Book For Kids

  [english | 1921]  

C Dennis

Excerpts: [... and brandy-snaps, pastry all in flakes. But I wouldn't be a baker if . I couldn't eat the cakes. Would you. THE DAWN DANCE. What ...... and basket on arm. Run to the window and tell him to stop-. Flippity-flop. Flippity-flop. THE FUNNY HATTER. Harry was a funny man, Harry was ...... were when you rode out.. So I rode homeward, free of doubt. OUR STREET. In our street, the main ...]
Genres: [poetry | young readersDownloads: 311

A Book Of German Lyrics

  [german | 1921]  


Excerpts: [... Mdchen, Mdchen,. Wie lieb' ich dich. Wie blinkt dein Auge. Wie liebst du mich. So liebt die Lerche 25 Gesang und Luft,. Und Morgenblumen. Den ...... du ihn wohl. Dahin. Dahin. Geht unser Weg. o Vater, la uns ziehn. 11. HARFENSPIELER. Wer nie sein Brot mit Trnen a,. Wer nie die kummervollen ...... SCHFERS SONNTAGSLIED. Das ist der Tag des Herrn. Ich bin allein auf weiter Flur. ...]
Genres: [poetry | musicDownloads: 312

A Dominie In Doubt

  [english | 1921]  

A Neill

Excerpts: [... the boot he was repairing. What did it dee o'. and there followed an argument about the symptoms of swine fever. An English reader of The House ...... it merely buries itself in the unconscious. Many years later the exhibition impulse comes out in sublimated form as a desire to show off before the ...... to prove that your methods are all wrong. Let it come gradually that's what I ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | humorDownloads: 114

A Haunted House

  [english | 1921]  

Virginia Woolf

Summary: [Virginia Woolfs intention to publish her short stories is carried out in this volume posthumously collected by her husband Leonard Woolf. Containing six of eight stories from Monday or Tuesday seven that appeared in magazines and five other stories the book makes available Virginia Woolfs shorter works of fiction.]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | short storiesDownloads: 167

A Mummer Tale

  [english | 1921]  

Anatole France

Excerpts: [... the left. asked Nanteuil. Resolved, continued the doctor, to render them less strong and less daring. He divided each into two, so that they had ...... else is clever.. It's true, what Robert says. exclaimed Nanteuil, sincerely impressed. And she added thoughtfully: At any rate, doctor, one thing ...... my accounts to bring up to date.. This was the formula which she usually ...]
Genres: [humor | fiction and literatureDownloads: 171

A Parody Outline Of History

  [english | 1921]  

Donald Ogden Stewart

Summary: [A Parody Outline Of History by Donald Ogden Stewart. The book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge. Subjects Parodies United States Fiction Historical Fiction Humorous History General Humor General Humor Form Comic Strips]
Genres: [humor | history | satireDownloads: 36

A Society

  [english | 1921]  

Virginia Woolf

Summary: [An Essay on the History of Civil Society is a book by the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher Adam Ferguson first published in 1767. The Essay established Fergusons reputation in Britain and throughout Europe.]
Genres: [fiction | short storiesDownloads: 404

About Sugar Buying For Jobbers

  [english | 1921]  

B Dyer

Summary: [About Sugar Buying For Jobbers How You Can Lessen Business Risks By Trading In Refined Sugar Futures by B W Dyer. The book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge. Subjects History General History General Technology]
Genres: [non fiction | businessDownloads: 89


  [swedish | 1921]  

Hasse Zetterstrm

Excerpts: [... skriker, ropar och visslar en hel frmiddag. D fnstret r ppet, hr man hennes da. da. lngt ut p marken. Fnstret r ppet. Ada str p burens botten p den ...... fick mig. Han bodde i en liten stuga vid havet och han gjorde verkligen allt fr att roa mig. Men han var fattig. De flesta unga konstnrer ro fattiga utom ...... sig drefter. En katt r instllsam och falsk. Han stryker sig mot ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 336

Alias The Lone Wolf

  [english | 1921]  

Louis Joseph Vance

Summary: [The super crook in The Lone Wolf the object of fiendish vengeance in The False Faces and the clever secret service man in The Red Masquerade now has his most thrilling adventure as a gentleman adventurer who pits his wits against a ruthless schemer to save an innocent man framed for burglary.]
Genres: [fiction | mystery detectiveDownloads: 47

Alice Adams

  [english | 1921]  

Newton Booth Tarkington

Excerpts: [... rising from her cot. He took no pleasure in the sight, it may be said. She exhibited to him a face mismodelled by sleep, and set like a clay face left ...... grown up with went to Eastern schools to prepare for college, and we couldn't afford to send him. If only your father would have listened?????? Alice ...... her, she said, and rose decisively. But at this, her father's ...]
Genres: [fictionDownloads: 164

All Out for the Fight Against Denikin

  [english | 1921]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [As stated in his Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism Lenins revolutionary project embraced not just Russia but the world. To implement world revolution the Third or Communist International was convened in Russia in 1919 to replace the discredited Second International. Lenin dominated the first second (1920) and third (1921) Congresses of the International and hoped to use the organisation ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 236

All Wool Morrison

  [english | 1921]  

Holman Day

Excerpts: [... mill rule of the Morrisons of St. Ronan's served more effectively to point the matter of his character. Stewart Morrison when he was in the mill was ...... hoped so. This word from you certifies it. And Stewart Morrison will strive to behave just as politely as he used to behave at other parties of ...... the mayor, unruffled, speaking indulgently. We seem to have a new war on the ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | humor | politicsDownloads: 79

American Indian Stories

  [english | 1921]  

Zitkala Sa

Excerpts: [... for the river, I stopped my play to run along with her. She was only of medium height. Often she was sad and silent, at which times her full arched ...... point of my finger, as I saw her do. Then the next difficulty was in keeping my thread stiffly twisted, so that I could easily string my beads upon it. ...... where I had found coffee, for she knew I had never made any, and that ...]
Genres: [short story collection | biography | fiction and literatureDownloads: 358

Amor Crioulo

  [english | 1921]  

Abel Botelho

Excerpts: [... que continuavam a imperturbvel leitura trazida, sem intervalo, do comedor, forrados agora na aptica moleza dum fauteuil, cruzando as pernas e ao ...... espancava-lhe o sono, aclarava-lhe a alma. Oh, a justiceira voz do povo. O desdobramento do mote devia ser impagvel. Vamos a ver que mais vira. O ...... o amigo Euclides segredou-lhe ento, por entre cautas miradas em trno, ...]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 449

An African Adventure

  [english | 1921]  

Isaac Frederick Marcosson

Excerpts: [... the smaller and selfish issue of racial pride and prejudice, he rallied his open-minded and far-seeing countrymen around him. Out of this group developed ...... Without her the League is stifled. America will give the League the peace temper. You Americans are a pacific people, slow to war but terrible and ...... of coffee and a piece of biltong inside him a Boer could fight or ...]
Genres: [travel | adventure | non fictionDownloads: 456

An Answer

  [english | 1921]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [Answer to Job (Antwort auf Hiob) is a 1952 book by Carl Gustav Jung addressing the moral mythological and psychological implications of the Book of Job. It was first published as Antwort auf Hiob and translated into English. Jung considers the Book of Job a landmark development in the divine drama for the first time contemplating criticism of God (Gotteskritik). The author Joyce Carol Oates in ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 107

An Introductory Course Of Quantitative Chemical Analysis

  [english | 1921]  

Henry Talbot

Excerpts: [... the classes for which this text was originally prepared were divided, one part beginning with gravimetric processes and the other with volumetric analyses. ...... a 5 or 10-milligram weight. In some of the most recent forms of the balance a chain device replaces the smaller weights and the use of the rider ...... beaker or flask. After a definite time interval, usually two to three ...]
Genres: [scienceDownloads: 492

An Ocean Tramp

  [english | 1921]  

William Mcfee

Summary: [First edition (London 1908) has title: Letters from an ocean tramp.]
Genres: [nauticalDownloads: 341

An Onlooker In France 1917 1919

  [english | 1921]  

William Orpen

Excerpts: [... and not try to hustle people, so we decided we would not go and report to the Colonel till the next day after lunch. Looking into the yard from my ...... From battle, murder and sudden death, Good Lord, deliver us.. On up the hill past the mines to Pozires. An Army railway was then running through ...... still in the Confusion in which it was hurriedly left. The sun is baking hot. ...]
Genres: [war | historyDownloads: 182
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