Books published in 1807

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The Adventures Of A Squirrel

  [english | 1807]  


Excerpts: [... adjoining my house at Croydon. The evening was so delightful, I wandered insensibly much farther than I at first intended to go. The prospect was so ...... to stand still, they pricked me with a pin. Luckily the dinner bell rang, or they might have kept me at it half an hour more. I will now give ...... but one time, as she was walking by, I made an effort to get loose, which made ...]
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The Age Of Reason

  [english | 1807]  

Thomas Paine

Summary: [The Assault on Reason is a 2007 book written by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. In the book Gore argues that there is a trend in U.S. politics toward ignoring facts and analysis when making policy decisions. He heavily criticizes the George W. Bush administration for its actions in furthering the assault on reason and also the Congress the judiciary and the press for being complicit in the ...]
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The Lion Masquerade

  [english | 1807]  

Catherine Ann Dorset

Excerpts: [... Lion's Masquerade. The eBook, The Lion's Masquerade, by Catherine Ann Turner Dorset, Illustrated by William Mulready. Title: The Lion's Masquerade. A ...... |. | ILLUSTRATED WITH ELEGANT ENGRAVINGS. |. | ...... | | Library, the Corner of St. Paul's Church Yard |. | and B. TABART, Old Bond-Street. |. | ...... Harris, corner St. Paul's Ch. Yd. THE. LION'S MASQUERADE. SEQUEL. ...]
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