Books published in 1796

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American Cookery

  [english | 1796]  

Amelia Simmons

Excerpts: [... ACCORDING TO ACT OF CONGRESS. HARTFORD PRINTED BY HUDSON & GOODWIN, FOR THE AUTHOR. 1796. PREFACE. As this treatise is calculated ...... if taken from them and hurried into dress, they are genuinely good and take rank in point of superiority of flavor, of most other fish. Perch and ...... they are good-but if otherwise, they are stale. The best possible method of ascertaining, is ...]
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  [english | 1796]  

Fanny Burney

Summary: [Camilla deals with the matrimonial concerns of a group of young people-Camilla Tyrold and her sisters the daughters of a country parson and their cousin Indiana Lynmere-and in particular with the love affair between Camilla herself and her eligible suitor Edgar Mandlebert.]
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Historical Epochs Of The French Revolution

  [english | 1796]  

H Goudemetz

Excerpts: [... he expected: Monsieur DE CALONNE was displaced, and the assembly was soon after dissolved, having declared itself incompetent to decide on the taxes ...... on coming out of the assembly. The assembly refuses to acknowledge the Roman Catholick (sic) religion as the religion of the state and this resolution ...... remonstrances against this. Decree against clubs and popular ...]
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La Religieuse

  [french | 1796]  

Denis Diderot

Excerpts: [... chevalier grand-croix de l'ordre royal et militaire de Saint-Louis, lieutenant gnral des armes du Roi et gouverneur de l'cole royale militaire. ...... relve la blancheur de son teint. comme ce bandeau lui sied. comme il lui arrondit le visage. comme il tend ses joues. comme cet habit fait valoir sa ...... cette extrmit, sans une fermet peu commune les hommes louent beaucoup cette ...]
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Le Moine

  [french | 1796]  

Matthew Lewis

Summary: [Le Moine (The Monk) est un roman anglais de lcrivain Matthew Gregory Lewis publi en 1796. Cette uvre de jeunesse emblmatique du roman gothique aura une influence considrable et inspirera de nombreux imitateurs.Mathew Gregory Lewis a crit ce roman en 10 mois dans le but de divertir sa mre. Il peut paraitre trs subversif dans les thmes abords (viol inceste matricide magie noire...) ou dans ...]
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Memoirs Of My Life And Writings

  [english | 1796]  

Edward Gibbon

Summary: [Edward Gibbon (April 27 1737 - January 16 1794) was an English historian and Member of Parliament. His most important work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire was published in six volumes between 1776 and 1788. The Decline and Fall is known for the quality and irony of its prose its use of primary sources and its open denigration of organised religion.]
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Remarks Concerning Stones Said To Have Fallen From The

  [english | 1796]  

Edward King

Summary: [Remarks by Bill Nye. DIRECTIONS. This book is not designed specially for any one class of people. It is for all. It is a universal repository of thought. Some of my best thoughts are contained in this book. Whenever I would think a thought that I thought had better remain unthought I would omit it from this book. For that reason the book is not so large as I had intended. When a man coldly and ...]
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The Italian

  [english | 1796]  

Ann Radcliffe

Summary: [The Atlante Internazionale del Touring Club Italiano was a comprehensive world reference atlas first published by the Touring Club Italiano in 1927. In order to give Italy an extensive reference atlas modelled on foreign examples such as Stielers Atlas in Germany shortly after the Great War preparatory work to this end began under the direction of Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli (founder of the TCI ...]
Genres: [romance | gothicDownloads: 390

The Monk

  [english | 1796]  

Matthew Lewis

Summary: [The Monk is remembered for being one of the more lurid and transgressive of Gothic novels. It is also the first book to feature a priest as the villain. The story concerns Ambrosio - a pious well-respected monk in Spain - and his violent downfall.]
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