Books published in 1721

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Franco Gallia

  [english | 1721]  

Francis Hotoman

Summary: [Franco Gallia Or An Account Of The Ancient Free State Of France And Most Other Parts Of Europe Before The Loss Of Their Liberties by Francis Hotoman. Written originally in Latin in 1574.]
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Medicina Flagellata

  [english | 1721]  


Excerpts: [... it is to see that Mob of Empericks, as Barbers, Farriers, and Mountebanks, over-reach and bubble the People both of their Lives and Money. As ...... the commonest of Medicines disguised under an unusual Name, on design to direct you to that Apothecary, between whom and the Physician there is a private ...... because they are deficient of that abundance of Light, and clear Spirits, ...]
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