Books published in 1786

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A Narrative Of The Death Of Captain James Cook

  [english | 1786]  

David Samwell

Summary: [A Narrative Of The Death Of Captain James Cook by David Samwell. Preface To those who have perused the account of the last voyage to the Pacific Ocean the following sheets may at first sight appear superfluous. The author however being of the opinion that the event of Captain Cook s death has not yet been so explicitly related as the importance of it required trusts that this Narrative will not ...]
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  [italian | 1786]  

Vittorio Alfieri

Summary: [Bibliography: v. 1 p. 67-76.]
Genres: [dramaDownloads: 169

Le Rideau Lev

  [french | 1786]  

Comte De Mirabeau

Summary: [A Curtain of Green was the first collection of short stories written by Eudora Welty. In these stories Welty looks at the state of Mississippi through the eyes of its inhabitants the common people both black and white and presents a realistic view of the racial relations that existed at the time. Welty though looks past race not overtly focusing on the subject and sees Mississippi as an often ...]
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