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Unto Caesar

  [english | ]  

Baroness Emmuska Orczy

Excerpts: [... gazed now on that dream-hill, memory showed him, surging like a tempestuous sea, thousands upon thousands of human heads, all tending upwards to ...... the whole multitude. I was no longer just mine own self, but I was all of us who looked, who heard and saw and did not yet understand.... A multitude ...... eyes more pronounced. Soon the old woman returned with a basin full of ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 38

Unwise Child

  [english | 1962]  

Randall Garrett

Summary: [When a super-robot named Snookums discovers how to build his own superbombs it becomes obvious that Earth is by no means the safest place for him to be. And so Dr. Fitzhugh his designer and Leda Crannon a child psychologist acting as Snookums? nursemaid agree to set up Operation Brainchild a plan to transport the robot to a far distant planet. Mike the Angel--M. R. Gabriel Power Design--has ...]
Genres: [fiction | mystery detective | science fictionDownloads: 152

Uotilan Isanta

  [english | ]  

Emil Nervander

Excerpts: [... vastasi: Kyllahan se olisi hyva! -Ikava on talo emannatta, lisasi han iloisesti. Saattaapa niinkin olla, sanoi Lauri asentoansa ...... tuvassa, kummastuneena ja uteliaana. Kaisa kehrasi niin etta rukki surisi kuin paarma, ja hanelle tuli huomaamatta useampia solmuja ja sykkyroita ...... sydamensa ja han pelkasi etta ankara Jumala nyt oli lapsukaiselle kostava hanen isansa rikoksen. ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 385

Up And Down

  [english | ]  

Charlotte Perkins Stetson

Excerpts: []
Genres: [classicDownloads: 479

Up From Slavery

  [english | ]  

Booker Washington

Summary: [Race and Slavery in the Middle East: an Historical Enquiry is a 1990 book written by the British historian Bernard Lewis. The book details the Islamic history of slavery in the Middle East from its earliest incarnations until its abolition in the various countries of the region. Though the book details specifically the role that Islam has had in slavery in the Middle East the author offers a ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 21

Up Horsie

  [english | ]  

Clara De Chatelaine

Excerpts: [... Fairy Tale. BY MADAME DE CHATELAIN. JOSEPH, MYERS, &CO., 144, LEADENHALL STREET, LONDON, E.C. * * * * ...... to see if you were obliging or not-it was all the same to me-for though you must buy your horses, I can gather mine whenever I choose. These ...... or the horse might throw an inexperienced rider. Delighted at having learnt such a secret, and without pausing to wonder how, ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 353

Up The Forked River

  [english | ]  

Edward Sylvester Ellis

Summary: [Edward Mayne Ellis (November 12 1870 - July 26 1952) was an American film actor. He is best known for playing the title role in The Thin Man as well as in A Man to Remember.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 132


  [english | 1960]  

Lj Stecher

Summary: [Earth was being bet on to break her blockade... but what was the purse... and who was to collect?]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 408

Urbain Grandier

  [english | 1840]  

Alexandre Dumas

Summary: [Urbain Grandier by Alexandre Dumas. Alexandre Dumas p ere French for father akin to Senior in English born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie 1802-1870 was a French writer best known for his numerous historical novels of high adventure which have made him one of the most widely read French authors in the world. Many of his novels including The Count of Monte Cristo 1845 The Three Musketeers 1844 and ...]
Genres: [non-fiction | historyDownloads: 85

Ursule Mirouet

  [french | 1841]  

Honore De Balzac

Excerpts: [... Il fait beau, notre oncle va se promener. - Mon cousin, notre oncle tient un livre de pri`eres `a la main et il vous a un air cafard! Enfin, vous ...... des paysans contre les bourgeois relativement aux prix des denr'ees et de la main-d'oeuvre. - Et qu'aurais-tu donc fait? dit le ma^itre de Nemours ...... plus d'une personne qui n'allait point `a l''eglise y chercher des ...]
Genres: [fictionDownloads: 295

Us And The Bottleman

  [english | ]  

Edith Ballinger Price

Summary: [Us And The Bottleman by Edith Ballinger Price. The book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge. Subjects Fiction General Fiction General Fiction Literary ]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 108


  [english | ]  

Calvin Elliott

Excerpts: [... and said: Lord I have carefully kept all that thou gavest me. I knew that thou wast an exacting master, taking what did not belong to you and gathering ...... but there is no record found anywhere of its direct approval by any ecclesiastical body. The Church has come to tolerate it but has never given it ...... likewise, my brethren and my servants, do lend them money and grain. I ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 11


  [english | 1863]  

John Stuart Mill

Summary: [John Stuart Mills book Utilitarianism is a philosophical defense of utilitarianism in ethics. The essay first appeared as a series of three articles published in Frasers Magazine in 1861 the articles were collected and reprinted as a single book in 1863. It went through four editions during Mills lifetime with minor additions and revisions.Although Mill includes discussions of utilitarian ethical ...]
Genres: [non-fiction | philosophyDownloads: 123


  [english | 1515]  

Thomas More

Summary: [De Optimo Republicae Statu deque Nova Insula Utopia (translated On the Best State of a Republic and on the New Island of Utopia) or more simply Utopia is a 1516 book by Sir (Saint) Thomas More.The book written in Latin is a frame narrative primarily depicting a fictional island society and its religious social and political customs. The name of the place is derived from the Greek words u (not) ...]
Genres: [non-fiction | philosophyDownloads: 417

Uxo Bomb Dog

  [english | 2008]  

Eliot Fintushel

Summary: [The Gene Bomb is a 1996 book by David E. Comings self-published by Hope Press that puts forth the theory that higher education and advanced technology may unintentionally favor the selection of genes that increase the likelihood of ADHD autism drug addiction learning disorders and behavior problems. Comings claims that the prevalence of these disorders is rising and I.Q. is decreasing others ...]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 67
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