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A Master Of Craft

  [english | 1899]  

W Jacobs

Summary: [The black hour by A. Philips and G. Stair.--A nightmare of the Doldrums by W. C. Russell.--The fate of the Alida by L. Becke.--The salving of the Duncansby Head by C. J. C. Hyne.--A ride on a whale by F. T. Bullen.--The floating beacon anonymous.--False colors by W. W. Jacobs.--The strange story of the Emily Brand by A. H. Allen.--The craft of death by R. T. Rose.--The derelict Neptune b]
Genres: [humorDownloads: 161

A Master Of Fortune

  [english | 1898]  

Charles John Cutcliffe Wright Hyne

Summary: [The pay is small enough said Captain Kettle staring at the blue paper. Its a bit hard for a man of my age and experience to come down to a job like piloting on eight pound a month and my grub.]
Genres: [fiction | action adventureDownloads: 245

A Matter Of Honor

  [english | ]  

Ann Wilson

Summary: [wow. this book was sick! the first part was hard to get through- lots of dialougue that was confuseing for the first chapter or two. but after that it was gripping. i couldnt wait for a free moment at work to pull it out and read another few pages. totally worth dowloading! id buy it. its worth bank. write some more of em ann! totally sweet.]
Genres: [creative commons | science fiction | post 1930Downloads: 19

A Matter Of Importance

  [english | 1959]  

Murray Leinster

Summary: [The importance of a matter is almost entirely a matter of your attitude. And whether you call something a riot or a war... well there is a difference but what is it?]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 124

A Matter Of Interest

  [english | 1897]  

Robert William Chambers

Excerpts: [... as Sand Point, I believe, but anybody at West Oyster Bay can direct you to it. Captain McPeek, who keeps the West Oyster Bay House, drives duck shooters ...... James. I glanced timidly at her. She's thinking of the same thing, said I to myself. What an ass I must appear! However, the young lady seemed ...... not familiar with sporting goods. If I knew your name I should ask ...]
Genres: [fiction | short storiesDownloads: 296

A Matter Of Magnitude

  [english | 1960]  

Al Sevcik

Summary: [When youre commanding a spaceship over a mile long and armed to the teeth you dont exactly expect to be told to get the hell out...]
Genres: [science fiction | short story | post 1930Downloads: 80

A Matter Of Proportion

  [english | 1959]  

Anne Walker

Summary: [In order to make a man stop you must convince him that its impossible to go on. Some people though just cant be convinced.]
Genres: [short story | science fiction | post 1930Downloads: 219

A May Evening

  [english | 1887]  

Nikolai Gogol

Excerpts: [... melodies which, though glad, are never without a strain of sadness. The pensive eventide was dreamily embracing the blue heaven, and transforming every visible ...... the night is near, Come, oh, come to me, sweetheart, dear! No use, murmured the Cossack when he had finished his song, at the same time drawing near ...... and there is nobody near. And if anybody does come, I will ...]
Genres: [fiction | short storiesDownloads: 228

A Mechanico Physiological Theory Of Organic Evolution

  [english | 1898]  

Carl Von Ngeli

Excerpts: [... Mr. Clark had become so far intimate with Ngeli's work as to make it seem best for him to continue the study through his senior year. This study involved ...... various albumen compounds, and besides are mixed with various organic and inorganic substances. For this reason the plasma behaves, both chemically ...... forces of these micell amount by summation to molar forces and ...]
Genres: [scienceDownloads: 271

A Mere Accident

  [english | ]  

George Moore

Summary: [George Fletcher Moore (10 December 1798 ? 30 December 1886) was a prominent early settler in colonial Western Australia and one of of the key figures in early Western Australias ruling elite (Cameron 2000). He conducted a number of exploring expeditions was responsible for one of the earliest published records of the language of the Australian Aborigines of the Perth area and was the author of ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 150

A Merry Dialogue Declaringe The Properties Of Shrowde Shrews And Honest Wives

  [english | ]  

Desiderius Erasmus

Summary: [Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (October 28 1466 ? July 12 1536) sometimes known as Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam was a Dutch Renaissance humanist and a Catholic priest and theologian. His scholarly name Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus comprises the following three elements: the Latin noun desiderium (longing or desire the name being a genuine Late Latin name) the Greek adjective ???????? ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 178

A Message From The Sea

  [english | 1894]  

Charles Dickens

Summary: [The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language was created by Eugene H. Peterson and published in segments from 1993 to 2002. It is a paraphrase of the original languages of the Bible.]
Genres: [nauticalDownloads: 318

A Message To Garcia

  [english | 1899]  

Elbert Hubbard

Summary: [Bibliography on thrift: p. 165-172.]
Genres: [essaysDownloads: 471

A Michigan Man

  [english | 1891]  

Elia Peattie

Excerpts: [... of solemnity and solitude. Sunlight, rivers, cascades, people, music, laughter, or dancing could not make it gay. With its unceasing reverberations ...... footsteps of Progress driven on so mercilessly in this mad age could not reach his fastness. It did not concern him that men were thinking, investigating, ...... thought it sounded like a menace, and turned pale. No trouble has ...]
Genres: [short storyDownloads: 461

A Midsummer Holiday And Other Poems

  [english | 1889]  

Algernon Charles Swinburne

Excerpts: [... can breach. Concludes and confines and absorbs them on either side,. All forces of light and of life and the live world's pride. Sands hardly ruffled ...... love they claim. Fair befall the fair green close that lies below the mill. All the place breathes low, but not for fear lest ill betide, Soft as roses ...... gladness more. And surely his heart should answer, The light. of the ...]
Genres: [poetryDownloads: 277

A Midsummer Night Dream

  [english | 1600]  

William Shakespeare

Summary: [I love this play because you have three different stories that collide in to each other. You have the love story of the four youths you have the players who are trying to get their play together and then you have the fight between Oberonthe king of the faires and Titania the fairy queen.]
Genres: [dramaDownloads: 109

A Midsummer Nights Dream

  [english | 1596]  

William Shakespeare

Summary: [A Midsummer Nights Dream is a romantic comedy by William Shakespeare suggested by The Knights Tale from Geoffrey Chaucers The Canterbury Tales written around 1594 to 1596. It portrays the adventures of four young Athenian lovers and a group of amateur actors their interactions with the Duke and Duchess of Athens Theseus and Hippolyta and with the fairies who inhabit a moonlit forest. The play is ...]
Genres: [fiction | drama | romanceDownloads: 133

A Militant Agreement for the Uprising

  [english | 1911]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [The February revolution in Russia opened nine months of titanic class struggle which culminated in the coming to power of the working class led by the Bolshevik Party headed by Lenin and Trotsky. Revolution broke out first in Russia because the war placed the greatest burdens on what was industrially the most backward nation in Europe. In Lenins words capitalism broke at its weakest link. The ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 497

A Millionaire Of Rough And Ready

  [english | 1887]  

Bret Harte

Summary: [Maruja.--Snow-bound at Eagles.--A millionaire of rough-and-ready.--A drift from Redwood Camp.--Captain Jims friend.--The heritage of Dedlow Marsh.--A knight-errant of the foot-hills.]
Genres: [westernDownloads: 97

A Millionaire Of Yesterday

  [english | ]  

E Phillips Oppenheim

Excerpts: [... sake do so, Trent grumbled. You'll talk yourself into a fever if you don't mind. Let's know what you're driving at.. Talking, the elder man ...... to drink champagne, to - by the way, Trent, have you ever tasted champagne.. Never, Trent answered gruffly Don't know that I want to either.. Monty ...... he hesitated. But away outside the clearing was that little army of Hausas, ...]
Genres: [pulpDownloads: 412
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