Books published in 1752

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Summary: [Micromegas And Other Short Fictions by Francois Voltaire. Somewhere between tales and polemics these funny ribald and inventive pieces show Voltaire doing what he does best brilliantly challenging received wisdom religious intolerance and na ive optimism. Traveling through strange environments Voltaire s protagonists are educated often by surprise into the complexities and contradictions of their ...]
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The Covent Garden Theatre Or Pasquin Turnd Drawcansir

  [english | 1752]  

Charles Macklin

Excerpts: [... worth reproducing not only for its catalogue of the social foibles of the age, but as an illustration of satirical writing for the stage at a time when ...... Theatre on April?8, 1752. The advertisement printed in The London Stage, Pt.?4, I,?305, is taken from the General Advertiser and warns the public not ...... without plot, is difficult to sustain even in farce, and if the ...]
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