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Codex Junius 11

  [english | ]  


Summary: [Codex Junius 11 by Author Unknown. Right is it that we praise the King of heaven the Lord of hosts and love Him with all our hearts. ]
Genres: [religion | languageDownloads: 132

Comic Bible Sketches

  [english | 1885]  

George William Foote

Excerpts: [... its Comic Grammars, its Comic Geographies, and its Comic Law-Books, and Carlyle once prophesied that it would some day boast its Comic Bible. Tough ...... or imitating them, there were found persons so utterly abandoned as not to scruple at this unparalleled anity. Several of the French drawings were ...... flavor. A Parisian artist, disporting himself among those highly moral ...]
Genres: [humor | religionDownloads: 464

Coming To The King

  [english | ]  

Frances Ridley Havergal

Excerpts: [... which stand continually before Thee and that hear Thy wisdom. 1 Kings X 8. Coming to the King. Frances Ridley Havergal. Coming to the King. I ...... at court, save One the King. I had requests to spread before His throne,. And I had questions none could solve for me,. Of import deep, and ...... not hid from Him, this was enough indeed. [Illustration]. [Illustration]. His wisdom and ...]
Genres: [poetry | religionDownloads: 415

Communism And Christianism

  [english | 1920]  

William Montgomery Brown

Excerpts: [... and politics the practical half of this sphere. Both halves naturally exist as the result of the same natural law of necessity: the matter-force law ...... knowledge of the laws of nature in order that, by conformity to them, life may be made longer and happier. When this desire exists and this effort is ...... of the many by the few. In this sense, the theory of the Communists may ...]
Genres: [politics | religionDownloads: 50

Concerning The Spiritual In Art

  [english | ]  

Wassily Kandinsky

Excerpts: [... process can only come AFTER the naturalist process and not before it. The child has a direct vision, because his mind is unencumbered by association ...... let us take the case of the definitely religious picture. [Footnote: Religion, in the sense of awe, is present in all true art. But here I use ...... because, if it were, one could, with the help of a scientific manual, describe ...]
Genres: [religion | artDownloads: 356


  [english | 1888]  

Anna Dorsey

Summary: [A Universe of Consciousness: How Matter Becomes Imagination is the title of a 2000 book by biologists Gerald Maurice Edelman and Giulio Tononi. The book aims to explain the neural substrate of consciousness (p. xii). It also reviews some ideas of brain organization and brain theory.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | religionDownloads: 179

Cosmic Consciousness

  [english | 1915]  

Alexander Mcivor Tyndall

Summary: [Cosmic Consciousness The Man God Whom We Await by Ali Nomad. 1913. Contents The New Birth Man s Relation to God and to His Fellow Men Areas of Consciousness Self-Ness and Selflessness Instances of Illumination and its After Effects Examples of Cosmic Consciousness Who Have Founded New Systems of Religion Moses Gautama Jesus Paul Mohammed Swedenborg Modern Examples Illumination as Expressed in the ...]
Genres: [religion | philosophyDownloads: 243

Count Ulrich Of Lindburg

  [english | ]  

W G Kingston

Excerpts: [... before which he stood, and which held his life in its hands, he said, HERE I STAND, I CAN DO NO OTHER. MAY GOD HELP ME. AMEN.. The assembly were ...... heart the eternal interests of his fellow-men. He is bold and brave because he believes his cause to be righteous and favoured by God. That is the account ...... on foot, but as the son of a Knight and a Noble of the land, on ...]
Genres: [history | fiction and literature | religionDownloads: 353

Crayon And Character Truth Made Clear Through Eye And Ear

  [english | 1913]  

B Griswold

Excerpts: [... sheets of your drawing paper to your drawing board, making a smooth drawing surface. It is well to use thumb tacks for this purpose. Open the book to ...... drive a snake out of your bedroom.. THE CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS -Christmas -The Needy. It Is Well to Remember the Poor at Christmas, but it is Infinitely ...... and change them into stepping stones. The following talk may suggest ...]
Genres: [religion | instructionalDownloads: 67

Daughters Of The Cross Or Woman Mission

  [english | ]  

Daniel Eddy

Summary: [Daughters Of The Cross Or Woman S Mission by Daniel C Eddy. Most of the subjects of these sketches are well known and well beloved--women whose deeds have been recorded in high places in denominational history and we deem it no impropriety to take them down unwind the peculiarity of sect and weave these honored names in one sacred wreath that we may dedicate it to all who love the cause of ...]
Genres: [religion | biographyDownloads: 492


  [english | ]  

Charles Kingsley

Summary: [The History of England (sometimes referred to as The History of Great Britain) (1754-62) is David Humes great historical work written while he was serving as librarian to the Edinburgh Faculty of Advocates and published in six volumes in 1754 1756 1759 and 1762. His History became a best-seller finally giving him the financial independence he had long sought. (Both the British Library and the ...]
Genres: [religionDownloads: 431

David The Shepherd Boy

  [english | ]  

Amy Steedman

Summary: [Bibliography: p. 307-317.]
Genres: [religion | young readersDownloads: 445

Days Of Heaven Upon Earth

  [english | 1897]  

A Simpson

Summary: [Days Of Heaven Upon Earth by Rev A B Simpson. A Year Book of Scripture Texts And Living Truths Daily scripture and meditations]
Genres: [poetry | religionDownloads: 240

De Koran

  [dutch | 1878]  


Summary: [The Calcutta Quran Petition is a book by Sita Ram Goel and Chandmal Chopra and published by Goel under his Voice of India imprint. The first edition was published in 1986 the second in 1987 and the third in 1999. The subject matter of this book is censorship the banning of books and the Quran. After the publication of this book some people tried to ban it.]
Genres: [religionDownloads: 108

Death And After

  [english | 1906]  

Annie Besant

Summary: [A Death in White Bear Lake is a true crime book by journalist Barry Siegel published in 1990. The book recounts one of the most notorious cases of child abuse ever prosecuted in the United States the murder of three year-old Dennis Jurgens by his adopted mother Lois Jurgens. The case was significant because the murder was committed in 1965 yet Lois Jurgens was not charged with the crime until ...]
Genres: [religion | occultDownloads: 5

Desire Of Ages

  [english | 1898]  

Ellen White

Excerpts: [... of resting upon Him to whom they pointed. In order to supply the place of that which they had lost, the priests and rabbis multiplied requirements ...... the peace that we have lost. In our association with one another, we should take heed lest we forget Jesus, and pass along unmindful that He is not with ...... Through his control of men, he held dominion over the world. Christ ...]
Genres: [non-fiction | religionDownloads: 59

Deutercanonical Books Of The Bibleapocrypha

  [english | ]  


Summary: [Martin Luther was right. These are good literature but not the Word of God.]
Genres: [religionDownloads: 428

Devil Worship In France

  [english | 1896]  

Arthur Edward Waite

Excerpts: [... have been accustomed, with some show of reason, to connect the idea of devil-worship with barbarous rites obtaining among savage nations, to regard ...... Le Nord, and the Dauphiny have been in turn the scene of outrage. Nor are the abominations in question confined to France: Rome, Liguria, Salerno ...... the period in question, a well-known spiritualist, an earnest student of ...]
Genres: [religionDownloads: 315

Discipline And Other Sermons

  [english | 1872]  

Charles Kingsley

Excerpts: [... them wisdom, and she calls on you to learn wisdom of them in turn. Remember, I say, this day, with humility and thankfulness of heart, the wise who ...... there will be one: if not, there will be none. But I can forecast the signs of the weather I can consult my barometer I can judge, by the new ...... pomp who have never known want, and the golden lessons which want brings.-God ...]
Genres: [religion | essaysDownloads: 236

Discourse To The Greeks Concerning Hades

  [english | ]  

Flavius Josephus

Excerpts: [... to The Greeks Concerning Hades. Author: Flavius Josephus. Translator: William Whiston. October, 2001 [Etext #2847]. Gutenberg's Josephus's ...... by William Whiston. 1. Now as to Hades, wherein the souls of the of the good things they see, and rejoice in the righteous and unrighteous ...... is allotted as a place of custody for souls, ill which angels are appointed as guardians to ...]
Genres: [classic | religionDownloads: 156
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