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A Room With A View

  [english | 1908]  

E Forster

Summary: [This Edwardian social comedy explores love and prim propriety among an eccentric cast of characters assembled in an Italian pensione and in a corner of Surrey England.A charming young Englishwoman Lucy Honeychurch faints into the arms of a fellow Britisher when she witnesses a murder in a Florentine piazza. Attracted to this man George Emerson?who is entirely unsuitable and whose father just may ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romance | audiobookDownloads: 43

A Rose Of A Hundred Leaves

  [english | 1891]  

Amelia Edith Barr

Excerpts: [... take up at midnight.. As he spoke, Aspatria, who had been sitting with folded hands and half-shut eyes, straightened herself suddenly, and threw up ...... I am to see you once more.. She might have been his only love, he kissed and embraced and kissed her again so fondly. Oh, wondrous tie of blood ...... II. FORGIVE ME, CHRIST. The ultimatum reached by Fenwick in the consideration ...]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 382

A Royal Prisoner

  [english | 1918]  

Marcel Allain

Summary: [The daring exploits of Fantmas in his attempts to get possession of the King of Hesse-Weimars famous diamond.]
Genres: [fiction | mystery detective | thrillersDownloads: 191

R Holmes Co

  [english | 1906]  

John Kendrick Bangs

Summary: [The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes is a short story collection written by Adrian Conan Doyle and John Dickson Carr]
Genres: [fiction | mystery detective | humorousDownloads: 480

Raatimiehen Tytar

  [english | ]  

Evald Ferdinand Jahnsson

Excerpts: [... aikoina kohonnut niin tavattoman korkeaksi, ett'ei porvari eika talonpoika jaksa sita maksaa. Rauhan saatua kuihtunut kauppaliikkeemmekin ...... rauhasta suurempi kuin milloinkaan ennen. Kenties ovat rauhan artiklat jo tana hetkena molemmin puolin hyvaksytyt! Maistelkaatte vaan, ...... Han pyysi teita kiiruhtamaan ja kaski minun panna ruokatavarat vakkaan ja sitte vakan kanssa ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 211

Raatimiehen Tytr

  [english | 1882]  

Evald Ferdinand Jahnsson

Excerpts: [... vihannassa ruohikossa), Barbro ja Ebba (kantavat muutamasta vakasta ruokatavaroita erlle littelle paadelle). ANTEEO S. Niinkuin sken sanoin, hyvt ...... Koska ai'ot lhte. SVEN S. Huomenna, - aamulla varhain. ANTERO S. Niin kiiruusti. Sep ikv. BARBRO. Jttk toki hetkeksi sodan puuhat ja kyk tt ...... syvyydet, jotka eroittavat vihan ja ystvyyden. - Ha. Ha. Mit merkitsee kaikki ...]
Genres: [dramaDownloads: 301

Rabbi Saunderson

  [english | 1898]  

Ian Maclaren

Summary: [Charles Maclaren (7 October 1782-10 September 1866) was a Scottish editor born in Ormiston Haddingtonshire the son of a farmer and cattle-dealer. He was almost entirely self-educated and when a young man became a clerk in Edinburgh. In 1817 with others he established The Scotsman newspaper in Edinburgh and at first acted as its editor. Offered a post as clerk in the custom house he resigned his ...]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 222

Racconti Fantastici

  [italian | 1869]  

Igininio Ugo Tarchetti

Summary: [this book is very fantastic!]
Genres: [fantasyDownloads: 468

Racconti Unmoristici

  [italian | 1869]  

Iginio Ugo Tarachetti

Summary: [Ugo Iginio Tarchetti (29 June 1839 - 25 March 1869) was an Italian author poet and journalist. Born in San Salvatore Monferrato his military career was cut short by ill health and in 1865 he settled in Milan. Here he entered literary study becoming part of the Scapigliatura a literary movement animated by a spirit of rebellion against traditional culture. He worked on several newspapers and ...]
Genres: [short story collectionDownloads: 327

Rachel Ray

  [english | ]  

Anthony Trollope

Excerpts: [... As yet she had not made up her mind whether she would say yes or no. ``Mrs Prime, I am offering to make you my wife. I have said nothing ...... be fair and in the next place, by all accounts, he brewed such very bad beer that it would not be a credit to me. If you'll tell me what your plan ...... never listen to anyone while mamma lives, if she wishes me not.'' Then she turned to ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 381

Racketty Packetty House

  [english | ]  

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Summary: [This piece is a delicious return to childhood for the reader. Any young girl might have dreamt of the lives of her dolls but only the whimsical pen of Burnetts could sketch a fairy tale sweet enough for a child and yet hold the interest of an adult.]
Genres: [young readersDownloads: 332


  [english | ]  

Alfred Noyes

Excerpts: [... ReadingAre you enjoy this book? Other books that may be interesting to you:Various : The New England Magazine Volume 1 No 4 Bay State Monthly ...... Volume 1 No 4 Bay State Monthly Volume 4 No 4 April 1886England, Their England (1933) is an affectionately satirical comic novel of 1920s English ...... comic novel of 1920s English rural society by the Scottish writer A. G. Macdonell. ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 367

Rada A Drama Of War In One Act

  [english | 1913]  

Alfred Noyes

Excerpts: [... Over the fireplace is the eikonostasis, with three richly coloured and gilded eikons, the central one of the Madonna. The light, which is never ...... the fire-light, and two candles in brass candlesticks on a black wooden table under the window. Rows of porcelain plates round the walls gleam fitfully. ...... He. RADA O God. God. God. MICHAEL [Getting up and standing in front of ...]
Genres: [war | dramaDownloads: 114


  [english | 2006]  

Gina Lake

Summary: [A beautiful well-written book. Helps you deepen into presence.]
Genres: [creative commons | religion | non fictionDownloads: 204

Radio Boys Cronies

  [english | ]  

Wayne Whipple

Summary: [Radio Boys was the title of three series of juvenile fiction books published by rival companies in the United States]
Genres: [young readers | adventureDownloads: 69

Rafael In Italy

  [english | ]  

Etta Blaisdell Mcdonald

Summary: [Rafael by J H Ingraham. The direction in which my thoughts turned to discover who had written these letters said the buccaneer was the northern university which I had just left. The letters were mailed there and it was my impression that they were written there. I therefore began to revolve in my mind any enemy I had there who would be likely to endeavor to do me an injury in this manner. But I ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 59


  [english | ]  

E Hornung

Excerpts: [... of a guilty conscience. Well, I must see it for myself, and the sooner the better, though work pressed. I was writing a series of articles upon prison ...... heard by Raffles where he lay and he would never speak while one was ascending, until it had passed his door. The afternoon brought more than one applicant ...... in the jeweller's own cotton-wool. Duplicate boxes. I cried. ...]
Genres: [mysterydetective | audiobookDownloads: 189

Raffles Further Adventures Of The Amateur Cracksman

  [english | 1901]  

Ernest William Hornung

Summary: [The Black Mask (published in some countries as Raffles: Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman) is the second collection of stories written by Ernest William Hornung in the A.J. Raffles series concerning a Gentleman thief in late Victorian London.]
Genres: [fiction | mystery detective | short storiesDownloads: 312

Raffles The Amateur Cracksman

  [english | 1899]  

E Hornung

Summary: [The seminal criminal-as-hero story somewhat dated in light of all thats been written since but still a good read.]
Genres: [mysterydetective | audiobook | short story collectionDownloads: 40

Ragged Dick

  [english | 1868]  

Horatio Alger Jr

Summary: [Lots of street action very tame by todays standards but a wonderful snapshot of what life must have been like at the time. Maybe a little preachy but I was willing to put up with it. This book was written with young boys as the target audience and Im sure if they understood New York City in the 1860s it would be enjoyed. I loved it - my first Horatio Alger book.]
Genres: [young readers | audiobookDownloads: 239
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