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Isabel Leicester

  [english | 1874]  

Clotilda Jennings

Summary: [Isabel Leicester A Romance by Clotilda Jennings. Twist ye twine ye even so Mingled threads of joy and woe Hope and fear peace and strife In the cord of human life. ]
Genres: [romanceDownloads: 54

Isabella Or The Adventures Of A Nun

  [english | ]  


Excerpts: [... burned in the apartment , and hastened to quit the convent, taking care, however, to double lock every door that she shut behind her, from the inner ...... too to flight, and some of the bystanders pointed out Isabella as the aggressor to two alguazils, who at once proceeded to show the young delinquent ...... Isabella, who felt herself as it were haunted by the image of her father,...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 87

Isabella Von Aegypten

  [german | 1812]  

Achim Von Arnim

Excerpts: [... damals gab es ein strenges Recht gegen die Zigeuner, sie totzuschlagen, wo sie sich finden liessen. Michael beteuerte umsonst seine und Emlers ...... schlief sie, um alles Gerausch zu vermeiden, als Braka ihr durch eine zahme Ohreule, mit der sie sich seit einiger Zeit herumtrieb, ein dreimaliges ...... und andern Rat gar oft wiederholt hatte und doch immer wieder vergass und in ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 9


  [french | 1911]  

Andr Gide

Excerpts: [... entre les lames des contrevents un bignonia poussait dans la pnombre de la salle manger, d'normes tiges blanches et molles. Grard nous avait ...... eh. tenez-vous bien, Mademoiselle Verdure, dit l'abb en me prenant par le bras-Monsieur Lacase m'a tout l'air de vous faire la cour. Elle ...... m'eut quitt, je relevai les bches du foyer, j'ouvris la fentre toute grande, repoussant les ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 366

Isabelle Degypte

  [french | 1812]  

Achim Von Arnim

Summary: [LC copy has bookplate of Carl H. Pforzheimer Library.]
Genres: [fictionDownloads: 215

Isaotta Guttadauro Ed Altre Poesie

  [english | ]  

Gabriele Dannunzio

Summary: [Gabriele DAnnunzio or dAnnunzio (12 March 1863 - 1 March 1938) was an Italian poet journalist novelist dramatist and daredevil. His role in politics is controversial due to his influence on the Italian Fascist movement and his status as the alleged forerunner of Benito Mussolini.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 413

Isaotta GuttadUro Ed Altre Poesie

  [italian | 1888]  

Gabriele Dannunzio

Summary: [Gabriele DAnnunzio or dAnnunzio (12 March 1863 - 1 March 1938) was an Italian poet journalist novelist dramatist and daredevil. His role in politics is controversial due to his influence on the Italian Fascist movement and his status as the alleged forerunner of Benito Mussolini.]
Genres: [poetryDownloads: 210


  [french | 1853]  

George Sand

Summary: [Isidora French Edition by George Sand. Isidora is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by George Sand is in the French language. If you enjoy the works of George Sand then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 168

Isis By Quinault

  [english | ]  

Frank Morlock

Summary: [Franois-Marie Arouet (21 November 1694 ? 30 May 1778) better known by the pen name Voltaire was a French Enlightenment writer and philosopher famous for his wit and for his advocacy of civil liberties including freedom of religion and free trade. Voltaire was a prolific writer and produced works in almost every literary form including plays poetry novels essays historical and scientific works ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 369

Island Life

  [english | 1880]  

Alfred Russel Wallace

Excerpts: [... printed 1880 (Med. 8vo). Second Edition 1892 (Extra cr. 8vo). Reprinted 1895. SIR JOSEPH DALTON HOOKER,. K.C.S.I., C.B., F.R.S., ETC., ETC. WHO, ...... huge boat-billed heron (Bal?niceps), and the true ostriches. There are also three quite peculiar African families, the Musophagid? or plantain-eaters, ...... sources are in comparatively arid mountains with scanty snow-fields, or in ...]
Genres: [scienceDownloads: 288

Islands In The Air

  [english | 1929]  

Lowell Howard Morrow

Summary: [Cabo Verde - Viagem pela historia das ilhas (Portuguese meaning Cape Verde - Journey Through The History Of The Islands) is a Capeverdean history book published in 2003 by Germano Almeida. The book is about Almeidas historical presentation of all the nine inhabited islands that constitute Cape Verde.]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 254

Islands Of Space

  [english | 1956]  

John Wood Campbell

Summary: [Their space-drive engine shattered the intergalactic barriers]
Genres: [fiction | science fictionDownloads: 252

Isle O Dreams

  [english | ]  

Frederick Moore

Excerpts: []
Genres: [classicDownloads: 459

Israel A Country Study

  [english | ]  

Federal Research Division

Summary: [Includes bibliographical references (p. 361-386) and index.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 93

Israel Potter

  [english | 1851]  

Herman Melville

Summary: [Herman Melville (August 1 1819 - September 28 1891) was an American novelist short story writer essayist and poet whose work is often classified as part of the genre of dark romanticism. He is best known for his novel Moby-Dick and the posthumous novella Billy Budd. His first three books gained much attention the first becoming a bestseller but after a fast-blooming literary success in the late ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 136


  [english | ]  

Emily Cheney Neville

Excerpts: [... every day. Mom ate it for a while, but she put mayonnaise on it, which Kate says is just like poison. The day of the fight with Pop about the Belafonte ...... getting more and more restless. It gets so I can't listen to a record, for the noise of him scratching on the rug. I can't let him loose in the apartment, ...... came to run us off. They did little things like throwing sticks ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 138

It A Small Solar System

  [english | 1957]  

Allan Howard

Summary: [It S A Small Solar System by Allan Howard. it s a Small Solar System by ALLAN HOWARD ....Soon the three representatives of Earth were walking shoulder to shoulder the Captain first to touch soil.]
Genres: [short story | post 1930 | science fictionDownloads: 21

It And Other Stories

  [english | 1912]  

Gouverneur Morris

Summary: [Double Sin and Other Stories is a short story collection written by Agatha Christie and first published in in the US by Dodd Mead and Company in 1961 and retailed for 3.50. The collection contains eight short stories and was not published in the UK however all of the stories were published in other UK collections.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | short story collectionDownloads: 104

It Cant Happen Here

  [english | 1935]  

Sinclair Lewis

Summary: [How Holocausts Happen is a book by Douglas V. Porpora that deals with the United States involvement in Central America in regards to their participation in the genocidal polices of Nicaraguan counterrevolutionary forces and the reaction of the general public to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.]
Genres: [fiction | humorous | politicalDownloads: 449

It Could Be Anything

  [english | 1963]  

John Keith Laumer

Summary: [Keith Laumer well-known for his tales of adventure and action shows us a different side of his talent in this original exciting and thought-provoking exploration of the meaning of meaning.]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 452
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