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13 Sonetos

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Arnaldo Forte

Summary: [Songs and Sonnets Atlantean is a collection of poems by Donald S. Fryer. It was released in 1971 by Arkham House in an edition of 2045 copies. The introduction and notes attributed to Dr. Ibid M. Andor are actually written by Fryer.]
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1811 Dictionary Of The Vulgar Tongue

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Captain Grose Et Al

Excerpts: [... Market, Dublin, or other Irish blackguard among whom the exclamation, or oath, by the Holy Father (meaning the Pope), is common. ...... appearance of a ship's light. Ships bearing towards it, run on shore, and being wrecked, are plundered by the inhabitants. This diabolical ...... worth a great quantity for the money, a bargain. He has'got a lumping penny-worth frequently said of ...]
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Frank Crane

Excerpts: [... his armour off. I have climbed the Hill of Life, and am past the summit, I suppose, and perhaps it may help those just venturing the first incline ...... Yet we all know what it means-it is like Love. But it implies being several things: One, being a good sport, by which I mean the ...... are morally spindling, and so many surprising samples of superiority come from common stock, ...]
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22 Goblins

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From Sanskrit

Summary: [The Rainbow Goblins is a 1978 childrens book by Italian-born artist and author Count Ul de Rico also known as Ulderico Gropplero di Troppenburg. The book was followed by a 1996 sequel The White Goblin. The book tells of seven goblins each one a different colour of the rainbow. They love the taste of colour and have eaten all the rainbows yet one valley remains where rainbows are still born. The ...]
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32 Caliber

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Donald Mcgibeny

Excerpts: [... her heart would break and begged that we wouldn't think too harshly of her. Again she repeated over and over, 'He didn't do it-He didn't do it!' ...... against you for my brother's murder. For a moment the little man blinked at me in amazement then he threw back his head and laughed, a shrill, ...... some papers before him. You were what relation to the deceased? The ...]
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35 Sonnets

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Fernando Pessoa

Summary: [Songs and Sonnets Atlantean is a collection of poems by Donald S. Fryer. It was released in 1971 by Arkham House in an edition of 2045 copies. The introduction and notes attributed to Dr. Ibid M. Andor are actually written by Fryer.]
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365 Luncheon Dishes

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Excerpts: [... which can be cut after baking. When half baked, draw to the front of the oven and sift granulated sugar mixed with cinnamon over them. 19.-A ...... but do not let it boil. Pour the eggs over the ham and serve. 365 Luncheon Dishes OCTOBER. 1.-Potato Croquettes. Four mashed potatoes, ...... together. Cream a 1/4 of a lb. of butter. Add to it gradually 1/2 a lb. of granulated sugar ...]
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42 Keys To Murder

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Edward Churchill

Summary: [Newspaper correspondent Nick Burney and his wife Sue become a pair of high-powered sleuths when they take the trail after the killing of Homer Hansel the snooping society editor.]
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A Backward Glance At Eighty

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Charles Murdock

Excerpts: [... Twenty years difference in years seemed no barrier. He was fond of companionship in his travels, and I often accompanied him as he was called up ...... never missed one since. Fifty-seven consecutive celebrations incidentally testify to unbroken health. In looking back on what I have gained from ...... he served on the board of trustees of the church and for seven years was ...]
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A Batalha De Toro

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Antonio Francisco Barata

Excerpts: [... de linho, 80 em papel d'algodo. N.___. Por muitas vezes hei escripto, e mais uma ainda aqui o fao, embora com isso se possam morder uns tantos ...... manusear da opulenta lingua patria, predicado hoje to raro at entre os nossos escriptores de primeira plana, reune uma acendrada probidade litteraria, ...... Historicas escreveu sobre a Batalha de Toro, o sabio academico hespanhol o ...]
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A Beautiful Possibility

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Edith Ferguson Black

Summary: [A Beautiful Possibility Dodo Press by Edith Ferguson Black. Edith Ferguson Black 1857- 1936 was the Canadian author of A Princess in Calico 1903 A Beautiful Possibility 1904 Allan Ruthven Knight 1907 and Shipmate 1915 .]
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A Bier For Baby

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Dean Evans

Excerpts: [... grunted. This killing? said Gomez. Yeah. This killing. A bawdy house-in front of it, I mean. North Angeles Street. Four thousand block. You probably ...... Identification in the form of a little packet of business cards. Driver's license made out to the same man. Gomez stood again. A couple of ...... pain in the abdomen for us. Okay, come along. The girls are all up back. Gomez ...]
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A Biographical Sketch Of The Life And Character Of Joseph Charless

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Charlotte Taylor Blow Charless

Excerpts: [... the omissions to which I have alluded. You remember, I mentioned to you the fact, that your grandfather commenced life, as a business man, ...... him for his accumulated business, which, nevertheless, he continued to prosecute with avidity. This was about the year 1841. I do not recollect how ...... creditors for the firm not to close up, but to continue the business, each binding ...]
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A Bird Out Of The Snare

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Dorothy Canfield

Summary: [Dorothy Canfield Fisher (February 17 1879 ? November 9 1958) was an educational reformer social activist and best-selling American author in the early decades of the twentieth century. She was named by Eleanor Roosevelt as one of the ten most influential women in the United States. Dorothy Canfield brought the Montessori method of child-rearing to the United States presided over the countrys ...]
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A Book Of Fruits And Flowers

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Excerpts: [... be milk warm, and no warmer after the first shifting you must stamp and straine your last nine ounces of Violets, and put in only the juice of them, ...... at all times, and at his meale, which must be but one in a day, and that so little, that he may rise hungry. Thus he must doe for five dayes together, ...... To keep Cowslips for Salates. Take a quart of White wine Vineger, and ...]
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A Book Of Golden Deeds

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Charlotte Yonge

Excerpts: [... whose Light was shining out even in this heathen's truth and constancy. How his trust was fulfilled is not known. The Senate, after the next victory, ...... in Jerusalem. There, want of provisions had brought him to great distress, when tidings came that another son of Antiochus Epiphanes had claimed ...... to the rude joys of Valhall. Nevertheless there is a pastoral staff across ...]
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A Bracelet At Bruges

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Arnold Bennett

Summary: [Albert Arnold Bennett (April 6 1849 ? October 12 1909) was a Baptist missionary and hymn composer who founded the Baptist Theological Seminary of Yokohama which later became Kanto Gakuin University.]
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A Brave Little Quakeress A Tradition Of The Revolution

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E Roe

Excerpts: [... when in the proper position, were rolled into the huge fireplace that yawned like a sooty cavern at the farther end of the apartment. A modern ...... old massive style that outlasts many generations. All the windows were protected by stout oaken shutters which, when closed, almost transformed ...... While indisposed to fight, it was evident that the good man intended to interpose ...]
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A Bride Of The Plains

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Baroness Orczy

Summary: [A Bride Of The Plains by Baroness Orczy. A Bride of the Plains is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by Baroness Orczy is in the English language and may not include graphics or images from the original edition. If you enjoy the works of Baroness Orczy then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.]
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A Brief History Of The United States

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Summary: [Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States is a 1989 book by humor columnist Dave Barry. In a style typical of the humorist yet also reminiscent of the English classic 1066 and All That Barry satirizes mangles and when necessary just plain makes up famous events in United States history. One running joke through the entire book is in an effort to simplify history all important ...]
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