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  [spanish | 1909]  

Federico De Roberto

Summary: [Federico De Roberto (January 16 1861 Naples ? July 26 1927 Catania) was an Italian writer who became well-known for his novel I Vicer (1894). He began his writing career as a journalist for national newspapers where he met Giovanni Verga and Luigi Capuana the most prominent writers of the Verismo style. Verga introduced him into the literary circles of Milan. De Roberto authored two books of ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 160

Esperanto Hearings Before The Committee On Education

  [english | ]  

A Christen

Summary: [Christen Lauritsen Aagaard (27 or 28 January 1616 Viborg Denmark - 5 February 1664 Ribe) was a Danish poet. He studied from 1635 to 1639 in Copenhagen. Since 1647 he was professor of poetry at the University of Copenhagen. In 1651 he became rector and in 1658 lecturer in theology at Ribe in Jutland and also preacher at Vester-Vedsted.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 70

Esperanto Self Taught With Phonetic Pronunciation

  [english | 1908]  

William Mann

Summary: [William J. Mann is an American novelist biographer and Hollywood historian best known for his biography of Katharine Hepburn Kate: The Woman Who Was Hepburn (2006). Kate was declared the definitive work about Hepburn by The Sunday Times and was named one of the 100 Notable Books of 2006 by The New York Times. Mann was born in Connecticut and after working briefly as a Capitol Hill aide received ...]
Genres: [languageDownloads: 275

Esploracion Arqueologica De La Provincia De Catamarca

  [english | ]  

Francisco Pascasio Moreno

Excerpts: [... piedras algunos de estos cuerpos estaban sin cabeza, colocadas 'estas fuera de las sepulturas, las que no presentan signos de haber sido abiertas posteriormente ...... Muchos de ellos han servido de urnas funerarias, habiendo sido fabricados con ese objeto. La mayor parte est'an adornados con pinturas de colores, ...... de ellos han llegado la mayor parte al Museo, aun cuando no ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 260

Esprit Des Lois

  [english | ]  

Charles De Secondat Baron De La Brede Et De Montesquieu

Excerpts: [... Plutarque nous dit[223] que de son temps les Romains pensaient que ces jeux avaient 'et'e la principale cause de la servitude o`u 'etaient ...... plus 'eclair'e que la plupart des autres. Le corps repr'esentant ne doit pas ^etre choisi non plus pour prendre quelque r'esolution active, chose ...... pouvoirs 'etaient mal distribu'es. Ces monarchies ne pouvaient subsister car, d`es ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 6

Essai Historique Sur Lorigine Des Hongrois

  [french | 1844]  

Auguste Grando

Excerpts: [... de la Juhrie[5] et il est constat que, si Rktzi ne tira pas alors des Russes les secours qu'il pouvait en attendre, ce fut parce qu'il se dfia de ...... du Vatican, ne furent pas les seules que les Magyars tentrent. Bonfinio crit que Mathias Corvin, ayant appris par des marchands qu'il y avait des ...... de la ddicace, oli. s tl vala. et c'tait l'hiver. [Note 17: Honny veut dire ...]
Genres: [historyDownloads: 342

Essai Sur La Littrature Merveilleuse Des Noirs

  [french | 1913]  

Franois Victor quilbecq

Excerpts: [... morale pratique.-Fables. Lgende burlesque de l'hyne et du livre.-Contes grillards.-Contes combles.-Contes charades. Cette classification est toute ...... Contes Bambara (70). Le riz de la bonne pouse. A la recherche de son pareil. Bala et Kounandi. La tortue et l'oiseau-trompette. La case ...... bambara. Geuthner, diteur, 1910. UN MISSIONNAIRE DE SGOU, Manuel de bambara. Maison ...]
Genres: [essaysDownloads: 442

Essai Sur Lart De Ramper A Lusage Des Courtisans

  [french | 1790]  

Paul Henri Dietrich Holbach

Summary: [Allemand de naissance Holbach sinstalle en France lge de 25 ans et se fait naturaliser franais. Il reoit dans son salon les esprits les plus brillants de son poque Rousseau Buffon Diderot dAlembert avec lequel il collabore lencyclopdie. Athiste convaincu il crit galement des ouvrages philosophiques souvent sous un faux nom pour se protger du pouvoir. Dans ce court texte qui donne souvent ...]
Genres: [non-fiction | reference | etiquetteDownloads: 64

Essay On American Contribution And The Democratic Idea

  [english | ]  

Winston Churchill

Summary: [Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill KG OM CH TD PC FRS (30 November 1874 - 24 January 1965) was a British politician and statesman known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during the Second World War (WWII). He is widely regarded as one of the great wartime leaders. He served as prime minister twice. A noted statesman and orator Churchill was also an officer in the British Army a ...]
Genres: [essays | politicsDownloads: 310

Essay On Comedy Comic Spirit

  [english | ]  

George Meredith

Excerpts: [... Le Tartuffe. In relation to the stage, they have taken in our land the form and title of Puritan and Bacchanalian. For though the stage is no longer ...... like a satanic instrument just as one has known Anti-Papists, for whom Smithfield was redolent of a sinister smoke, as though they had a later recollection ...... appeals to the individual mind to perceive and participate in the ...]
Genres: [essaysDownloads: 405

Essay On Man

  [english | 1734]  

Alexander Pope

Summary: [s An Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting (1753) a conduct book was her first work. The Essay operates as a satirical advice book on how to nag and it was modeled after Jonathan Swifts satirical essays. The work is intended to teach a reader the various methods for teasing and mortifying ones acquaintances. It is divided into two sections that are organized for advice to specific groups and ...]
Genres: [essays | poetry | satireDownloads: 375

Essay Upon Projects

  [english | ]  

Daniel Defoe

Excerpts: [... for I know nothing is taken from them but the bare words, friendly society, which they cannot pretend to be any considerable piece of invention ...... he shall have the same relief, is a thing so rational that hardly anything but a hare-brained follow, that thinks of nothing, would omit entering ...... Pounds s. d. If 100,000 persons subscribe, they pay down at their entering each ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 242


  [english | ]  

Alice Meynell

Summary: [American Exorcist: Critical Essays on William Peter Blatty (2008) is a collection of essays studying all of William Peter Blattys novels from Which Way To Mecca Jack? (1959) to Elsewhere (2009).]
Genres: [essaysDownloads: 471

Essays Before A Sonata

  [english | ]  

Charles Ives

Summary: [LC copy signed by former owner Bruce Rogers.]
Genres: [non fiction | musicDownloads: 194

Essays First Series

  [english | 1841]  

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Summary: [A collections of essays: History Self-reliance Compensation Spiritual laws Love Friendship Prudence Heroism The over-soul Circles Intellect Art.]
Genres: [non-fictionDownloads: 268

Essays From The Guardian

  [english | 1910]  

Walter Horatio Pater

Summary: [LC copy signed by former owner Bruce Rogers.]
Genres: [non fiction | essaysDownloads: 101

Essays In Little

  [english | 1891]  

Andrew Lang

Summary: [American Exorcist: Critical Essays on William Peter Blatty (2008) is a collection of essays studying all of William Peter Blattys novels from Which Way To Mecca Jack? (1959) to Elsewhere (2009).]
Genres: [non fiction | essaysDownloads: 67

Essays In Radical Empiricism

  [english | 1912]  

William James

Summary: [LC copy signed by former owner Bruce Rogers.]
Genres: [philosophy | essaysDownloads: 182

Essays In The Art Of Writing

  [english | 1905]  

Robert Louis Stevenson

Summary: [A collection of essays about writing: On some technical elements of style in literature The morality of the profession of letters Books which have influenced me A note on realism My first book: Treasure Island The genesis of the master of BallantraePreface to the master of Ballantrae.]
Genres: [non-fictionDownloads: 107

Essays In War Time

  [english | ]  

Havelock Ellis

Summary: [LC copy signed by former owner Bruce Rogers.]
Genres: [non fiction | healthDownloads: 43
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