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A Haunted House

  [english | 1921]  

Virginia Woolf

Summary: [Virginia Woolfs intention to publish her short stories is carried out in this volume posthumously collected by her husband Leonard Woolf. Containing six of eight stories from Monday or Tuesday seven that appeared in magazines and five other stories the book makes available Virginia Woolfs shorter works of fiction.]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | short storiesDownloads: 167

A Stable For Nightmares

  [english | 1896]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Excerpts: [... A Stable for Nightmares Dickon the Devil About thirty years ago I was selected by two rich old maids to visit ...... property, including a house and demesne to which they had, a long time before, succeeded as coheiresses. The last forty miles of my journey I was obliged ...... I am told it is now a great deal less wild, and, consequently, less beautiful. At the inn where I had ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 124

A Thin Ghost And Others

  [english | 1920]  

Montague Rhodes James

Summary: [A collection of short stories by a master of the genre.]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | short storiesDownloads: 80

An Account Of Some Strange Disturbances In Aungier Street

  [english | 1853]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Excerpts: [... fire on a winter's evening, with a cold wind rising and wailing outside, and all snug and cosy within, it has gone off-though I say it, who should not-indifferent ...... House, I think, in 1702 and had belonged to Sir Thomas Hacket, who was Lord Mayor of Dublin in James II.'s time. How old it was then, I can't ...... to pass a night alone in it. I had never pretended to conceal ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 239

An Authentic Narrative Of A Haunted House

  [english | 1862]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Excerpts: [... and ample relation of a series of marvellous phenoma, in nowise connected with what is technically termed spiritualism, which he has anywhere met with. ...... a railway. Winter was setting in when my removal thither was decided upon but there was nothing whatever dismal or depressing in the change. The house ...... had also their effect in steeling us against any such influence, ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 44

Chateau Hante

  [french | 1920]  

Maurice Renard

Summary: [Le docteur B. se rend au chteau de Sirvoise appel par le duc de Castivre qui lui demande de lui consacrer du temps pour lui prodiguer soins et attention. son arrive il se rend compte en effet que le duc nest pas dans son tat habituel. Celui-ci lui avoue quil a achet le chteau pour une bouche de pain sous prtexte quil tait hant mais depuis les gens laccusent davoir mont cette fable. Pour drider ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | short storiesDownloads: 406

Curious If True Strange Tales

  [english | 1859]  

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Summary: [A collection of five spooky Victorian stories.]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 282

Dickon The Devil

  [english | 1872]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Excerpts: [... at which I was travelling. I had never been in this part of the world before I am told it is now a great deal less wild, and, consequently, less beautiful. At ...... little disappointed. We had been driving for more than an hour, when we began to cross a wild common and I knew that, this passed, a quarter of an hour ...... shadows eastward over the sward, from the declining sun. ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 135

El Fantasma De Canterville

  [spanish | 1887]  

Oscar Wilde

Summary: [Es una parodia de los relatos de terror en la que un embajador americano Hiram B. Otis se traslada con su familia a un castillo encantado en Inglaterra. Lord Canterville dueo anterior del castillo le avisa de que el fantasma de Sir Simon de Canterville pulula por el castillo desde que este asesin a su esposa Lady Eleonore de Canterville. Pero el Sr. Otis desoye sus advertencias.As la familia ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | humorousDownloads: 378

Ghost Stories Of An Antiquary

  [english | 1904]  

Montague Rhodes James

Summary: [Ghost Stories of an Antiquary is the title of M. R. James first collection of ghost stories published in 1904 (some had previously appeared in magazines). Some later editions under this title contain both the original collection and its successor More Ghost Stories (1911) combined in one volume.Montague Rhodes James (18621936) was a medieval scholar Provost of Kings College Cambridge. He wrote ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | short storiesDownloads: 162

Ghost Stories Of Chapelizod

  [english | 1851]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Excerpts: [... up, we believe, to the period at which that corps was disbanded, the headquarters of the Royal Irish Artillery, gave it also a consequence of an humbler, ...... more profoundly than he was feared. Upon more than one occasion he had deliberately forced quarrels upon men whom he had singled out for the exhibition ...... pleasantly by the name of chancery, he held him firmly, while ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 96

La Leyenda De Ciertas Ropas Antiguas

  [spanish | 1885]  

Henry James

Summary: [La Leyenda De Ciertas Ropas Antiguas Spanish Edition by Henry James. Nuestra editorial se especializa en publicar libros en espa nol. Para encontrar otros t itulos busque Editorial Med i . Contamos con mas vol umenes en espa nol que cualquier otra editorial para el kindle y continuamos creciendo. James Henry 1843 - 1916 Escritor estadounidense. Naci o el 15 de abril de 1843 en el seno de una ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | short storiesDownloads: 91

Laura Silver Bell

  [english | 1872]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Excerpts: [... neighbours remark that no rowan-tree grows near, nor holly, nor bracken, and no horseshoe is nailed on the door. Not far from the birches and hazels ...... is something that would have frighted another woman about this man. He is gaunt, sombre, bony, dirty, and dressed in a black suit which a beggar would ...... hev nowt to say to thee, whoe'er thou beest. You know Laura Silver ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 307

Le Signaleur

  [french | 1886]  

Charles Dickens

Summary: [Le narrateur durant une promenade rencontre prs dun tunnel un signaleur du chemin de fer homme instruit et consciencieux qui lui dit recevoir avant des accidents sur la voie ferre la visite dun spectre qui lui fait dtranges avertissements dont le dernier semble sadresser lui....Courte histoire fantastique o sexprime une inextricable ambigut entre naturel et surnaturel et notre inquitude se ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | short storiesDownloads: 252

Lhomme Sans Bras

  [french | 1881]  

Paul Feval Pere

Summary: [La suite de Une histoire de revenants.]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | mystery detectiveDownloads: 129

Madam Crowls Ghost And The Dead Sexton

  [english | 1871]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Excerpts: [... GHOST I'm an ald woman now, and I was but thirteen, my last birthday, the night I came to Applewale House. My aunt was the housekeeper there, and ...... aunt kissed me in the hall, and brought me to her room. She was tall and thin, wi' a pale face and black eyes, and long thin hands wi' black mittins ...... jacket. 'I don't know what it is, ma'am.' Pale as she was, the red came up ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 67

Man Size In Marble

  [english | 1893]  

Edith Nesbit

Summary: [When newlyweds find the cottage of their dreams in the English countryside they are warned that long-ago owners two evil knights always return on Halloween night.]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | short storiesDownloads: 349

On Ghosts

  [english | 1824]  

Mary Shelley

Summary: [Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas is a Big Finish original anthology edited by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The collection features stories set at Christmas in the past present and future. It is the third Christmas anthology released under the Short Trips title. Like all Doctor Who spin-off media its ...]
Genres: [non-fiction | fiction | ghostDownloads: 353

Schalken The Painter

  [english | 1851]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Excerpts: [... as to form a veil. The dress, however, is not that of any religious order. In her hand the figure bears a lamp, by which alone her figure and face are ...... day almost as much as his manners disgusted the refined of his own and yet this man, so rude, so dogged, so slovenly, in the midst of his celebrity, ...... and he stood before his unfinished production, angry and mortified, ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 49

Stories Of Lough Guir

  [english | 1870]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Excerpts: [... Lough Guir When the present writer was a boy of twelve or thirteen, he first made the acquaintance of Miss Anne Baily, of Lough Guir, in the county ...... of confectioners. It was engraved round the rim with the words, The glorious, pious, and immortal memory and on grand occasions, was filled to the ...... the good people, Lough Guir is conjectured to be the place of its unearthly ...]
Genres: [fiction | ghost | horrorDownloads: 37
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