Books published in 1814

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Frederic Shoberl Narrative Of The Most Remarkable Events

  [english | 1814]  

Frederic Shoberl

Excerpts: [... creatures are thus prevented, not only by the season, from rebuilding their habitations, but also by the absolute want of means they have no prospect ...... himself into a state of extreme Want, until means can be found again to cultivate the soil and to rebuild the dwellings. He writes as follows:-. It ...... what havoc.-We had frequently been informed that all Saxony, from ...]
Genres: [warDownloads: 15

Mansfield Park

  [english | 1814]  

Jane Austen

Summary: [At the age of ten Fanny Price leaves the poverty of her Portsmouth home to be brought up among the family of her wealthy uncle Sir Thomas Bertram in the chilly grandeur of Mansfield Park. She gradually falls in love with her cousin Edmund but when the dazzling and sophisticated Crawfords arrive and amateur theatricals unleash rivalry and sexual jealousy Fanny has to fight to retain her ...]
Genres: [fictionDownloads: 177

Mon Portrait

  [french | 1814]  

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin

Excerpts: []
Genres: [fiction | poetryDownloads: 419

Peter Schlemihl

  [english | 1814]  

Adelbert Chamisso

Summary: [Peter Schlemihl by A. von Chamisso translated by L. von Lo?wenstein-Wertheim.--A slight misunderstanding by P. Me?rime?e translated by D. Parme?e.--Wife for sale by A. Chekhov translated by D. Tutaev.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | gothicDownloads: 389

The History Of A Merchant Widow And Her Young Family

  [english | 1814]  

Barbara Hofland

Excerpts: [... high character for probity, regularity, and activity. He had succeeded his father in the concern, so that his whole life had been passed in the enjoyment ...... own house, as we have already seen and, though every means were had recourse to, as is usual in such cases, all help was found vain that form, so fondly ...... than is necessary to provide an asylum for my little ones: my ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 193

The Letters Of Lord Nelson To Lady Hamilton Vol I

  [english | 1814]  

Horatio Nelson

Summary: [Includes bibliographical references (p. 629-636) and index.]
Genres: [biography | correspondence | audiobookDownloads: 9

The Revenge

  [english | 1814]  

Edward Young

Summary: [The Revenge of the Shadow King is the first volume of three books in the Grey Griffins series written in collaborative writing by American authors Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis and published by Orchard Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc. The book follows the story of four friends who form The Order of the Grey Griffin.]
Genres: [dramaDownloads: 295