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  [english | 1910]  

Ernest Scott

Summary: [The Life Of Laperouse by Ernest Scott. That direction is especially important because if Laperouse had not perished but had lived to carry out his programme it is evident that he would have forestalled the later discoveries of Bass and Flinders in southern Australia. What a vast difference to the later course of history that might have made ]
Genres: [biography | history | nauticalDownloads: 461

Las Casas

  [english | 1917]  

Alice Knight

Summary: [The Decoration of Houses a manual of interior design written by Edith Wharton with architect Ogden Codman in 1898. They denounced Victorian interior decoration and interior design for having rooms heavily curtained with Victorian bric-a-brac and filled with overstuffed furniture. This resulted in poorly planned and arranged rooms that were uncomfortable and that people did not enjoy and therefore ...]
Genres: [religion | biography | historyDownloads: 130

Last Of The Great Scouts

  [english | ]  

Helen Cody Wetmore

Excerpts: [... P. H. Sheridan, Colonel Inman, Colonel Ingraham, and my brother for valuable assistance furnished by Sheridan's Memoirs, The Santa Fe Trail, The Great ...... the lawless and a wall of protection to our family. The storm and stress of battle had drawn heavily on what little strength was left to father, and ...... Kipling tells us it is quite impossible to hustle the East it were as ...]
Genres: [biography | westernDownloads: 225


  [french | 1921]  

Gustave Coquiot

Excerpts: [... y compris la Sude, la Hollande, le Danemark et la Russie. S'adresser, pour traiter, la Librairie OLLENDORFF 50, Chausse d'Antin, Paris. GUSTAVE COQUIOT. LAUTREC. OU ...... non feint, ira vers les plus crapuleux spectacles, pour les exprimer, non pas, comme on l'a cru, avec une frocit de nain haineux, mais avec une verve ...... de pltre et Goya de l'ge de sang. Ingres, enfin, d'une ...]
Genres: [art | biographyDownloads: 170

Lazarillo Of Tormes

  [english | 1973]  


Excerpts: [... back into a man. The novel is a fantasy, and may be allegorical. The beginning is its most realistic point, and the first chapter of this novel became ...... LAZARILLO OF TORMES. Letter of Dedication. To The Reader. I Where Lazaro Tells about How He Left Toledo to Go to the War of Algiers. II How Lazaro ...... wouldn't get any worse, the poor woman went ahead and carried out the ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | post 1930 | biographyDownloads: 180

Letters Of A Lunatic

  [english | 1954]  

George Adler

Excerpts: [... month past has again occupied the public mind, and even called forth legislative intervention may, however, perhaps likewise receive some additional light ...... appears to have been a collusion): Shall I have to become the step-father of that man. and again in the same tone and with the same expression of countenance: ...... in authorship and instruction in a room, which for ...]
Genres: [biography | religionDownloads: 118

Letters Of Edward Fitzgerald

  [english | 1894]  

Edward Fitzgerald

Summary: [Bibliography: p. xxvi-xxvii.]
Genres: [biography | correspondenceDownloads: 485

Letters Of Lt Col George Brenton Laurie

  [english | 1921]  

George Brenton Laurie

Summary: [Letters Of Lt Col George Brenton Laurie by George Brenton Laurie. Letters of Lt.-Col. George Brenton Laurie by George Brenton Laurie]
Genres: [correspondence | war | biographyDownloads: 471

Lettres Un Ami 1865 1872

  [french | ]  

Georges Bizet

Summary: [Limpe?rieux amour de Pascal. - Discours sur les passions de lamour. - Lettres de Pascal a? Charlotte de Roannez. - Pense?es de Pascal sur lamitie?. - Pense?es de Pascal sur le coeur. - Pense?es de Pascal sur lamour. - Pense?es de Pascal sur la concupisence.]
Genres: [correspondence | biography | musicDownloads: 12

Life In Canada Fifty Years Ago

  [english | ]  

Canniff Haight

Summary: [Life In Canada Fifty Years Ago by Canniff Haight. An excerpt I was born in the County of ---- Upper Canada on the 4th day of June in the early part of this present century. I have no recollection of my entry into the world though I was present when the great event occurred but I have every reason to believe the date given is correct for I have it from my mother and father who were there at the ...]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 40

Life Of Charles Dickens

  [english | 1887]  

Frank Marzials

Excerpts: [... plight their troth, one wonders, if they could have foreseen how slowly and surely the coming years were to sunder their hearts and lives.-They were ...... to us now, how unjust the accusation appears, and how false the prophecy. Rapidly as those books were executed, Dickens, like the real artist that he ...... book to which unstinted admiration can be given. As Pickwick first ...]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 102

Life Of Charlotte Bront

  [english | 1857]  

Elizabeth Gaskell

Excerpts: [... disapproves of couching. Papa displayed extraordinary patience and firmness the surgeons seemed surprised. I was in the room all the time as it was ...... to lose money, time after time, in this way but where is the use of dwelling on such subjects. It will make him no better.. December 28th. I ...... spirit seems to preside at - Street, to that which guides the helm at 65, ...]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 150

Life Of Chopin

  [english | 1863]  

Franz Liszt

Summary: [Life Of Chopin by Franz Liszt. Life of Chopin is a biography of Chopin by Franz Liszt. Fr ed eric Chopin 1 March 1810 - 17 October 1849 was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic period. He is widely regarded as one of the world s great composers for piano. Chopin was born in the village of Zelazowa Wola in the Duchy of Warsaw to a French-expatriate father and a Polish mother and ...]
Genres: [biography | musicDownloads: 307

Life Of Daniel Boone The Great Western Hunter And Pioneer

  [english | ]  

Cecil Harley

Excerpts: [... of Boone and to a certain extent, as Mr. Wheeler intimates, his character was that of his times and of his associates. It was during the residence ...... River, a branch of the Staunton, now in Bedford County, Va. The route pursued was along the Great Path to the centre of the Cherokee nation. The traders ...... when my brother, to my great felicity, met me according to appointment,...]
Genres: [biography | history | adventureDownloads: 388

Life Of Francis Marion

  [english | ]  

William Dobein James

Excerpts: [... JERVEY, Clerk of the District of South-Carolina. Preface.Preface. During the siege of Charleston, in May, 1780, the grammar school at Salem, on Black ...... principally of militia, who could not be brought under control and in the midst of arms, when the enemy were at the distance of only three miles, their ...... and council did despair already, for a majority of them had finally ...]
Genres: [biography | warDownloads: 270

Life Of John Keats

  [english | 1887]  

William Michael Rossetti

Summary: [Reprint of the 1887 ed.]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 152

Life Of Robert Browning

  [english | ]  

William Sharp

Summary: [Bibliography by J. P. Anderson: p. i-xxii.]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 422

Life Of St Vincent De Paul

  [english | 1919]  

Frances Alice Forbes

Excerpts: [... further theological studies, set his heart on a university training and a degree. But life at a university costs money, however thrifty one may be, ...... the sight of the glittering white town with its background of mountains, set in the gorgeous coloring of the African landscape, brought no gleam of joy ...... that I do not believe I shall be so happy even in the paradise of my ...]
Genres: [biography | religionDownloads: 303

Life Of Venerable Sister Margaret Bourgeois

  [english | 1818]  


Excerpts: [... New World, for the defence of Ville-Marie. This circumstance frightened Sister Bourgeois very much, as she found herself alone, and without escort, in ...... young woman to entertain, accompained by a rustic who carried her clothing. I will positively receive no such people into my house, she said, you must ...... building was completed every one hastened to offer assistance, as an ...]
Genres: [biography | religionDownloads: 359

Lige On The Line Of March

  [english | 1918]  

Glenna Lindsley Bigelow

Excerpts: [... von M. of Germany, at one time Grand Chancellor of the Imperial Court and a trusted friend of Emperor William the Second. As was proven afterwards this ...... for many a day. Monsieur X.'s old coiffeur came out from town today. He is French and by far the most volatile person about the news of the moment ...... could bring about at the same moment, such circumstances, the absolute ...]
Genres: [war | biographyDownloads: 443
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