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Black Neurology

  [english | 2003]  

Richard Kadrey

Excerpts: [... pull with an acquaintance at the city morgue, I convince the attending Medical Examiner to let me watch your autopsy. He begins with a traditional Y incision, ...... clicking away with the disposable camera I picked up at a 7-11 on the way over. This Examiner is a real professional, experienced and respected for ...... the length of you. He reaches forward and pushes a finger into ...]
Genres: [fiction | romance | short storiesDownloads: 306

Black White And Gray

  [english | ]  

Amy Catherine Walton

Summary: [Black White And Gray A Story Of Three Homes by Amy Walton. Black White and Gray - A Story of Three Homes is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by Amy Walton is in the English language and may not include graphics or images from the original edition. If you enjoy the works of Amy Walton then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | young readersDownloads: 49

Black Wings Has My Angel

  [english | ]  

Elliott Chaze

Summary: [Black Wings Has My Angel by Elliott Chaze. Chaze s long-lost classic a legend among noir buffs is back in print for the first time in nearly half a century. The one book Black Lizard never published it s the dream-like tale of a man after a jailbreak who meets up with the woman of his dreams... and his nightmares. Phenomenal work of the period ranking with the best efforts of Thompson Woolrich ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 320


  [english | 1847]  

B Barker

Summary: [this was not a book about Edward Teach aka Blackbeard and was very short. It did not meet any expectations of Blackbeard.]
Genres: [nautical | fiction and literature | pirate talesDownloads: 69

Blackfeet Indian Stories

  [english | ]  

George Bird Grinnell

Summary: [Blackfeet Indian Stories by George Bird Grinnell. Grandfathers have told these stories to their grandchildren for generations. Here one of the most famous ethnographers of the late 19th century has written them down and published his collection. The cover displays the N.C. Wyeth painting Spring.]
Genres: [short story collection | audiobookDownloads: 260

Blacksheep Blacksheep

  [english | 1920]  

Meredith Nicholson

Summary: [The story of a gentleman who becomes a criminal against his will and takes to the open road to escape from the results of his crime.]
Genres: [fiction | action adventure | mystery detectiveDownloads: 497

Blame It On Eve By Nelly Roussel

  [english | ]  

Frank Morlock

Summary: [Franois-Marie Arouet (21 November 1694 ? 30 May 1778) better known by the pen name Voltaire was a French Enlightenment writer and philosopher famous for his wit and for his advocacy of civil liberties including freedom of religion and free trade. Voltaire was a prolific writer and produced works in almost every literary form including plays poetry novels essays historical and scientific works ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 485

Bland debygder Och Skr

  [swedish | 1884]  

Daniel Sten

Summary: [Daniel is the central protagonist of the Book of Daniel. According to the biblical book at a young age Daniel was carried off to Babylon where he became famous for interpreting dreams and rose to become one of the most important figures in the court.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 25

Bleak House

  [english | 1853]  

Charles Dickens

Summary: [Widely regarded as Dickenss masterpiece Bleak House centers on the generations-long lawsuit Jarndyce and Jarndyce through which whole families have inherited legendary hatreds. Focusing on Esther Summerson a ward of John Jarndyce the novel traces Esthers romantic coming-of-age and in classic Dickensian style the gradual revelation of long-buried secrets all set against the foggy backdrop of the ...]
Genres: [fictionDownloads: 411

Blessed Are The Meek

  [english | 1955]  

Gc Edmondson

Summary: [Every strength is a weakness and every weakness is a strength. And when the Strong start smashing each others strength... the Weak may turn out to be instead the Wise.]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 212

Blicke In Das Leben Der Zigeuner

  [german | 1911]  

Engelbert Wittich

Summary: [Blicke In Das Leben Der Zigeuner Von Einem Zigeuner German Edition by Engelbert Wittich. Bei diesem Werk handelt es sich um eine urheberrechtsfreie Ausgabe. Der Kauf dieser Kindle-Edition beinhaltet die kostenlose drahtlose Lieferung auf Ihren Kindle oder Ihre Kindle-Apps.]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 275

Blind Man Lantern

  [english | 1962]  

Allen Kim Lang

Summary: [Successful colonies among the stars require interstellar ships--but they require also a very special kind of man. A kind you might not think to look for....]
Genres: [short story | science fiction | post 1930Downloads: 55

Blind Mans Lantern

  [english | 1962]  

Allen Kim Lang

Summary: [Successful colonies among the stars require interstellar ships--but they require also a very special kind of man. A kind you might not think to look for....]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 23

Blind Policy

  [english | 1904]  

George Manville Fenn

Summary: [Blind Policy by George Manville Fenn. About as rugged fierce-looking a gang of men as a lad could set eyes on as they struggled up the steep cliff road leading to the castle which frowned at the summit where the flashing waters of the Gleame swept round three sides of its foot half hidden by the beeches and birches which overhung the limpid stream. The late spring was at its brightest and best ...]
Genres: [adventure | young readersDownloads: 217

Blind Spot

  [english | 1955]  

Bascom Jones

Summary: [Everyone supported the Martian program?until it struck home!]
Genres: [short story | science fiction | post 1930Downloads: 346


  [english | ]  

Earle Ashley Walcott

Excerpts: [... to pass worthless checks. But there was no time to hesitate. I drew a check for the amount, signed Henry Wilton's name, and tossed it over to ...... It's lucky, after all, that you had something besides cotton in that skull of yours, Wilton. A fool might have been caught by it, I said modestly. ...... any papers, or anything of that sort? asked Dicky anxiously. Dicky, my boy, said ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 19


  [english | 2006]  

Peter Watts

Summary: [Two months since sixty-five thousand alien objects clenched around the Earth like a luminous fist screaming to the heavens as the atmosphere burned them to ash. Two months since that moment of brief bright surveillance by agents unknown. Two months of silence while a world holds its breath.Now some half-derelict space probe sparking fitfully past Neptunes orbit hears a whisper from the edge of ...]
Genres: [fiction | science fictionDownloads: 214

Blinky Bill

  [english | ]  

Dorothy Wall

Excerpts: [... when a thump, thump, thump, was heard on the ground at the foot of the tree. Who's there? called Mrs Bear in a very frightened voice. ...... It did look funny, as it was almost as long as the baby but it certainly would keep him warm. Bidding her friend good night she hopped on her ...... Bear safely home, then hopped away to the bushland. After that, Mrs Koala decided to keep her ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 445

Blinky Bill And Nutsy

  [english | ]  

Dorothy Wall

Excerpts: [... ... Bang! Another peanut hit him right on the nose. That makes the tenth! Splodge mumbled opening one eye just the tiniest bit to have a look ...... only a few yards away. Working his way through lantana bushes he sought the thickest cover, then flopped down on the earth to await results. It was ...... monkey tricks when we get home. Obedience is what I'll have-or look out! Don't ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 290

Blinky Bill Grows Up

  [english | ]  

Dorothy Wall

Excerpts: [... with wide open eyes. I'm to be sent to Mrs Magpie's! [Illustration: I tell you, I'm not going to school, now or never.] How dreadful! ...... pecks and squawks disturbed the morning air and the leaves of the tree trembled with fright. Strangest of all, rows and rows of little dead ...... you butcher-birds, he called out, is my nose still here? Still there! the big bird replied ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 370
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