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Actas Capitulares Desde El 21 Hasta

  [english | ]  


Excerpts: [... DEL MES DE MAYO DE 1810. El primer monumento hist'orico de la Rep'ublica Argentina se echaba menos en sus anales, por haberse omitido su ...... de nuestra pen'insula, por los impresos publicados en esta ciudad de 'orden de V. E., y animado de su innata lealtad 'a nuestro Soberano, y de ...... el Sr. D. Joaquin Mosquera, Coronel retirado del mismo real cuerpo, el Sr. D. Eugenio ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 31

Actas Capitulares Desde El 21 Hasta El 25 De Mayo De 1810 En

  [spanish | 1836]  


Summary: [I dont know much about this title but I love Buenos Aires. Also the review system rocks.]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 142


  [french | 1839]  

Alexandre Dumas

Summary: [crit en 1839 ce roman peu connu est lune des rares fictions de Dumas se situant dans lantiquit (avec bien entendu Isaac Laquedem son grand roman inachev). Act est une jeune Corinthienne qui devient la matresse de lempereur Nron. Son histoire permet lcrivain dvoquer le rgne du cruel empereur en une fresque impressionnante.]
Genres: [fiction | historicalDownloads: 400

Action Front

  [english | 1916]  

Boyd Cable

Summary: [Well worth a read]
Genres: [war | fiction and literatureDownloads: 186

Acton Feud

  [english | ]  

Frederick Swainson

Excerpts: [... a sly dog. Punctually to the minute Grim rang his bell, and, darting into the dressing-room, said, Now, Cherry, come along with your epilogue, ...... the holidays? Beastly, said Gus. Governor rusty? No end. Been making the will again, and leaving me out. Perry fiasco, ...... loafers at the little 'ouse, and he began to know a little more of betting, gee-gees, and other kindred ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 321

Acts Of Peter And Andrew

  [english | ]  

From Bodleian Ms

Excerpts: [... him up, and carried him away to the mountain where Peter and Matthew and Alexander were sitting. And when he saw them, they saluted him with ...... through their street three days, so that my blood stained the whole street. Peter says to him: Be a man in the Lord, brother Andrew, and come hither, ...... was thus speaking, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to them in the form of a ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 10

Acts Of Saint Philip The Apostle When He Went To Upper Hellas

  [english | ]  

Acts Of Saint Philip The Apostle When He Went To Upper Hellas

Excerpts: [... We have doctrines of our fathers in which we are pleased, seeking after knowledge but if thou hast anything new, O stranger, show it to us without ...... reveal to you that name, for I have no other work in this world than this proclamation.(2) For when my Lord came into this world, He chose us, being ...... after they were dead, that have fairly completed the number of their days....]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 352

Acts Of Sharbil

  [english | ]  

Acts Of Sharbil

Excerpts: [... to the tearing of combs, and to bitter inflictions of all kinds of tortures, and should afterwards receive the punishment of the sword. ...... on the cross of death, be ashamed of Him and refuse to worship Him: for, all these things which He endured-it was for the salvation of men and for ...... with thee to-day to the church. Depart thou, and go down with honour and to-morrow at ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 120

Acts Of The Holy Apostle And Evangelist John The Theologian

  [english | ]  

Evangelist John The Theologian

Excerpts: [... Jerusalem and some prisoners of war he took and slew, others he destroyed by famine in the siege, and most he banished, and at length scattered ...... and brothers and all his family have been connected with the Hebrews whom on account of his great blasphemy and his wicked fooleries we gave up ...... by name, who spread a report about the seat of empire of the Romans, saying that ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 342

Acts Of The Holy Apostle Thaddaeus

  [english | ]  

Acts Of The Holy Apostle Thaddaeus

Excerpts: [... also is Thaddaeus, was of the city of Edessa-and it is the metropolis of Osroene, in the interior of the Armenosyrians-an Hebrew by race, accomplished ...... He chose him as one of the twelve, the tenth apostle according to the Evangelists Matthew and Mark. In those times there was a governor of ...... the days of the Passion and the plots of the Jews, Abgarus, being seized by an ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 233

Acts Of The Holy Apostle Thomas

  [english | ]  

Acts Of The Holy Apostle Thomas

Excerpts: [... the truth? And while he was thus reasoning and speaking, the Saviour appeared to him through the night, and said to him: Fear not, Thomas go away ...... And having said this, He showed him Thomas at a distance, and agreed with him for three pounds of uncoined silver and He wrote a bill of sale, ...... had given it to him, saying: Let thy worth also be with thee along with my grace, ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 470

Acts Of The Holy Apostle Thomas When He Came Into India And Built The Palace In The Heavens

  [english | ]  

Apostle Thomas

Excerpts: [... tail lies in his mouth I am he who went into paradise through the hedge, and spoke with Eve what my father bade me speak to her I am he who inflamed ...... henceforth, O thou most unabashed, and be ashamed and altogether put to death for the end of thy destruction is at hand, and do not dare to say ...... who delight in this life put on, it has been said, They that wear soft things ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 68


  [swedish | 1921]  

Hasse Zetterstrm

Excerpts: [... skriker, ropar och visslar en hel frmiddag. D fnstret r ppet, hr man hennes da. da. lngt ut p marken. Fnstret r ppet. Ada str p burens botten p den ...... fick mig. Han bodde i en liten stuga vid havet och han gjorde verkligen allt fr att roa mig. Men han var fattig. De flesta unga konstnrer ro fattiga utom ...... sig drefter. En katt r instllsam och falsk. Han stryker sig mot ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 336

Adam Bede

  [english | 1859]  

George Eliot

Summary: [LC copy has inscription of former owner Bruce Rogers dated 1891.]
Genres: [fiction | historicalDownloads: 403

Adam Johnstone Son

  [english | 1895]  

F Marion Crawford

Summary: [Adam Johnstone S Son by F Marion Crawford. I sometimes think that one s past life is written in a foreign language said Mrs. Bowring shutting the book she held but keeping the place with one smooth thin forefinger while her still blue eyes turned from her daughter s face towards the hazy hills that hemmed the sea thirty miles to the southward.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 267


  [english | 1960]  

Mack Reynolds

Summary: [Adaptation and Natural Selection: A Critique of Some Current Evolutionary Thought is a 1966 book by the American evolutionary biologist George C. Williams. Williams in what is now considered a classic by evolutionary biologists outlines a gene-centered view of evolution disputes notions of evolutionary progress and criticizes contemporary models of group selection including the theories of Alfred ...]
Genres: [fiction | science fictionDownloads: 495

Address Delivered By Hon Henry H Crapo

  [english | 1866]  

Henry Howland Crapo

Excerpts: [... FARM,. On Thursday, May 24th, 1866. LANSING: JOHN A. KERR & CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTERS. 1866. ADDRESS. Mr. President, and Members of the ...... formed for the purpose of combining and concentrating a wider scope of individual action than could otherwise be attained, with a view to an increased ...... but of their emulation, and they, too, resolve to copy from a standard of ...]
Genres: [essaysDownloads: 4

Address To The First Graduating Class Of Rutgers Female

  [english | 1867]  

Henry Pierce

Excerpts: [... founded. It grew out of an increasing sense of the importance of the duties of women, and of the need that her work should be well done. Hence the ...... of woman, is the question of her equality with man for if woman be inferior to man, so should be her education. Some might be disposed to reverse ...... over four thousand years were needed to prepare the human mind for the coming ...]
Genres: [essaysDownloads: 140


  [english | 1902]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [So the Bolsheviks slogans demanded of these parties leaders that they do the job their supporters expected them to do. Their key demands were that the socialists break with the Kadets and take political power into their own hands. The compromisers could easily have done this by declaring the executive of the Soviet the government of the country. The Bolshevik slogans Down with the ten capitalist ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 480


  [english | ]  

Henry Drummond

Excerpts: [... login: anonymous. cd etext90 through etext99 etext00 and etext01. . . GET GUTINDEX.. GET GUTINDEX. ***. (Three ...... God Christ spoke much of love to man. We make a great deal of peace with heaven Christ made much of peace on earth. Religion is not a strange or added ...... it consists in having and getting, and in being served by others. It consists in giving, ...]
Genres: [religion | essaysDownloads: 229
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