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Mediaeval Wales

  [english | ]  

A Little

Summary: [Introductory.--Geoffrey of Monmouth.--Giraldus Cambrensis.--Castles.--Religius houses.--Llywelyn ap Grufydd and the barons war.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 235

Medical Investigation In Seventeenth Century England

  [english | 1967]  

Charles Bodemer

Summary: [Medical Investigation In Seventeenth Century England by Charles W Bodemer. Embryological Thought in Seventeenth -century England by Charles W. Bodemer Robert Boyle as an Amateur Physician by Lester S. King Foreword Although the collection of scientific literature in the Clark Library has already served as the background for a number of seminars in the most recent of them the literature of ...]
Genres: [history | healthDownloads: 280

Medicina Flagellata

  [english | 1721]  


Excerpts: [... it is to see that Mob of Empericks, as Barbers, Farriers, and Mountebanks, over-reach and bubble the People both of their Lives and Money. As ...... the commonest of Medicines disguised under an unusual Name, on design to direct you to that Apothecary, between whom and the Physician there is a private ...... because they are deficient of that abundance of Light, and clear Spirits, ...]
Genres: [essaysDownloads: 234

Medieval Europe

  [english | ]  

H C Davis

Excerpts: [... in the analysis of facts. No a priori answer would be satisfactory. The beginning and the end of the disaster were successful raids on Italy. Alaric ...... and even codified it to guard against unauthorised innovations the Lex Romana Burgundionum and the Visigothic Breviarium Alarici are still extant ...... to their bishops. Of outward pomp there was enough to gild corruption and ...]
Genres: [historyDownloads: 494

Medieval People

  [english | ]  

Eileen Edna Power

Summary: [Bibliographical references included in Notes and sources (p. 174-197)]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 314


  [english | ]  

Ezra Loomis Pound

Excerpts: [... ReadingAre you enjoy this book? Other books that may be interesting to you:Ezra Loomis Pound : A PactEzra Loomis Pound : Lament Of The Frontier ...... book? Other books that may be interesting to you:Ezra Loomis Pound : A PactEzra Loomis Pound : Lament Of The Frontier GuardEzra Loomis Pound : Ancient ...... to you:Ezra Loomis Pound : A PactEzra Loomis Pound : Lament Of The Frontier ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 303


  [english | 180]  

Marcus Aurelius

Summary: [The writings of Marcus Aurelius on Stoic philosophy. ]
Genres: [non-fiction | philosophyDownloads: 207

Meditations Of First Philosophy

  [english | ]  


Excerpts: [... besides that this power of imagination which is in one, inasmuch as it differs from the power of understanding, is in no wise a necessary element ...... unknown to me- which produced them. But now that I begin to know myself better, and to discover more clearly the author of my being, ...... mentally examined them beforehand. For it seems to me that it is mind alone, and not mind ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 145

Meditations Poetiques

  [french | 1820]  

Alphonse De Lamartine

Summary: [Ce recueil est un des plus beaux fleurons de la posie romantique. On pourrait disserter pendant des heures mais le plus simple est de le lire...]
Genres: [fiction | poetryDownloads: 5

Medival Wales

  [english | 1902]  

A Little

Excerpts: [... of his researches into the history of the Welsh Marches. A. G. LITTLE. CONTENTS. PAGE. I. INTRODUCTORY 1. II. GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH 27. III. ...... political dangers become evident. The essence of feudalism is the confusion of political power and landed property the ruler is lord of the land, the ...... and wisdom and patriotism, than to his territorial possessions. It was by ...]
Genres: [historyDownloads: 231

Medusas Coil

  [english | 1939]  

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Summary: [Medusas Coil is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop. Certainly the terror of a deserted house swells in geometrical rather than arithmetical progression as houses multiply to form a city of stark desolation. The sight of such linked infinities of black brooding compartments given over to cobwebs and memories and the conqueror worm start up vestigial fears and aversions that not ...]
Genres: [fiction | horror | short storiesDownloads: 17

Meesterstukken Van Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn

  [english | ]  

G Kielder

Excerpts: [... op zijne vrouw en het voorhoofd-fronsen zijn er de blijken van. De rechterhand van stuurman Zeger neemt op eene wijze den hoed af, die noch de ...... het cadaver houdt. Met deze waarnemingen hebben we aan de plicht voldaan, om te zien in de richting, die de schilder met zijn lichteffect heeft ...... groene, beukenstammen, die hunne takken breed en vlakweg met lichtdoorlatende, ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 125

Meeting of Presidium of the Petrograd Soviet with Delegates from Food Supply Organizations

  [english | 1916]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [Over the next twelve years bolshevism which had begun as a faction within the Russian Social-Democratic Workers party gradually emerged as an independent party that had cut its ties with all other Russian Marxists. The process involved long and bitter arguments against Mensheviks as well as against all those who worked to reunite the factions. It involved fights over funds struggles for control ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 497

Meeting of the All Russia Central Executive Committee

  [english | 1897]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [The Russian Revolution was the greatest step forward in history. The working class though a minority led all oppressed and exploited people in smashing the Tsarist dictatorship. Taking state power through their Soviets (councils) the armed workers overthrew landlordism and capitalism laying the first foundations for a state owned and planned economy. Tragically the workers democracy established ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 198

Meeting Of The Board

  [english | 1963]  

Alan Nourse

Summary: [Meeting Of The Board by Alan Edward Nourse. Meeting of the Board is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by Alan Edward Nourse is in the English language. If you enjoy the works of Alan Edward Nourse then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.]
Genres: [science fiction | short story | post 1930Downloads: 68

Meeting of the Bolshevik Groups Abroad

  [english | 1909]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [The Russian Revolution of 1917 is also called the Bolshevik Revolution or the October Revolution. In 1917 there were actually two revolutions in Russia. One was the February Revolution in which the Tsar abdicated his throne and the Provisional Government took power. The other was the October Revolution in which the Provisional Government was overthrown by the Bolsheviks. The Russian Revolution ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 297

Meeting of the Central Committee

  [english | 1903]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [After the defeat of the July Days the Bolsheviks had their backs to the wall. Their press had been smashed and many of their leaders were also being hounded. The reaction was further boosted by the revelation that Lenin was really in the pay of the German government (with which Russia was still at war). This lie peddled by a couple of drunken adventurers implausible though it was was suddenly ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 109

Meeting of the International Socialist Bureau

  [english | 1897]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [Lenin was one of the leading political figures and revolutionary thinkers of the 20th century who masterminded the Bolshevik take-over of power in Russia in 1917 and was the architect and first head of the USSR. Expelled from university for his radical policies Lenin completed his law degree as an external student in 1891. He moved to St Petersburg and became a professional revolutionary. Like ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 82

Meeting of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers and Soldiers Deputies

  [english | 1911]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [As stated in his Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism Lenins revolutionary project embraced not just Russia but the world. To implement world revolution the Third or Communist International was convened in Russia in 1919 to replace the discredited Second International. Lenin dominated the first second (1920) and third (1921) Congresses of the International and hoped to use the organisation ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 75

Meetkundig Schoolboek

  [dutch | 1848]  

H Sluijters

Excerpts: [... Schoolboek. The EBook of Meetkundig Schoolboek, by H.. Title: Meetkundig Schoolboek. Author: H. Sluijters. Release Date: ...... met dit werk heb ik het geluk gehad, om in mijn doel te mogen slagen, waarover ik mij hartelijk verheug. Niet alleen waren de oordeel- vellingen ...... oplage is binnen weinige jaren uitverkocht, en ik smaak dus het genoegen te ondervinden, dat mijne ...]
Genres: [instructionalDownloads: 150
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