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A Little Cook Book For A Little Girl

  [english | 1905]  

French Benton

Summary: [A Little Cook Book For A Little Girl by French Benton. A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl by French Benton]
Genres: [cooking | young readersDownloads: 105

A Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes

  [english | 1852]  

Charles Elm Francatelli

Excerpts: [... OF THIS EBOOK PLAIN COOKERY BOOK ***. Produced by Chris Curnow, Jana Srna . PHILLIPS & COMPY.,. TEA MERCHANTS,. 8, KING WILLIAM STREET, CITY, ...... mint may be strewn over the soup when eaten. No. 6. ONION SOUP FOR SIX PERSONS. Chop fine six onions, and fry them in a gallon saucepan with two ...... up each egg into about ten pieces of equal size, and put them into some ...]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 229

A Queens Delight

  [english | ]  


Summary: [Fascinating 17th-century collection of stillroom recipes for fruit preserves perfumes and home remedies. Some of the ingredients may be hard to come by and some of the directions are a bit hazy but many of these recipes are perfectly possible. I recommend Sir Walter Raleighs strawberry cordial.]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 210

American Cookery

  [english | 1796]  

Amelia Simmons

Excerpts: [... ACCORDING TO ACT OF CONGRESS. HARTFORD PRINTED BY HUDSON & GOODWIN, FOR THE AUTHOR. 1796. PREFACE. As this treatise is calculated ...... if taken from them and hurried into dress, they are genuinely good and take rank in point of superiority of flavor, of most other fish. Perch and ...... they are good-but if otherwise, they are stale. The best possible method of ascertaining, is ...]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 6

Cassell Vegetarian Cookery

  [english | 1891]  

A Payne

Summary: [Cassell S Vegetarian Cookery by A G Payne. The Guardian says An excellent work which should be in the hands of every housekeeper is CASSELL S BOOK OF THE HOUSEHOLD. Here we find the most varied information and the soundest of advice. The household its members and their family life are considered and discussed children and their training health and disease food and clothing furnishing furniture ...]
Genres: [cooking | audiobookDownloads: 165

Chocolate Or An Indian Drinke

  [english | 1652]  

Antonio Colmenero De Ledesma

Summary: [Chocolate Or An Indian Drinke by Antonio Colmenero De Ledesma. Chocolate or An Indian Drinke - By the wise and Moderate use whereof Health is preserved - Sicknesse Diverted and Cured especially the Plague of - the Guts vulgarly called - The New Disease - Fluxes - Consumptions Coughs of the Lungs with sundry other - desperate Diseases. By it also Conception is Caused the - Birth Hastened and ...]
Genres: [health | cookingDownloads: 274

Choice Cookery

  [english | 1889]  

Catherine Owen

Excerpts: [... to study economy, except where economy is a relative term where, perhaps, the housekeeper could easily spend a dollar for the materials of a luxury, ...... made twice as thick, to allow for the addition of cream, wine, or stock. The only advantage in a private family of making it thus thick is when, perhaps, ...... is a gift. It is not as a novelty, therefore, that the manner of ...]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 342

Cocoa And Chocolate

  [english | 1920]  

Arthur Knapp

Summary: [Cocoa And Chocolate by Arthur W Knapp. PREFACE Although there are several excellent scientific works dealing in a detailed manner with the cacao bean and its products from the various view points of the technician there is no comprehensive modern work written for the general reader. Until that appears I offer this little book which attempts to cover lightly but accurately the whole ground ...]
Genres: [history | nature | cookingDownloads: 29

Culture And Cooking

  [english | 1881]  

Catherine Owen

Excerpts: [... a sharp knife, and done with one quick stroke so that the paste is not dragged at all in covering a pie dish or patty pan, you are commonly directed ...... a supply of various condiments warmed-over meat may then be converted into a delicious little entre with little trouble. I would recommend, therefore, ...... too small to make an appearance on the table, and which, if special ...]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 116

De Re Coquinaria

  [latin | ]  


Summary: [essential book for know roman gastronomy]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 339

De Vegetarische Keuken

  [dutch | 1911]  

E Valk Heijnsdijk

Excerpts: [... te slikken, waarvan ze een natuurlijken afkeer hebben, maar die hun ouders heel goed voor hen vinden. Zijn de kinderen wat grooter, dan strekken ...... dus als er geen zout gebruikt werd, zou er geen kanker zijn is de stelling, waarin de schrijver zijn artikel samenvat. Maar behalve dat het zoutgebruik ...... erwten, grutten, rijst en allerlei meelsoorten ongekookt nuttigt, is m. i....]
Genres: [cooking | healthDownloads: 142

Domestic Cookery

  [english | ]  

Elizabeth Lea

Summary: [Domestic Cookery by Elizabeth E Lea. Domestic Cookery by Elizabeth E. Lea]
Genres: [cooking | audiobookDownloads: 167

Dressed Game And Poultry La Mode

  [english | 1888]  

Harriet De Salis

Excerpts: [... and cut up to the size of a shilling, leave it on the fire for ten minutes take out the bouquet of herbs, season with an ounce of finely-chopped parsley, ...... and Rice. Pollo con Arroz (Spanish Recipe). Cut a fowl into joints, wipe quite dry, and trim neatly. Put a wineglass of the best olive oil in ...... the inside of a chicken with large oysters and mushrooms and fasten a tape ...]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 374

Eating In Two Or Three Languages

  [english | 1919]  

Irvin Cobb

Summary: [An American war correspondents memoir of the privations and triumphs of dining amid rationing in Britain and France during World War I. Told lightly and with humor this short piece is of interest to food historians and other seeking information about life during those difficult times but it doesnt reach the heights of gourmet porn foodies will be looking for.]
Genres: [humor | cooking | warDownloads: 168

Entertaining Made Easy

  [english | 1919]  

Emily Rose Burt

Excerpts: [... be, and there's hardly a woman in the world-is there.-who wouldn't like to be known as a good hostess. But, says one of you, I haven't the knack.. And ...... were asked for. Jokes and funny rhymes or sayings were read in turn. If various persons dislike the publicity of such a procedure, all the smiles ...... fast as they can backward to an appointed goal. 4. Low Speed. Any number ...]
Genres: [non fiction | cookingDownloads: 165

Every Step In Canning

  [english | ]  

Grace Viall Gray

Excerpts: [... without the use of a compound. The second argument against it is that many of the canning compounds are positively harmful to health. Some of them ...... actual work of canning. It is rather unfortunate that strawberries should be one of the very hardest products to can with good results. The canning ...... goods as well as at marketing time. From one bushel of the various fruits ...]
Genres: [cooking | referenceDownloads: 403

Favorite Dishes

  [english | 1893]  

Carrie Shuman

Summary: [A collection of recipes from the national Lady Managers of the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago apparently compiled as a fund raiser. Most of the recipes are very straightforward although measurements like one-half coffeecup milktwo tumblers molasses and three cups of very light dough will make things difficult for modern cooks as will ingredients like terrapin and isinglass. The ...]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 349

Fifty Two Sunday Dinners

  [english | 1913]  

Elizabeth Hiller

Summary: [A number of the recipes suggest the use of cottolene. ---Introd.]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 54

Food And Health

  [english | ]  


Summary: [This little book was published by or for the manufacturers of the famous old-time female tonic Lydia Pinkhams Vegetable Compound. The booklet has plain-cooking type recipes interspersed among a lot of testimonial letters. You laugh at the cheery language in those letters when you realize in the early years at least the medicine contained alcohol (not sure how much maybe 20? at one point. Im sure ...]
Genres: [cooking | healthDownloads: 299

Food For The Traveler

  [english | 1916]  

Dora Cathrine Cristine Liebel Roper

Summary: [Food For The Traveler by Dora Cathrine Cristine Liebel Roper. Food for the Traveler by Dora Cathrine Cristine Liebel Roper]
Genres: [cooking | travelDownloads: 123
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