Books published in 1808

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Lebensbeschreibung Des K K

  [german | 1808]  

Franz Xaver Niemetschek

Summary: [Franz Xaver Niemetschek was a Czech philosopher teacher and music critic. He wrote the first full-length biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart which has remained an important source of information about the composer.]
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  [german | 1808]  

Heinrich Von Kleist

Summary: [Penthesilea A Tragic Drama by Heinrich Von Kleist. An army of Amazons sets out to conquer Greek heroes for the purpose of stocking their women s state with new female offspring. They blast into the midst of the Trojan War confusing Greeks and Trojans alike and for a moment forcing those enemies into a terrified alliance. When Achilles the pride and mainstay of the Greeks and Penthesilea ...]
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The Adventures Of Ulysses

  [english | 1808]  

Charles Lamb

Summary: [Two early works for children including the saga of five West Indian orphans who visit the Tabart bookshop in London and a version of the tales of Ulysses based on Chapmans translation.]
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The Council Of Dogs

  [english | 1808]  

William Roscoe

Excerpts: [... The Council of Dogs, by William Roscoe. Title: The Council of Dogs. Author: William Roscoe. E-text prepared by Chris Curnow, Diane Monico, ...... Dog of spirit Stand forward and modestly state his own merit. But I charge you be gentle, let's hear of no growling, No grinning, no snarling, no snapping, ...... just, to give each Dog his due So don't be offended if I dare disclose That ...]
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