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After The Storm A Story Of The Prairie

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Elia Wilkinson Peattie

Summary: [After The Storm by T S Arthur. This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this work is culturally ...]
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Against The Sabellians

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Summary: [Cassius Dionysius of Utica was an ancient Greek agricultural writer of the 2nd century BC. The Roman nomen Cassius combined with the Greek cognomen Dionysius make it likely that he was a slave (perhaps a prisoner of war) originally Greek-speaking who was owned and afterwards freed by a Roman of the gens Cassia. Cassius Dionysius compiled a farming manual in Greek now lost.]
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Agatha Husband

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Dinah Maria Craik

Summary: [It is a wonderful read as the Author has used Purbeck as her inspiration for one of the settings for this book with Wareham being know as Kingcoombe and the well known clay Merchant William Joseph Pike as Marmaduke Dugdale. In real life the Dugdales lived opposite the Pikes and one of the Pike family was Marmaduke Christian Pike. It was good to read of Corfe Castle being a place for a picnic ...]
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Agnes Gray

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Anne Bronte

Summary: [Anne Bront (17 January 1820 - 28 May 1849) was a British novelist and poet the youngest member of the Bront literary family. The daughter of a poor Irish clergyman in the Church of England Anne Bront lived most of her life with her family at the small parish of Haworth on the Yorkshire moors. For a couple of years she went to a boarding school. At the age of nineteen she left Haworth working as a ...]
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Air Service Boys Over The Enemy Lines Or The German Spy Secret

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Charles Amory Beach

Summary: [Air Service Boys Over The Enemys Lines by Charles Amory Beach. Yes. He seemed to go out of sight like a wreath of smoke does. Why if the ground had opened and swallowed him up once the hue and cry was raised he couldn t have vanished quicker. I wonder if what they say about him can be true ]
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Aladdin Or The Wonderful Lamp

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Excerpts: [... (This file was produced from images generously made available by The Internet Archive) ALADDIN ...... NEW YORK: JOHN McLOUGHLIN, Publisher, 24 Beekman Street. Stereotyped by VINCENT DILL, Nos. ...... [Illustration] Aladdin poor the wizard found, Who moved from cavern's mouth a stone Then bade him go beneath the ground, ...... Till from a niche he bore away A ...]
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Alamance Or The Great And Final Experiment

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Calvin Henderson Wiley

Excerpts: [... book under his left arm, came in view. All heads were withdrawn from the window, and perfect silence reigned within. Walking leisurely to the door, ...... I am not an enthusiast, I hope. I have had a varied experience, and the frosts of more than thirty-five winters have cooled the fires of fancy. ...... with the sex. I therefore withdrew, to a great extent, from female society, ...]
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Albany Plan Of Union

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Benjamin Franklin

Summary: [Albany Plan Of Union by Benjamin Franklin. The Albany Plan was proposed by Benjamin Franklin at the Albany Congress in 1754 in Albany New York. It was an early attempt at forming a union of colonies that would unite English colonists with mainland England to assist in defending the New World during the French and Indian War. The plan was never effective though after the Revolutionary War the ...]
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Album Chulo Gaiato Ou Colleccao De Receitas Para Fazer Rir

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Excerpts: [... com o intuito de perpetuar a raca dos Carneiros, fim este que infelizmente ainda n~ao alcanc'ara, apesar da lua de mel ter j'a o seu anno e meio, ...... 'e como tu, segue a lei da naturesa tudo cresce e se arredonda c'a n'este mundo... s'o tu, meu anjinho... apesar das minhas diligencias, persistes ...... nervos... -Socega, filha, ja deito... -Esteja quieto! tire isso para l'a! ...]
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  [english | 1915]  


Summary: [Euripides (ca. 480 BC ? 406 BC) was the last of the three great tragedians of classical Athens. Ancient scholars thought that Euripides had written ninety-five plays although four of those were probably written by Critias. Eighteen or nineteen of Euripides plays have survived complete. There has been debate about his authorship of Rhesus largely on stylistic grounds and ignoring classical ...]
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Aleta Dey

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Francis Marion Beynon

Excerpts: [... histories the way I had. You couldn't be expected to see it at once. I was silent while a struggle when on inside. At last I spoke. I hate ...... have disturbed Barry. Mother was dark about the eyes and quiet father was silent, and Jean pale. As for me, something had happened ...... too. I'd be glad to have the pleasure of your acquaintance, if I may, he was saying in his quaint ...]
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Bertram Mitford

Summary: [Aletta by Bertram Mitford. Bertram Mitford 1855-1914 was the author of numerous adventure stories set in Africa.]
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Alexander Bridge

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Willa Cather

Summary: [LC copy formerly owned by Bruce Rogers.]
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Alfgar The Dane Or The Second Chronicle Of Aescendune

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A Crake

Summary: [Alfgar The Dane Or The Second Chronicle Of Aescendune A Tale Of The Days Of Edmund Ironside Dodo Press by Rev A D Crake. Reverend Augustine David Crake 1836-1890 was a British devotional writer and story-teller. He was born in Chalgrove Oxfordshire. He received his B. A. in 1864 from London University. He was ordained deacon by Bishop Wilberforce in 1865 and was appointed second master and ...]
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Alfred De Musset

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Arvede Barine

Excerpts: [... passions, c'est avouer combien nous 'etions romanesques et sentimentaux, et nous couvrir de ridicule aux yeux de nos fils, qui le sont si peu. Tel sera ...... passait ensuite, dans sa lettre, `a lui-m^eme et `a son avenir: ]
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Algumas Licoes De Psicologia E Pedologia

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Antonio Aurelio Da Costa Ferreira

Excerpts: [... adaptando-o ou adaptando-se. Concebe-se que haja seres que se adaptem, independentemente da experi^encia, seres que nascem pode dizer-se, adaptados ...... das estimulac~oes que o professor procura directamente praticar, para ensinar-lhes o que lhes quere ensinar. Mas, minhas senhoras e meus senhores, ...... compreens~ao e execuc~ao das nossas ordens, tudo permite, com grande ...]
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Algumas Lies De Psicologia E Pedologia

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Antonio Aurlio Da Costa Ferreira

Excerpts: [... cota e malha, ou os progressos do nosso comrcio, s antigas e gloriosas caravelas.. Van Bierveliet, da Universidade de Gand, numa das suas magistrais ...... of which he is a part. (Miss C. Aguther, Child Study, June, 1917). Minhas Senhoras e meus Senhores:. A arte de educar fundamentalmente a arte de ...... psicologia experimental ser uma maneira de logo, desde o incio da freqncia ...]
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Ali Pacha The Countess Of Saint Geran Murat

  [english | ]  

Alexandre Dumas Pere

Summary: [Ali Pacha by Alexandre Dumas. Alexandre Dumas was a French writer best known for his numerous historical novels of high adventure which have made him one of the most widely read French authors in the world. Many of his novels including The Count of Monte Cristo The Three Musketeers Twenty Years After and The Vicomte de Bragelonne were serialized. He also wrote plays and magazine articles and was ...]
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Alice Or The Mysteries

  [english | ]  

Edward Bulwer Lytton

Summary: [v. 1. Pelham or Adventures of a gentleman.--v. 2. Paul Clifford.--v. 3. Eugene Aram.--v. 4. The last days of Pompeii.--v. 5. Rienzi the last of the Roman tribunes.--v. 6. The last of the barons.--v. 7. Ernest Maltravers.--v. 8. Alice or The mysteries.--v. 9. Godolphin.--v. 10. The disowned.--v. 11. Night and morning.--v. 12. Leila or The siege of Granada Calderon the courtier and The pilgr]
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All About The Little Small Red Hen

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Summary: [A Small Killing is a graphic novel by Alan Moore published in 1991. It was illustrated by Oscar Zarate. The book has been published by a number of companies and in 2003 it was reprinted by Avatar Press.]
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