Books published in 1715

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An Apology For The Study Of Northern Antiquities

  [english | 1715]  

Elizabeth Elstob

Summary: [Elizabeth Elstob (1683?1756) the Saxon Nymph was born and brought up in the Quayside area of Newcastle upon Tyne and like Mary Astell of Newcastle is nowadays regarded as one of the first English feminists. She was proficient in eight languages and became a pioneer in Anglo-Saxon studies an unprecedented achievement for a woman in the period. In London she translated Madeleine de Scuderys Essay ...]
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An Appeal To Honour And Justice

  [english | 1715]  

Daniel Defoe

Excerpts: [... come at last when the voice of moderate principles may be heard. Hitherto the noise has been so great, and the prejudices and passions of men so strong, ...... and I think it cannot be safe, to any just prince, to rule over a divided people, split into incensed and exasperated parties. Though a skilful ...... as not only having an undoubted relation to it by blood, but as being ...]
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