Books published in 1612

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  [spanish | 1612]  

Felix Lope De Vega

Summary: [Fuenteovejuna es una obra de contenido social y reivindicativo. Presenta la rebelin del pueblo unido ante la tirana y la injusticia expuestas crudamente a finales del siglo XVI principios del XVII la obra est escrita en 1612 y se puede considerar de una gran valenta y de carcter pedaggico.]
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King Henry Viii

  [english | 1612]  

William Shakespeare

Excerpts: [... their estates, that never. They shall abound as formerly. BUCKINGHAM. O, many. Have broke their backs with laying manors on 'em. For this ...... even this instant cloud puts on,. By dark'ning my clear sun. My lord, farewell. [Exeunt.]. SCENE II. The same. The council-chamber. [Cors. ...... it was usual with him, every day. It would infect his speech, that if the King. Should ...]
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