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A Battery At Close Quarters

  [english | 1909]  

Henry Neil

Summary: [A Battery At Close Quarters A Paper Read Before The Ohio Commandery Of The Loyal Legion October 6 1909 by Henry M Neil. This title has fewer than 24 printed text pages. A Battery at Close Quarters - A Paper Read before the Ohio Commandery of the Loyal Legion - October 6 1909 is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by Henry M. Neil is in the English language. ...]
Genres: [essays | warDownloads: 377

A Century Of Wrong

  [english | 1900]  

F Reitz

Summary: [Francis William Reitz Jr. (Swellendam 5 October 1844 - Cape Town 27 March 1934) was a South African lawyer politician statesman publicist and poet member of parliament of the Cape Colony Chief Justice and fifth State President of the Orange Free State State Secretary of the South African Republic at the time of the Second Boer War and the first president of the Senate of the Union of South Africa....]
Genres: [history | warDownloads: 13

A Dash From Diamond City

  [english | 1885]  

George Manville Fenn

Summary: [A Dash From Diamond City by George Manville Fenn. A Dash from Diamond City is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by George Manville Fenn is in the English language. If you enjoy the works of George Manville Fenn then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.]
Genres: [adventure | war | fiction and literatureDownloads: 348

A General Sketch Of The European War

  [english | 1915]  

Hilaire Belloc

Excerpts: [... put into the form of the following declaration. It is a declaration consonant with most that has been written from the German standpoint during more ...... about twenty miles below Vienna-is the original Austrian State German-speaking as a whole, and the historic centre of the entire agglomeration. East ...... passenger lines, and carefully co-ordinated with the rest of the ...]
Genres: [warDownloads: 172

A History Of The Army Experience Of William A Canfield

  [english | 1869]  

William Canfield

Summary: [A History of is a 1971 non-fiction book by physicist Petr Beckmann that presents a laymans introduction to the concept of the mathematical constant Pi. Beckmann was a Czechoslovakian who fled the Communist regime to come to the United States his dislike of authority gives A History of a style that belies its dry title. For example his chapter on the era following the classical age of ancient ...]
Genres: [war | biographyDownloads: 25

A Kut Prisoner

  [english | 1920]  

H W Bishop

Summary: [Le prisonnier du Bouddha written by Franquin and Greg drawn by Franquin with assistance by Jidehem is the fourteenth album of the Spirou et Fantasio series. The story was initially serialised in Spirou before its release as a hardcover album in 1960.]
Genres: [biography | war | historyDownloads: 275

A Little Dusky Hero

  [english | 1902]  

Harriet Comstock

Summary: [A Little Dusky Hero by Harriet T Comstock. A Little Dusky Hero portrays a 9 year old African American boy who after burying his mother befriends Colonel Austin during the Spanish American War. George Washington McKinely Jones G.W dreams of being a hero and stays by the Colonels side through battle. He becomes one of the boys and mascot of the Ninth and is deeply respected and distinguished by all ...]
Genres: [young readers | warDownloads: 105

A Little Traitor To The South

  [english | 1903]  

Cyrus Townsend Brady

Excerpts: [... hated Rhett Sempland per contra, at that moment, she loved Harry Lacy. For Harry Lacy was he about whom the difference began. Rhett Sempland, confident ...... nothing to do with him. . Chapter Ii. She Hates Them Both.CHAPTER II. SHE HATES THEM BOTH. You are, he said at last, a lonely, unprotected ...... you love him-or me.. The girl stared from one to the other in indignant ...]
Genres: [humor | warDownloads: 240

A Minstrel In France

  [english | 1918]  

Harry Lauder

Excerpts: [... farewell and godspeed, all my friends and my relations, and I went among them, shaking them by the hand and thinking of the long whiles before I'd be ...... they did-as they did. Their deeds at Gallipoli speak for them and will forever speak for them-the men of Australia and New Zealand. There the word ...... again. There were scores of thousands of men in Britain who needed only ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | warDownloads: 306

A Narrative Of The Siege Of Delhi

  [english | 1910]  

Charles John Griffiths

Excerpts: [... through the streets of the city in pursuit of plunder. Great danger and possible annihilation of the small army would result were these precautions ...... ranks-the Ensign five shares, Lieutenant six and a half, Captain eleven and a half, and so in proportion among the higher grade of officers, while ...... large stores of money, chiefly sicca or native rupees, while in the houses ...]
Genres: [history | warDownloads: 277

A Padre In France

  [english | 1918]  

George Birmingham

Excerpts: [... there were hospital trains. An Englishman would have written letters about the pressing need and there would not have been hospital trains for a long ...... were only two ways in which the enemy worried us. His submarines occasionally raided the neighbourhood of our harbour. Then our letters were delayed ...... I became aware that the whole business of the starting of this great ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | warDownloads: 299

A Patriotic Schoolgirl

  [english | 1918]  

Angela Brazil

Excerpts: [... keen survey of that portion of her sister's face which was not buried in the pillow. Oh. the atmosphere's damp, is it. she remarked. Dona, you're ...... you're late for a meal you put a penny in the missionary box.. Marjorie walked into the large dining-hall with Mollie Simpson. She felt she had made, ...... refusals to record tender particulars and though Patricia's enemies were ...]
Genres: [young readers | fiction and literature | warDownloads: 187

A Ride To India Across Persia And Baluchistn

  [english | 1891]  

Harry De Windt

Summary: [A Ride To India Across Persia And Baluchistn by Harry De Windt. A spacious apartment its polished _parquet_ strewn with white bearskins and the thickest and softest of Persian rugs its panelled walls hung with Oriental tapestries costly daggers pistols and shields of barbaric but beautiful workmanship glistening with gold and silver. Every detail of the room denotes the artistic taste of the ...]
Genres: [travel | warDownloads: 42

A School History Of The Great War

  [english | 1918]  

Charles Coulomb

Summary: [This book was incredible. so very helpful. im not studying the great war but as a person who wanted to just know more about it this book really worked. its very easy to understand. a good read as well as informative.]
Genres: [history | warDownloads: 124

Aces Up

  [english | 1929]  

Covington Clarke

Summary: [Aces Abroad is the fourth volume in the Wild Cards shared universe fiction series edited by George R. R. Martin. It was published in 1988 and dealt with a world tour sponsored by the United Nations and the World Health Organization featuring many of the main characters from the previous novels and introducing new ones.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | post 1930 | warDownloads: 213

Action Front

  [english | 1916]  

Boyd Cable

Summary: [Well worth a read]
Genres: [war | fiction and literatureDownloads: 186

Adventures And Reminiscences Of A Volunteer

  [english | 1892]  

George Ulmer

Summary: [Adventures And Reminiscences Of A Volunteer Illustrated Edition by George T Ulmer. A book of reminscences of the American Civil War first published in 1892. The author served with Company H of the 8th Maine Vulunteers.]
Genres: [biography | war | historyDownloads: 117

Adventures In The Rifle Brigade

  [english | 1830]  

Captain Kincaid

Summary: [Adventures In The Rifle Brigade by Captain J Kincaid. Adventures in the Rifle Brigade by Captain J. Kincaid ]
Genres: [adventure | non fiction | warDownloads: 230

Adventures Of A Despatch Rider

  [english | 1915]  

W L Watson

Summary: [A must read for the WWI collector lively hurmorous informative front line narrative of the early campaings of the BEF through 1915. A very pleasant read. Many interesting insights into the day to day lives of the civilian population in the front line areas.]
Genres: [war | adventure | biographyDownloads: 70

Aeroplanes And Dirigibles Of War

  [english | ]  

Frederick Talbot

Summary: [Useless not much detail.]
Genres: [war | non fiction | historyDownloads: 449
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