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Bamboo Tales

  [english | 1900]  

Ira Reeves

Summary: [Amber Reeves (1 July 1887 - 26 December 1981) was a British feminist writer and scholar. She is the daughter of Fabian feminist Maud Pember Reeves and New Zealand politician/social reformer William Pember Reeves.]
Genres: [short story collectionDownloads: 22

Ban And Arriere Ban

  [english | 1894]  

Andrew Lang

Excerpts: [... Arriere Ban, by Andrew Lang ***** bnabn10.txt or******. txt. This etext was prepared by David Price, email from ...... Law a league or less to sea, About its feet the breakers beat, abune the sea-maws flee,. There's castle stark and dungeon dark, wherein the godly ...... the sea might mix wi' their warlock wail, But then came in black echty-echt, ...]
Genres: [poetryDownloads: 187

Banbury Chap Books

  [english | 1890]  

Edwin Pearson

Excerpts: [... Note:. This book has over 800 small black-and-white illustrations. They can be found in the images directory associated with the html version ...... Lilliputian Classics, and I have been enabled to introduce several of the Quarto early editions to the firm, and have had great pleasure in writing and ...... fine and tasteful work. A numerous series of little fable cuts by the same ...]
Genres: [young readersDownloads: 144

Bandit Love

  [english | 1931]  

Juanita Savage

Summary: [In Bandit Love there is the same sultry throb and barbaric drive that characterize all her work. Here is the love story of a beautiful Irish girl who rode horses like an Arizona cowboy whose hair was red as flame and whose lover was an English gentleman. But then there was the Spaniard too! Hot-headed he was passionate and lawless as a Tartar. Needless to say the story takes some startling turns. ...]
Genres: [fiction | romanceDownloads: 189

Bank Of The Manhattan Company

  [english | ]  


Summary: [Bank Of The Manhattan Company by Anonymous. Oceanus one of the sea Gods sitting in a reclining posture on a rising ground pouring water from an urn which forms a river and terminates in a lake. On the exergue will be inscribed Seal of the Manhattan Company. ]
Genres: [historyDownloads: 121

Banked Fires

  [english | ]  

E Savi

Summary: [Banked Fires by E W Savi. A novel of adventure and romance set in India]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 239


  [english | 1914]  

William Scott

Excerpts: [... of the principles and problems of banking. Since it is designed primarily for American readers, special attention has been given to conditions in ...... the kinds and denominations wanted and if he wants to make payments to his creditors in other forms than cash, he sends them checks on his bank payable ...... who present the checks at the counters of the banks upon which they are ...]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 90

Banquet Du 17 Janvier 1841

  [english | ]  

Andrzej Towianski

Excerpts: [... que dis-je, l'esprit de chaque cr'eature doit s'accorder avec eux pour former une certaine harmonie prescrite par le d'ecret du Tr`es-Haut.-Des ...... selon leur nature], et cela, en 'epandant la lumi`ere divine par sa tr`es sainte doctrine, sa vie, son exemple, et par-dessus tout par ce souffle saint ...... de la lumi`ere de J'esus-Christ, ou par son extinction totale, pour ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 24


  [english | ]  

Ferdinand Heinrich Grautoff

Excerpts: [... staring at the other four. Who's Perry? Don't you know, Mr. Allen, that there are naval maneuvers going on to-day and that Admiral Perry ...... even more quickly than their men, so that when at ten o'clock two Japanese regiments undertook to capture the fort by storm, the last defender fell ...... they attacked our forts in their most vulnerable spot, that is, from above. With the ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 5

Bar 20

  [english | 1906]  

Clarence Mulford

Excerpts: [... saltin' our cattle. He'll shore do it, unless I camps on th' line, which same I hain't hankerin' after.. Oh, he wouldn't stop th' cows that way, ...... this one-sided business and crawled up on the window ledge, dangling his feet on the outside. He occasionally sent a bullet at a different part of the ...... and he still possessed a limp. When Red had relieved his feelings and had ...]
Genres: [westernDownloads: 75

Bar 20 Days

  [english | 1911]  

Clarence Mulford

Summary: [30 Days in Sydney is a book written by Australian novelist Peter Carey. It was published in 2001 and is subtitled A Wildly Distorted Account. Superficially a piece of travel writing 30 Days in Sydney is perhaps more of a view into the psyche of Carey an Australian returning home after a 17 year absence his motley crew of friends and Sydneysiders in general.]
Genres: [westernDownloads: 27

Barbara Blomberg

  [english | ]  

Georg Ebers

Summary: [Georg Moritz Ebers German Egyptologist and novelist discovered the Egyptian medical papyrus of ca 1550 BCE named for him at Luxor in the winter of 1873-74. Now in the library of the University of Leipzig the Ebers papyrus is among the most important ancient Egyptian medical papyri. It is one of two of the oldest preserved medical documents anywhere the other main source being the Edwin Smith ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 340

Barbara Heritage

  [english | 1899]  

Deristhe Hoyt

Excerpts: [... your younger brothers and sisters and our whole household, as well as your own lives. You are not going on a pleasure trip, dear girls, but to another ...... and in rich commerce was a rival of Genoa and Venice. She was a proud, eager, assertive city of such worth that she was deemed a rich prize, and ...... reading,-Mr. Sumner's talks about Italian painting,-Malcom's private ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 317

Barbara In Brittany

  [english | 1915]  

E Gillie

Summary: [Barbara In Brittany by E A Gillie. Barbara in Brittany is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by E. A. Gillie is in the English language. If you enjoy the works of E. A. Gillie then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romance | audiobookDownloads: 215

Barbara Ladd

  [english | 1902]  

Charles D Roberts

Excerpts: [... big, doggish heart was dejected. With his tongue hanging from his jaws, he sat up on his brindled haunches and looked on, while slowly and laboriously ...... if Barbara chanced to be interested in the more absorbing occupation of climbing a tree and the time for reciting Latin syntax was lightly forgotten ...... she fled through the woods. Old Debby, resting in her punt by the ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romance | humorDownloads: 383

Barchester Towers

  [english | 1857]  

Anthony Trollope

Summary: [Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope. This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.]
Genres: [fiction | religiousDownloads: 131

Bardelys The Magnificent

  [english | 1905]  

Rafael Sabatini

Summary: [An absorbing story of love and adventure in France of the early seventeenth century.]
Genres: [fiction | action adventureDownloads: 269

Baree Son Of Kazan

  [english | 1917]  

James Oliver Curwood

Summary: [The story of the son of the blind Grey Wolf and the gallant part he played in the lives of a man and a woman.]
Genres: [fiction | action adventure | westernsDownloads: 59

Barlasch Of The Guard

  [english | 1903]  

Henry Seton Merriman

Summary: [one of the best books ever written.the ending made me cry tho...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 92

Barnabe Rudge Tome I

  [english | ]  

Charles Dickens

Summary: [Charles Dickens Jr born Charles Culliford Boz Dickens (6 January 1837 ? July 20 1896) was the first child of the novelist Charles Dickens and his wife Catherine. A failed businessman he became the editor of his fathers magazine All the Year Round and a successful writer of dictionaries. He is now most remembered for his two 1879 books Dickenss Dictionary of London and Dickenss Dictionary of the ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 1
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