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  [english | 1899]  

Frank Norris

Summary: [1. The octopus. c1901.--2. The pit. A deal in wheat. 1903.--3. McTeague. A mans woman. c1899.--4. Blix. Moran of the Lady Letty. Essays on authorship. c1899.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 122

Blocs with the Cadets

  [english | 1920]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [The February Revolution of 1917 in Russia was the first stage of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Largely a bloodless transfer of power from the Tsar the regime that came into being was an alliance between liberals and socialists who wanted to instigate political reform create a democratically elected executive and constituent assembly. In the first half of February lack of food supply caused ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 202

Blonde Bait

  [english | ]  

Ed Lacy

Excerpts: [... I found the address of the detective agency in the phone book and wrote it down on the back of Jock's card, then spent the rest of the time hiding ...... on the waterfront. I nodded, thinking I shouldn't have told him it was the Keys, I'd better change it damn fast. The Keys were full of ...... This lousy hunk of sand is nothing, but there are other islands. Right this second we ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 157

Blonde Madness

  [english | ]  

Arthur Humbolt

Excerpts: [... 1934 Blonde Beauty Murdered, blared the headlines. Innocent young girls had been slain- mutilated! Was it the work of some maniac killer ...... He pawed frantically to his feet and staggered toward the car. Hal could see that he was a typical Weary-Willie, clad in cast-off clothing. ...... somethin', an' I struck a match to see what it was, an' it was a dame, Mister! A little ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 77

Blood Brothers

  [english | 1985]  

Eugene Jacobs

Excerpts: [... United States, the Japanese most wanted the Philippines. General MacArthur, as well as the Japanese, believed that the Philippine Islands were the ...... of the Philippines. In December, 1941, there were only two companies of the 43rd Infantry of Philippine Scouts (P.S.), a housekeeping detachment, stationed ...... by saying, Moshi, moshi. (hello) and sayonara (good-bye).. We ...]
Genres: [war | post 1930 | biographyDownloads: 343

Blood In The Rain

  [english | ]  

Edward Sullivan

Summary: [Secret Service Captain Farrell was a mild little man until the counterfeiters killed his friend--after that he was a tornado!]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 54

Blood Of The Gods

  [english | 1935]  

Robert Ervin Howard

Summary: [Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism is a book by Swedish scholar Mattias Gardell discussing Neopaganism and white separatism neo-fascism and antisemitism. It was published by Duke University Press in May 2003.]
Genres: [fiction | short storiesDownloads: 426

Blood On The Ice

  [english | ]  

Anthony Clemens

Summary: [The Lost Salt Gift of Blood is a collection of short stories by Canadian author Alistair MacLeod set predominantly in Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia and in Newfoundland. It was originally published in 1976. All of its stories were later republished in Island.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 146

Bloodletting Instruments In The National Museum Of History

  [english | 1979]  

Audrey Davis

Excerpts: [... devices and artificial leeches. If we also consider treatments related to bloodletting, in which blood is transferred from one part of the body ...... may never have been actually sold. A final source of information is the instruments themselves. Some are engraved with the name of the manufacturer, ...... 1693, printed in Philadelphia, and John Clapp's almanac for 1697, printed in ...]
Genres: [history | post 1930Downloads: 454

Blow The Chinks Down

  [english | 1931]  

Robert Ervin Howard

Excerpts: [... you? Listen here, you flat-headed mutt- I begun with some heat, but the girl said: Now, now, don't fight, boys. Sit down and let's all talk sociably. ...... in outraged surprise. It was a tall, slender Englishman with a kind of tired, half humorous expression. Come, come, my good men, he said. We can't ...... right you got buttin' into a private row? I complained. Rights vested in ...]
Genres: [fiction | action adventure | short storiesDownloads: 399

Blue Blood

  [english | ]  

Arthur Griffiths

Excerpts: [... herself, large and broadly built but, unlike her, quiet and rather submissive in manner, as one who had been habitually kept under-I am really ...... and again, in a fit of abstraction, he carried upstairs and laid upon the tea-table or at his hostess's feet, as though the carpet was damp and he ...... that she was not freely admitted into the best society of the county in which ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 373

Blue Bonnet In Boston

  [english | ]  

Caroline Jacobs

Excerpts: [... of having the room solely to herself for three days gave her infinite pleasure. She laid an armful of books on the table by the window, then drew ...... a fancy step down the hall and her whole manner betokened the utmost excitement. You look cheerful enough for all of us, Sue, Blue Bonnet ...... joked, making the best of their opportunity-they considered it such indeed quite a ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 442

Blue Bonnet Ranch Party

  [english | 1912]  

Caroline Jacobs

Excerpts: [... took their places as designated by the young artist. Then Blue Bon's eyes turned in search of the other two girls. Susy. Ruth. she called. Why-where ...... Massachusetts writer who complained that people in cities live too close together and not near enough, she said, patting Blue Bon's head as the girl, ...... a plump that made its occupant gasp. Oh, girls, it's Indians. wailed ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | young readersDownloads: 483

Blue Goose

  [english | ]  

Frank Lewis Nason

Excerpts: [... guilty complicity but his sagacity failed utterly to comprehend Pierre's more cunning silence. Pierre was actively acquainted with Morrison's weak ...... kind of cross-fertilization was inspiring her votaries with the idea that freedom meant doing as they pleased, and dissenters be damned! On this ...... The agitation inaugurated by Morrison was only a part of the scheme by means ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 40

Blue Heat

  [english | ]  

G Fleming Roberts

Excerpts: [... force were around, he slipped a worn leather case from inside his coat. For the third time in the past hour, he scrutinized a dirty scrap of paper ...... his elephantine thigh and go off in rolling cascades of merriment. It was because of Garigan's jokes that Jimmy was on the fence about this ...... a squad of ta-ta guns than be the butt of another joke! So it was that at two ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 488


  [english | ]  

Charles Perrault

Summary: [Shaw]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 44

Bo Peep Story Books

  [english | ]  


Summary: [Each story has special t.p.]
Genres: [young readersDownloads: 210

Bob Chester Grit

  [english | 1911]  

Frank Webster

Summary: [Bob Chester S Grit by Frank V Webster. Bob Chester s Grit by Frank V. Webster ]
Genres: [western | adventureDownloads: 293

Bob Hunt In Canada

  [english | 1916]  

George Orton

Excerpts: [... have to take some stuff along to get rid of the flies, from all I hear.. You big dub, don't you know that they fish with flies. said Bill in a ...... in those cities. The fact is that outside of the province of Quebec, Canada is just as much an English-speaking country as the United States. Is that ...... States. In good time they turned in, and five-thirty saw Bob out of bed and ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 404

Bob Son Of Battle

  [english | 1898]  

Alfred Ollivant

Summary: [Heavy Metal: a Tank Companys Battle to Baghdad is a book by Captain Jason Conroy with Ron Martz published in 2005 by Potomac Books. In Heavy Metal Conroy and Martz provide an up-close and very personal view of the sometimes vicious fighting that took place almost from the time the unit crossed the border from Kuwait until it got to Baghdad. The book chronicles the making of Charlie Company ...]
Genres: [nature | fiction and literatureDownloads: 342
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