Books published in 1732

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A Letter To Dion

  [english | 1732]  

Bernard Mandeville

Excerpts: [... between Berkeley and Mandeville that men like . Berkeley, who may be termed the religious-minded . in their anguish, threw logic to the winds, and criticized ...... nothing can make a Man honest or virtuous but a Regard to some religious or moral Principles and characterizes it as precisely the rigorist position ...... clothes in order to deepen the cleavages among the members of ...]
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The Ladies Delight

  [english | 1732]  


Summary: [The Ladies A Shining Constellation Of Wit And Beauty by E Barrington. Interesting reading about some of histories most famous ladies From the Author The aim of these stories is not historical exactitude nor unbending accuracy in dates or juxtaposition. They are rather an attempt to re-create the personalities of a succession of charming women ranging from Elizabeth Pepys wife of the Diarist to ...]
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  [french | 1732]  


Summary: [Zare est une pice de thtre (tragdie) de Voltaire crite en 1732 et reprsente la Comdie-Franaise le 13 aot 1732.Certains historiens de la littrature considrent cette pice comme une adaptation libre dOthello au thtre par Voltaire. La pice voque les mmes thmes cest--dire la jalousie et la tolrance.]
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