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Indian Child Life

  [english | 1913]  

Charles Eastman

Summary: [Duplicate of her Little red people and Little Indian folk issued simultaneously with the above.]
Genres: [short story collection | non fiction | biographyDownloads: 409

Indian Games

  [english | 1886]  

Andrew Mcfarland Davis

Summary: [good and nice]
Genres: [non fiction | history | gamesDownloads: 98

Influence Morale Des Sports Athltiques

  [french | ]  

Henri Didon

Excerpts: [... qui veut bien traiter ce sujet. Je lui donne la parole. (Vifs applaudissements.-Mouvement d'attention.). MESDAMES, MESSIEURS,. C'est un grand honneur ...... et avec une persvrance digne de tout loge. Et vous ne me dmentirez pas, Mesdames et Messieurs, quand je dirai qu'il faut reconnatre en M. de Coubertin ...... et qui m'avez gliss, par votre parole insinuante et persuasive, la ...]
Genres: [non fiction | games | essaysDownloads: 61

International Copyright

  [english | 1879]  

George Haven Putnam

Summary: [George Haven Putnam A.M. Litt.D. (April 2 1844 - February 27 1930) was an American soldier publisher and author. He was the father of medieval historian Bertha Haven Putnam. The eldest son of publisher George Palmer Putnam and Victorine Haven Putnam he was born in London UK where his father had been living since 1841 while establishing a branch office for his New York City publishing company ...]
Genres: [politics | essays | non fictionDownloads: 80

Itinerario De Buenos Aires A Cordoba

  [spanish | 1837]  

J Sourryere De Souillac

Excerpts: [... A CORDOBA. POR. =J. SOURRYERE DE SOUILLAC=,. PRIMER ASTRONOMO. DE LA. =TERCERA PARTIDA DEMARCADORA DE LIMITES=,. SANTA CRUZ ...... desecharlo. esamos el principio de la publicidad en el sentido mas lato, porque los estragos que ha ocasionado el sistema contrario nos han convencido, ...... por su posicion central en un vasto territorio desconocido, es un punto geodsico del mayor ...]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 82

Jaakko Cookin Matkat Tyynell Merell

  [english | 1884]  

Antti Fredrik Hassell

Excerpts: [... Tyynell merell, by. Title: Jaakko Cook'in matkat Tyynell merell. Author: Antti Fredrik Hassell. Language: Finnish. Produced by Tapio Riikonen. JAAKKO ...... vlisen salmen, joka viel nytkin kantaa Torres'in nime. - Siihen loppuivat Espanjalaisten lytretket Tyyness meress. Heidn voimansa alkoi muutenkin niihin ...... tarkastuksestaan, hertten siten puoleensa tieteellisenkin maailman ...]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 280

Jan Van Huysums Blomsterstykke

  [norwegian | 1840]  

Henrik Wergeland

Summary: [Henrik Arnold Thaulow Wergeland (17 June 1808 ? 12 July 1845) was a Norwegian writer most celebrated for his poetry but also a prolific playwright polemicist historian and linguist. He is often described as a leading pioneer in the development of a distinctly Norwegian literary heritage and of modern Norwegian culture. Though Wergeland lived to 37 years old his range of pursuits covered ...]
Genres: [non fiction | biographyDownloads: 443

Japanese Girls And Women

  [english | 1891]  

Alice Mabel Bacon

Excerpts: [... that will be asked, and that accordingly the author must answer. While Japan as a whole has been closely studied, and while much and varied information ...... of the heroic old Japan. Here she catches the spirit of passionate loyalty that belonged to those days, forms her ideals of what a noble Japanese woman ...... Japanese school-girl. In the mean time, boarding schools, that can ...]
Genres: [womens studies | non fictionDownloads: 28

Japanese Memories

  [english | 1918]  

Ethel Howard

Summary: [Japanese Memories by Ethel Howard. This Japanese memoir was published in 1918. A short summary from the book s Foreword The contents of this book are primarily personal experiences of a seven years stay in the house of a Japanese nobleman having been gleaned from jottings in my diary and such reminiscences as my memory recalls. In writing of a country so steeped in century-old traditions and of a ...]
Genres: [travel | non fiction | biographyDownloads: 336

Joan Of Naples

  [english | 1840]  

Alexandre Dumas

Summary: [Joan Of Naples by Pere Alexandre Dumas. In the night of the 15th of January 1343 while the inhabitants of Naples lay wrapped in peaceful slumber they were suddenly awakened by the bells of the three hundred churches that this thrice blessed capital contains. In the midst of the disturbance caused by so rude a call the first brought in the mind of all was that the town was on fire or that the army ...]
Genres: [non fiction | historyDownloads: 324

John Leech Pictures Of Life And Character

  [english | ]  

William Makepeace Thackeray

Summary: [John Leech S Pictures Of Life And Character by William Makepeace Thackeray. John Leech s Pictures of Life and Character is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by William Makepeace Thackeray is in the English language. If you enjoy the works of William Makepeace Thackeray then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 110

Journal Of A Tour Into The Interior Of Missouri And Arkansaw

  [english | 1821]  

Henry Schoolcraft

Summary: [Journal Of A Tour Into The Interior Of Missouri And Arkansaw From Potosi Or Mine D Burton In Missouri Territory In A South West Direction Toward Performed In The Years 1818 And 1819 by Henry R Schoolcraft. Henry R. Schoolcraft was an explorer geologist geographer and ethnologist who surveyed large sections of the midwest and discovered the source of the Mississippi River. During 1818 and 1819 ...]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 268

Journalism For Women

  [english | 1898]  

Enoch Bennett

Excerpts: [... is a dull pla. It is only a Stevenson who can say: I never remember being bored and one may fairly doubt whether even Stevenson uttered truth ...... of which it is capable. This book is an attempt to do these things, for women, in the art of journalism. . Chapter Ii. Imperfections Of ...... correspondent during the visit of some royal personages to her town. The editor of the paper,...]
Genres: [non fiction | women studiesDownloads: 316

Journaux Intimes

  [french | ]  

Charles Baudelaire

Excerpts: [... ces cris, ces rles. Qui ne les a rs, qui ne les a irrsistiblement extorqus. Et que trouvez-vous de pire dans la question applique par de soigneux ...... d’une vie pre et prie, prie sans cesse. La prire est rservoir de force. (Autel de la volont. Dynamique morale. La sorcellerie des sacrements. ...... paresse, de la rverie, de la fainantise, au point de renvoyer sans cesse au ...]
Genres: [biography | non fictionDownloads: 90


  [english | ]  

Israel Abrahams

Summary: [Zen Judaism: For You a Little Enlightenment (Harmony Books 2002) is a humor book by David M. Bader the author of Haikus for Jews: For You a Little Wisdom (1999) and Haiku U. : From Aristotle to Zola Great Books in 17 Syllables (Gotham Books 2004). Widely circulated in e-mails and quoted on web pages often without attribution this collection of Jewish Zen]
Genres: [religion | reference | non fictionDownloads: 483

Judgments Of The Court Of Appeal Of New Zealand On

  [english | 1981]  

Wallace Mcmullin

Excerpts: [... in this Court was completed in less than six days. We had envisaged that some further days might be required for cross-examination, as there were ...... Regulations 1978. It was approved by the Minister for release as a public document. The Chief Inspector concluded that 'The probable cause of the accident ...... The applicants acknowledge that they have no rights of appeal. What ...]
Genres: [non fiction | post 1930 | government publicationDownloads: 389

Julio Diniz

  [english | 872]  

Alberto Augusto De Almeida Pimentel

Excerpts: [... rhythmo da lingua portugueza as mais formosas obras primas da litteratura extrangeira. No ha de certo em paiz nenhum mais abundante e prestimosa velhice. O ...... mais do que um traductor- um nacionalisador. Rir-se-ho da sua gloria os meticulosos, dizendo que crime de lesa-magestade o pr mo reformadora nos ...... serviu de estimulo e conforto a voz carinhosa e authorisada de seu ...]
Genres: [non fiction | biographyDownloads: 95

Kindness To Animals

  [english | 1845]  

Charlotte Elizabeth

Excerpts: [... to ask was, How were the animals made and why were any of them made wild and cruel, while some are tame and quiet. I was told that the Bible gave ...... and it is so very difficult to teach them, that if some benevolent people, who have money, did not subscribe to keep up charitable schools on purpose ...... you have had a very good think too. [Illustration]. [Illustration] . ...]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 39

Krakatau En De Straat Soenda

  [dutch | ]  


Excerpts: [... voor. Zijne Excellentie had de beleefdheid, een kleine rijksstoomboot tot onze beschikking te stellen en dank zij de bereidwilligheid en den ijver ...... verwijderd zijn, kon men duidelijk het gerucht hooren. Gedurende de drie volgende maanden herhaalden de uitbarstingen zich telkens met meer of ...... veel verder verspreid dan bij eenige vorige gelegenheid, waarvan de historie de ...]
Genres: [non fiction | natureDownloads: 420

La Guerre Sociale

  [french | 1871]  

Andr Lo

Excerpts: [... calculs. Ils ont en effet, malgr vous, malgr l'opinion, fait la guerre de 1870. Les monarques sont inconvertissables. Heureusement, il n'en n'est ...... Pouyer-Quertier mais quelques confiscations arbitraires qui ont eu lieu, ont t de suite blmes et rpares, et l'ordre-je parle du vritable, de celui ...... publique, au lieu de cette troupe de gens en livre qu'avait conservs le 4 ...]
Genres: [non fiction | essaysDownloads: 382
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