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Heart Desire

  [english | 1903]  

Emerson Hough

Summary: [Author.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 97

Heart Of The Blue Ridge

  [english | 1915]  

Waldron Baily

Summary: [Monk had three questions he lived by: Where can I find it? How much will it cost? When can you deliver? But now they said that what he needed wasnt for sale.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 291

Hearts And Masks

  [english | 1905]  

Harold Macgrath

Summary: [Hearts And Masks by Harold Macgrath. It all depends upon the manner of your entrance to the Castle of Adventure. One does not have to scale its beetling parapets or assault its scarps and frowning bastions neither is one obliged to force with clamor and blaring trumpets and glittering gorgets the drawbridge and portcullis. Rather the pathway lies through one of those many little doors obscure yet ...]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 69

Her Letter

  [english | 1870]  

Bret Harte

Summary: [The childrens book A Letter for Daria was written by figure skater Ekaterina Gordeeva for her daughter Daria Sergeievna Grinkova. It is an autobiographical letter from mother to daughter about childhood memories skating differences between Russian and American culture and the importance of family. This book includes several pictures from Ekaterina Gordeevas personal collection. Publisher: Little ...]
Genres: [romance | poetryDownloads: 163

Heroic Romances Of Ireland

  [english | ]  

A Leahy

Summary: [Heroic Romances Of Ireland by A H Leahy. PREFACE At a time like the present when in the opinion of many the great literatures of Greece and Rome are ceasing to hold the influence that they have so long exerted upon human thought and when the study of the greatest works of the ancient world is derided as useless it may be too sanguine to hope that any attention can be paid to a literature that is ...]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 174

Hidden Trails

  [english | 1920]  

William Patterson White

Excerpts: [... room to a close and heedful scrutiny. Must be a deputy or somethin', thought Johnny, and turned his eyes toward the back of the room, for he perceived ...... up one of the notices with four taps of the doubletree bolt. Then he shifted his chew and expertly drowned a fly on the extreme outside edge of the ...... own saddle without losing the magic of the drop. Reaching down he ...]
Genres: [western | romanceDownloads: 77

High Noon

  [english | 1911]  


Summary: [High Noon by Anonymous. It will not be needed by the many thousands who have lived with me the wonderful sunrise of Paul s love and the sad gray morning of his bereavement. To these friends who with Paul loved and mourned his beautiful Queen and their dear son the calm peace and serenity of the high noon of Paul s life will seem but well-deserved happiness.]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 181

Hints For Lovers

  [english | 1909]  

Arnold Haultain

Excerpts: [... spit-fire can be wondrous sweet. Sweet. Yes. On the whole a girl is the sweetest thing known or knowable. On the 6 whole of this terrestrial sphere ...... but for what purport or to what end, none stays to inquire . It incites sometimes it enthralls. It innervates it exhaults. Under its spell, reason ...... Do not expect it, for. Definite and accurate utterance is not given to ...]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 481

His Hour

  [english | 1910]  

Elinor Glyn

Summary: [The Hour of the Gate is a fantasy novel written by Alan Dean Foster. The book follows the continuing adventures of Jonathan Thomas Meriweather who is transported from our world into a land of talking animals and magic. It is the second book in the Spellsinger series.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 184

Holiday Romance

  [english | ]  

Charles Dickens

Summary: [Holiday Romance By Charles Dickens The Holiday Romance In Four Parts by Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens Holiday Romance The Holiday Romance In Four Parts Introductory Romance From The Pen Of William Tinkling Esq. Aged eight. Romance From The Pen Of Miss Alice Rainbird Aged seven. Romance From The Pen Of Lieut.-Col. Robin Redforth Aged nine. Romance From The Pen Of Miss Nettie Ashford Aged ...]
Genres: [romance | fiction and literatureDownloads: 180

How To Cook Husbands

  [english | 1898]  

Elizabeth Strong Worthington

Summary: [How To Cook Husbands by Elizabeth Strong Worthington. How to Cook Husbands is Elizabeth Strong Worthington s salty advice on marital relations from the year 1898. It is a good cook that makes an appetizing dish out of poor material she writes and the idea here is to concoct a delicious husband out of little or nothing. The recipe goes like this 1 Take one headstrong woman of 34 Miss Constance ...]
Genres: [instructional | fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 381


  [french | ]  

Alfred Assollant

Summary: [Hyacinthe by Alfred Assollant. Quality Classics We specialize in creating hard to find high quality classic books optimized for the Kindle. We always have the highest quality books. Sick of spelling errors weird characters or a lack of pictures in illustrated books Well we know how you feel. All of our books are formatted and reviewed by an actual human for the Kindle and always 99 cents. To find ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 223

I Married A Ranger

  [english | 1930]  

Dama Margaret Smith

Excerpts: [... lies a fascination a stranger without the gates can never share. I was the first woman ever placed in field service at the Grand Canyon, and the Superintendent ...... ease no banker ever toiled from dawn until all hours of the night, Sunday included. I made pothooks and translated them. I put figures down and added ...... him in Rainier Ranger West had met him at Glacier. He taught ...]
Genres: [romance | adventure | biographyDownloads: 6

I Thou And The Other One

  [english | 1898]  

Amelia Edith Barr

Excerpts: [... care.. Yes, but you do. It was Lord Exham. He said this and that about you, but I did not take much notice of his fine words. Then he rose and pushed ...... better. I have one in the village that beats all. He can trot fourteen miles an hour, and take a six-foot wall at the end of it.. Do ...... of household love and care that he had said good-bye, and he felt that it had been a ...]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 24

Idonia A Romance Of Old London

  [english | 1913]  

Arthur Wallis

Excerpts: [... nodding as before. But, go warn Simon Powell that he look to his poultry-lofts. And learn wisdom, Denis, for you have some need of it, in my judgment.. The ...... him. Strike the bargain, Mr. Ptolemy, and pay when thou hast checked over the tale of beasts.. [Illustration: The argument between Mr. Skegs & ...... for his release, as I was bound to do, yet I would thereafter bring him ...]
Genres: [history | fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 296

Il Fallo Duna Donna Onesta

  [italian | 1897]  

Enrico Castelnuovo

Summary: [Enrico Castelnuovo (February 12 1839 ? February 16 1915) was an Italian writer who had an active role in the Italian unification movement. He was the father of Guido Castelnuovo.]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 183

Il Principe Della Marsiliana

  [italian | 1891]  

Emma Perodi

Excerpts: [... MEDESIMA AUTRICE:. Spostati, scene della vita. L. 1 -. Il Principe della Marsiliana. ROMANZO ROMANO. EMMA PERODI. MILANO. FRATELLI ...... bassa, incominci a parlare, dicendo:. Porto un gran nome, vero, ma le mie simpatie sono per il popolo, poich io stimo e rispetto chi lavora, e ho ...... stanza. Senza quella cena della sera egli avrebbe la mattina dopo disposto tutto per la ...]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 478


  [english | ]  

William Godwin

Excerpts: [... by the critics, and admired by that credulous train who clap and stare whenever they are bid, have when the recommendation of novelty has subsided been ...... with an eye of candour, and her benevolence to gratify all the innocent wishes, of those about her. The character of a woman undistinguishing in her ...... had not moistened his cheek. The heart of Modred was haughty, ...]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 58

In Apple Blossom Time

  [english | 1919]  

Clara Louise Burnham

Summary: [A so-so story about a girl who sees some of the darkness of life before getting her happily ever after.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 328

In Friendship Guise

  [english | 1899]  

William Murray Graydon

Summary: [In Friendships Guise by William Murray Graydon. The day began well. The breakfast rolls were crisper than usual the butter was sweeter and never had Diane s slender white hands poured out more delicious coffee. Jack Clare was in the highest spirits as he embraced his wife and sallied forth into the Boulevard St. Germain with a flat square parcel wrapped in brown paper under his arm. From the ...]
Genres: [romance | fiction and literatureDownloads: 174
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