Books published in 1883

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A Book Of Sibyls

  [english | 1883]  

Anne Thackeray Ritchie

Excerpts: [... Mrs. Barbauld, their eldest child, was born here in 1743, and was christened Anna Ltitia, after some lady of high degree belonging to her mother's family. ...... now farewell,' she writes in conclusion: 'I shall write to you no more under this name but under any name, in every situation, at any distance of ...... ever been devised and we can agree with her brother, Dr. Aikin, when ...]
Genres: [women studies | essays | biographyDownloads: 279

A Forgotten Hero

  [english | 1883]  

Emily Sarah Holt

Summary: [A Forgotten Hero by Emily Sarah Holt. Excerpt from the book... Clarice with another courtesy and a murmur of thanks took her seat in the recess of the window where her mother was already sitting. For these two were mother and daughter a middle-aged comfortable-looking mother with a mixture of firmness and good-nature in her face and a daughter of some sixteen years rather pale and slender but ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | history | romanceDownloads: 70

Aboriginal American Authors And Their Productions

  [english | 1883]  

Daniel Brinton

Excerpts: [... his death the translation, together with the original, came into the possession of Mr. E.G. Squier. By him it was first published, but in a partial ...... this obliteration of their sciences and their archives.[21] Some of them set to work to recover the memories thus doomed to oblivion, and to write ...... language is easy to learn to a stranger to both, Maya comes easier than ...]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 16


  [italian | 1883]  

Antonio Ghislanzoni

Excerpts: [... ricevuto dal forestiere una carta di visita ed un autografo accompagnato da un biglietto a stampa di effetto miracoloso. Sulle carte di visita ...... gli idioti contadini, che non sanno leggere, n? ragionare. Vedete qual logica balorda. Come si illudono grossolanamente i poveretti sulla ...... istintivo desiderio del meglio che ? il principio motore della umanit?, deve fare il suo ...]
Genres: [adventureDownloads: 343

Adventures Of Pinocchio

  [english | 1883]  

Carlo Collodi

Excerpts: [... that very instant, a loud knock sounded on the door. Come in, said the carpenter, not having an atom of strength left with which to stand ...... will never be happy in this world, and when they are older they will be very sorry for it.. Sing on, Cricket mine, as you please. What I know is, ...... Now I feel fine. he said after eating the last one. You see, observed Geppetto, that I ...]
Genres: [young readers | audiobookDownloads: 3

Amtmannin Maria

  [english | 1883]  

E Marlitt

Summary: [Amtmannin Maria Cd Rom Edition Of 1883 Finnish Lanuage Fiction by E Marlitt. CD-ROM Edition No illustrations not an audio CD not a DVD produced in a Microsoft Word Compatible format for reading printing or research. E. Marlitt is the pseudonym of Eugenie John 18251887 a popular German novelist born at Arnstadt. Her father was a portrait painter her patroness was the Princess of ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 191

Argent Et Noblesse

  [french | 1883]  

Hendrik Conscience

Summary: [Henri Hendrik Conscience (December 3 1812 Antwerp - September 10 1883 Elsene) was a Belgian writer. He was a pioneer in writing in Dutch after the secession from the Netherlands in 1830 left Belgium a mostly French speaking country. He was the son of a Frenchman Pierre Conscience from Besanon who had been chef de timonerie in the navy of Napoleon Bonaparte and who was appointed ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 297

Au Bonheur Des Dames

  [french | 1883]  

Emile Zola

Summary: [Au Bonheur des Dames est un roman dmile Zola publi en 1883 le onzime volume de la suite romanesque les Rougon-Macquart. travers une histoire sentimentale lissue inhabituellement heureuse le roman entrane le lecteur dans le monde des grands magasins lune des innovations du Second Empire. Le modle du personnage dOctave Mouret est Auguste Hriot co-fondateur des Grands Magasins du Louvre.]
Genres: [fictionDownloads: 13

Chronicle Of The Cid

  [english | 1883]  


Summary: [Beyond Belief: A Chronicle of Murder and its Detection (1968) is a semi-fictionalized account of the Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley by the Welsh author and playwright Emlyn Williams.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 7

Clair De Lune

  [french | 1883]  

Guy De Maupassant

Summary: [Portraits in Moonlight is a collection of stories by American author Carl Jacobi. It was released in 1964 by Arkham House in an edition of 1987 copies and was the authors second collection published by Arkham House. Half of the stories had originally appeared in the magazine Weird Tales.]
Genres: [fiction | short storiesDownloads: 6

Claire Militch

  [french | 1883]  

Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev

Summary: [Lorsque Jacques Aratov jeune homme taciturne et solitaire fait la connaissance de lactrice Claire Militch il reste indiffrent son charme et plus tard son implicite dclaration. En apparence du moins... La nouvelle de la mort de la jeune femme qui sest suicide provoque lorsquil lapprend quelques mois plus tard le trouble dans son esprit... Et si la jeune femme stait donn la mort suite une ...]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 246

Contes De La Becasse

  [french | 1883]  

Guy De Maupassant

Summary: [Contes De La Becasse French Edition by Guy De Maupassant. Les Contes de la b ecasse est un recueil de nouvelles de Guy de Maupassant ecrit en 1883. On y retrouve le style de ses autres oeuvres. Cet ouvrage est compos e des nouvelles LA B ECASSE CE COCHON DE MORIN LA FOLLE PIERROT MENUET LA PEUR FARCE NORMANDE UN NORMAND LE TESTAMENT AUX CHAMPS UN FILS SAINT-ANTOINE ]
Genres: [fiction | short storiesDownloads: 26

Dal Primo Piano Alla Soffitta

  [italian | 1883]  

Enrico Castelnuovo

Summary: [Dal Primo Piano Alla Soffitta Historical Context Indice Active Italian Edition by Enrico Castelnuovo. Dal Primo Piano Alla Soffitta. Questo libro contiene la biografia e bibliografia dell autore e o di un contesto storico del Libro ]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 399

De Heele Wereld Rond

  [dutch | 1883]  

J A Goeverneur

Excerpts: [... deze tropheen verkondigd. Adrianopel, Leipzig en Parijs liggen ver genoeg van elkander doch hier in de kathedraal hangen de sleutels dier drie steden ...... dezer visschen den grondslag tot den rijkdom der Donsche Kozakken. Daar wij vernamen, dat de jaarlijksche wintervisscherij op de rivier over eenige ...... gerukt, en in den bodem der dalen openen zich gapende spleten en kloven, ...]
Genres: [travelDownloads: 260

Eleven Days In The Militia During The War Of The Rebellion

  [english | 1883]  

A Militiaman

Excerpts: [... which they originally inspired, the writer has been encouraged, after the lapse of nearly a generation, to undertake the pleasing and congenial task. Fidelity ...... very narration of them appears to savor more of humor than of valor-there were among their number multitudes who were animated by as warm a patriotism ...... on the 4th of September issued a proclamation recommending ...]
Genres: [history | warDownloads: 46

Emily Bront

  [english | 1883]  

A Mary Robinson

Summary: [Reprint of the ed. published by Roberts Bros. Boston which was issued as v. 2 of Famous women.]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 295

English As She Is Wrote

  [english | 1883]  


Excerpts: [... an astute lawyer, addressing the jury to whom the opposing counsel had reflected upon inaccuracies in the spelling of his brief-anybody can write ...... Butler, just published.. A Western paper says that a fine new school-house has just been finished in that town capable of accommodating three ...... who or which got angry at whom or what, and if the ox kicked the man's jaw with ...]
Genres: [languageDownloads: 220

Facing Death

  [english | 1883]  

G Henty

Summary: [The power of darkness.--The first distiller.--The fruits of enlightenment.--The live corpse.--The light shines in the darkness.--The root of all evil.--The wisdom of children.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | young readersDownloads: 220


  [danish | 1883]  

Herman Bang

Summary: [Herman Joachim Bang (April 20 1857 ? January 29 1912) was a Danish author one of the men of the Modern Breakthrough.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 108


  [english | 1883]  

Felix Dahn

Summary: [Felix Ludwig Julius Dahn (February 9 1834 ? January 3 1912) was a German lawyer author and historian.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 87
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