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Revelations Of A Wife

  [english | 1915]  

Adele Garrison

Summary: [This books okay but the characters make some poor decisions. I mean you can see why they did what they did but at the same time you wish they would have done some things differently. The wife Margaret is very jealous and the husband Dicky is very spoiled so together they encounter some problems as they work through the first year or so of their marriage. 3-stars.]
Genres: [romance | fiction and literature | audiobookDownloads: 258

Lords Of The North

  [english | 1900]  

Agnes Laut

Excerpts: [... I heard that night-who can tell-that drew me to the wild life of after years. But I was too young, then, to recognize fully the greatness of those ...... place where he's hiding.. Paul's eyes looked up with the question of how much. Five pounds a day. This was four more than we paid for the cariboo ...... have been so hotly discussed both inside and outside law courts, without any ...]
Genres: [romance | adventure | canadian literatureDownloads: 312

The Composer

  [english | 1910]  

Agnes Castle

Excerpts: [... who had an air of assurance that would have graced a drum-major. Johnny knew her well by sight: she was a niece of Lord Warborough a recent appearance ...... for some one with a yellow sash. Ton honour.. While she paused again, not unkindly, her gaze wanderea linterestedly beyond him then lit up. Ah, ...... himself:. And where do you come in, John Holdfast. You juggins, you don't ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 453

The Golden Fleece

  [english | 1908]  

Albert Kinross

Excerpts: [... call. Capel went below and changed his dress. Almost five years were gone since he had sat at table in the old, familiar way, in starch and broadcloth, ...... 1900. Thought in English, yes but the spoken word-He had grown calmer and cooler since that language was the every-day. Facing him sat a dark and shimmering ...... board the ship. After Tiryns and Argos, the four had lunched ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | short story | romanceDownloads: 454

La Fille Du Capitaine

  [french | 1836]  

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin

Excerpts: [... m'invita `a d^iner avec lui, `a la soldat, et, comme on dit, de ce que Dieu nous envoie. J'acceptai avec plaisir nous nous m^imes `a table Zourine ...... fouet le c^ot'e de l'orient.) - Je ne vois rien de plus que la steppe blanche et le ciel serein. - L`a, l`a, regarde... ce petit nuage. >> J'apercus, ...... Donne-lui ta b'en'ediction. >> Je me mets `a genoux et j'attache mes ...]
Genres: [fiction | romance | short storiesDownloads: 471

The Daughter Of The Commandant

  [english | 1836]  

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin

Summary: [Pyotr Andreyich Grinyov is the only surviving child of a retired army officer. When Pyotr turns 17 his father sends him into military service in Orenburg. En route Pyotr gets lost in a blizzard but is rescued by a mysterious man. As a token of his gratitude Pyotr gives the guide his hareskin jacket.Arriving in Orenburg Pyotr reports to his commanding officer and is assigned to serve at Belogorsky ...]
Genres: [fiction | romance | war militaryDownloads: 65

La Princesse Flora

  [french | 1862]  

Alexandre Dumas

Summary: [lie-Petrovitch Pravdine capitaine-lieutenant sur la frgate russe lEsprance a une passion exclusive pour la mer son bateau et ses hommes. Il fait la connaissance dune trs belle femme la princesse Flora qui va faire natre chez lui un amour irraisonn...]
Genres: [fiction | romance | historicalDownloads: 70

Le Vicomte De Bragelonne Tome I

  [french | 1847]  

Alexandre Dumas

Excerpts: [... d'une voix claire et pr'ecise, qui fut parfaitement entendue de la fen^etre o`u se cachaient les deux jeunes filles: - Un messager pour Son Altesse Royale, dit-il. - ...... et d'edaigneuse. Il parlait aux gens en les regardant en face, sans affectation, il est vrai, mais sans scrupule de sorte que l''eclat de ses yeux bleus ...... frais de voyage de ses gardes, il usait en ...]
Genres: [adventure | romanceDownloads: 328

Le Vicomte De Bragelonne Tome Ii

  [french | 1847]  

Alexandre Dumas

Excerpts: [... m'a dit: et vous... - Eh bien! et moi? - Et vous, vous m'avez donn'e votre b'en'ediction. - Que voulez-vous! mon ami, dit en souriant Aramis, ...... Que Votre Majest'e veuille bien jeter les yeux sur ce travail, dit-il. Le roi d'eplia lentement le rouleau. - Des plans? dit-il. - Oui, Sire. - Et quels ...... sans h'esitation. Le plan moral de Malicorne, car on pense bien ...]
Genres: [adventure | romanceDownloads: 143

Le Vicomte De Bragelonne Tome Iii

  [french | 1847]  

Alexandre Dumas

Excerpts: [... `a mon amant, une part de dot `a apporter `a mon mari, que cette aventure d'un roi jou'e par une malicieuse jeune fille. - Sire! s''ecria La Valli`ere ...... vous refusez pour vous, acceptez au moins pour les v^otres. - Sire, votre intention si g'en'ereuse m''eblouit et m'effraie, car, en faisant pour ma ...... me comblez. - Je sais, mademoiselle, r'epondit Fouquet, que l'amiti'e ...]
Genres: [adventure | romanceDownloads: 347

Le Vicomte De Bragelonne Tome Iv

  [french | 1847]  

Alexandre Dumas

Excerpts: [... s'agissait d'une demande que je venais adresser `a Votre Majest'e, touchant le mariage que voulait contracter M.deBragelonne avec Mlle de La Valli`ere. - ...... la r'ebellion de M.d'Artagnan, n'est-ce pas? - Oui, certes! - En v'erit'e? Et le roi haussa les 'epaules. - Et je dirais `a mon capitaine des mousquetaires, ...... La porte s'ouvrit. Baisemeaux se disposait `a entrer chez ...]
Genres: [adventure | romanceDownloads: 10


  [english | 1844]  

Alexandre Dumas Fils

Summary: [Camille by Desmond Davis. One of the world s most famous love stories comes to vibrant life in this lavish production filled with stunning scenery and a once in a lifetime cast Nicknamed Camille the beautiful Marguerite Greta Scacchi Brideshead Revisited sacrifices her honor to become a high society escort who only entertains the richest men in Paris. However the young and dashing Armand Duval ...]
Genres: [fiction | romanceDownloads: 224

La Dame Aux Camelias

  [french | 1844]  

Alexandre Dumas Fils

Summary: [La Dame aux camlias a pour thme une histoire damour entre une courtisane atteinte de phtisie Marguerite Gautier et un jeune bourgeois Armand Duval. La narration de cette histoire damour constitue un rcit dans le rcit puisquArmand Duval raconte son aventure au narrateur initial du roman.]
Genres: [fiction | romanceDownloads: 344

Cinq Mars Une Conjuration Sous Louis Xiii

  [french | 1826]  

Alfred De Vigny

Summary: [En1639 au chteau de Chaumont en Touraine le jeune marquis Henri dEffiat prend cong de sa mre et de la princesse Marie de Gonzague duchesse de Mantoue quil aime et dont il est aim. Impressionn par les propos du marchal de Bassompierre sur les qualits et la fidlit des nobles il sinsurge contre larrestation du mme marchal par les sbires de Richelieu. En allant au sige de Perpignan pour tre prsent au ...]
Genres: [fiction | historical | romanceDownloads: 449

Fromont And Risler

  [english | 1874]  

Alphonse Daudet

Excerpts: [... Fromont, celle qu'il appelait , la femme de son associ'e, la fille de d'efunt Fromont, son ancien patron et son dieu. Il l'avait ...... de sa pr'esence, le grand homme avait une certaine facon de se pencher vers lui pour l''ecouter, de sourire `a ses paroles comme `a celles d'un enfant ...... champs lui faisaient l'effet de fleurs de pauvres, quelque chose dans le ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 390

At The Time Appointed

  [english | 1903]  

Anna Maynard Barbour

Summary: [The fortunes of a young mining engineer who through an accident loses his memory and identity. In his new character and under his new name the hero lives a new life of struggle and adventure. The volume will be found highly entertaining by those who appreciate a thoroughly good story.]
Genres: [fiction | mystery detective | romanceDownloads: 339

The Courtship Of Susan Bell

  [english | 1864]  

Anthony Trollope

Summary: [A sweet short story about an over-protected girls romance with a young man who comes to rent a room at her familys house.]
Genres: [romance | short storyDownloads: 385

The Ghost

  [english | 1907]  

Arnold Bennett

Summary: [King Leopolds Ghost (1998) is a best-selling popular history book by Adam Hochschild that explores the exploitation of the Congo Free State by King Leopold II of Belgium between 1885 and 1908. The book aims to increase public awareness of crimes committed by European colonial rulers in Africa. It was refused by nine of the ten U.S. publishing houses to which an outline was submitted but became an ...]
Genres: [fantasy | ghost stories | romanceDownloads: 146

The Pirate Woman

  [english | 1918]  

Aylward Edward Dingle

Excerpts: [... It required no physician's knowledge to perceive in his damp face all the signs of imminent dissolution. Dolores, my traverse is run, whispered Jabez. ...... and reached the bedside with the same subtle, gliding sweep that had carried her before Yellow Rufe it was a characteristic movement with her-a ...... other in growling consultation. Dolores gave them no sign, though she ...]
Genres: [pirate tales | romance | nauticalDownloads: 142

Good Indian

  [english | 1912]  

Bm Bower

Summary: [A stirring romance of life on an Idaho ranch.]
Genres: [fiction | romance | westernsDownloads: 55
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