Books published in 1731

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Chemiam Artibus Academicis Jure Esse Inserendam

  [latin | 1731]  

Hieronymus David Gaubius

Excerpts: [... publicum Chemiam praelegendi munus in Academia Lugduno-Batava auspicaretur. [Illustration: HIERONYMUS DAVID GAUBIUS]. Medicinae Doctor. Ejusde[m ...... inter furnos defixum, excitando, applicando, moderando igne occupatissimum, hujus in corpora efficaciam modis omnibus explorare. Hoc opus est, hic ...... allegabit, huic ut vel referam gratias, vel veniam impetraturus, supplicem. ...]
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Inaugureele Rede

  [dutch | 1731]  

Hieronymus David Gaubius

Excerpts: [... Date: April 11, 2006 [EBook #18147]. (This file was produced from images generously made available by the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions ...... vlammen doet branden hoe hij aan den eenen kant met de grootste voorzichtigheid tegengestelde lichamen bij elkaar brengt, die zich dra in een vlammenbrakenden ...... ik mijn toevlucht kan nemen. Uw buitengemeene ...]
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Letters On England

  [english | 1731]  


Excerpts: [... that afterwards he burnt. At the age of seventeen he left the College Louis-le-Grand, where he said afterwards that he had been taught nothing but Latin ...... ourselves more strongly from such a shameless traffic of lies and flattery, that we 'thee' and 'thou' a king with the same freedom as we do a beggar, ...... dedicated his Philosophical Romance. She was then retired to the ...]
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The Merry Thought

  [english | 1731]  

Hurlo Thrumbo

Excerpts: [... studies of graffiti have often focused on particular modern conflicts between races or nations, on drug problems, and on specific political commentary.[3] ...... By Swine who nee'r provide Bumfodder Libera Nos- (Pt. 4, p. 7). Other types of graffiti, however, vary from the very earnest expression of affection ...... to attract some of the attention that Samuel Johnson of Cheshire ...]
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