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English Critical Essays

  [english | ]  

Edmund Jones

Summary: [Wordsworth William. Poetry and poetic diction. (1800)--Coleridge S.T. Wordsworths theory of diction.. (1817)--Metrical composition. (1817)--Blake William. The Canterbury pilgrims. (1809)--Lamb Charles. On the tragedies of Shakespeare considered with reference to their fitness for stage representation. (1811)--Shelley P. B. A defence of poetry. (1821)--Hazlitt William. My first acquaintance]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 138

English Dialects From The Eighth Century To The Present Day

  [english | 1910]  

Walter William Skeat

Excerpts: [... and dialectic regeneration. The words twenty, madam, alms. Keats use of awfully. Tennyson and Ben Jonson use of flittermouse. Shakespeare use of bolter ...... mere, such as would have delighted the heart of Edgar Allan Poe, the author of Ulalume. In essor Earle's prose translation of this passage, given ...... prepared, the world for men-(being the) Almighty Lord. The locality of ...]
Genres: [languageDownloads: 467

English Embroidered Bookbindings

  [english | 1899]  

Cyril James Humphries Davenport

Excerpts: [... have cut them as well. Making its start under these unfavourable conditions, the English book-trade was exposed at once to the full competition ...... Chippendale specimens seem to me the most pleasing of their kind, and certainly in our own day the work of Mr. Sherborn has no rival, except in that ...... pattern by hand, is another blot. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to ...]
Genres: [historyDownloads: 431

English Esperanto Dictionary

  [english | 1906]  

Jc Oconnor

Summary: [Esperanto is a language which was invented by L.L. Zamenhof and first made public in 1887. Zamenhofs goal was to create an easy and flexible language that would serve as a universal second language to foster peace and international understanding. The number of Esperanto speakers is estimated to be between 100000 and 2 million.]
Genres: [non-fictionDownloads: 96

English Fairy Tales

  [english | 1918]  

Flora Annie Steel

Summary: [Presents a collection of both familiar and lesser known English fairy tales including Tattercoats Jack and the Beanstalk and Mollie Whuppie and the Double-Faced Giant.]
Genres: [young readers | short story collection | fiction and literatureDownloads: 52

English Literary Criticism

  [english | ]  


Summary: [English Literary Criticism by Various. I find I have anticipated already and taken up from Boccace before I come to him but there is so much less behind and I am of the temper of most kings who love to be in debt are all for present money no matter how they pay it afterwards besides the nature of a preface is rambling never wholly out of the way nor in it. This I have learned from the practice of ...]
Genres: [non fiction | criticismDownloads: 137

English Literature Modern

  [english | ]  

G Mair

Summary: [Charles Mair (21 September 1838 - 7 July 1927) was a Canadian poet and fervent nationalist noted for his organisation of the Canada First movement and his role opposing the provisional government of Louis Riel during the Red River Rebellion of 1869-1870 and during the North-West Rebellion of 1885. Mair was a Freemason The modern Canadian critic Alan Filewood wrote of the political and ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 138

English Poets Of The Eighteenth Century

  [english | ]  

Ernest Bernbaum

Excerpts: [... made) Moderns, beware! or if you must offend Against the precept, ne'er transgress its end Let it be seldom and compelled by need And ...... why man restrains His fiery course, or drives him o'er the plains When the dull ox, why now he breaks the clod, Is now a victim, and now ...... them too Well might they rage, I gave them but their due. A man's true merit 'tis not hard to find ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 24

English Travellers Of The Renaissance

  [english | ]  

Clare Howard

Excerpts: [... alone. I wish this essay were a more worthy result of his influence. CLARE HOWARD. BARNARD COLLEGE, NEW YORK. October 1913. Introduction.INTRODUCTION. Among ...... doctor of civil and canon law[27] or Anthony St Lieger, who, according to Lloyd, when twelve years of age was sent for his grammar learning with ...... honor by the experience of the world, Jones declares that he first ...]
Genres: [historyDownloads: 155

English Walnuts

  [english | 1912]  

Walter Fox Allen

Excerpts: [... of each as would seem to be of prime importance to the intending grower. I am indebted to the United States Department of Agriculture and to numerous ...... to the eye. Unlike the leaves of some of our shade trees, those of this variety do not drop during the Summer but adhere until late in the Fall, thus ...... in 1907, with a proportionate annual increase each year to the present....]
Genres: [instructional | natureDownloads: 262

Enkens Sn

  [danish | ]  

Herman Bang

Summary: [Herman Joachim Bang (April 20 1857 ? January 29 1912) was a Danish author one of the men of the Modern Breakthrough.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 19

Ennen Ja Nykyn 1

  [english | 1886]  

Hanna Ongelin

Excerpts: [... Mutta jollet sin voi seisoa, niin voithan istua rahille, tuonne Alfin viereen. Neitosen posket hehkuivat kuin aurinko myrskysll. Hn knsi ...... tieteen muruihin, olkoon heill sitte kuinka hyv p tahansa. Se on vrin, ja siin ajatuksessa min pysyn. - Sin olet kummallinen, Hanna. Min en ymmrr, ...... Ja minun mielestni nais-sivistys on todellakin nykyn niin oivallinen, kuin vaan toivoa ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 431

Eno Ja Sisarenpoika

  [english | 1874]  

Franz Hoffmann

Excerpts: [... viljavat tiluksensa olivat tuottaneet, ja katseli suurella mielihyvll niit kevyit sinisi savupilvi, jotka tyttivt ilman oivallisella lemullansa. Kepen ...... Zenoksi, ja siit he karkasivat toistensa kimppuun niinkuin pukit, ja Zeno, jos ei juuri musertanutkaan Endymionin kalloa, antoi hnelle kuitenkin semmoisen ...... herra Vanderstraten. Siell he elvt raakalaisten tavalla metsn ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 224

Enoch Arden And Other Poems

  [english | ]  

Alfred Tennyson

Summary: [v. 1-2. Poems.--v. 3. Enoch Arden. In memoriam.--v. 4. The princess. Maud.--v. 5. Idylls of the king.--v. 6. Ballads and other poems.--v. 7. Demeter and other poems.--v. 8. Queen Mary. Harold.--v. 9. Becket and other plays.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 315


  [english | 1898]  

Arthur Conan Doyle

Excerpts: [... ja min kansan puolueeseen, ja seurauksena oli, kuten sin tiedt, ett hnen tytyi paeta maasta, ja Grosboisin maatila joutui minun haltuuni. Tosin on hyvin ...... enn ainoastaan nimi kartoilla. Ranska nieli Europaa joka puolelta. Tmn parrattoman tykistupseerin he olivat ylentneet keisariksi, ja vaivatta hn oli ...... en mennyt Etaplesiin tai Boulogneen. Min vastaan, ett siihen oli ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 248

Enquire Within Upon Everything

  [english | 1894]  


Summary: [Enquire Within Upon Everything was a how-to book for domestic life first published in 1856 by Houlston and Sons of Paternoster Square in London and then continuously reprinted in many new and updated editions as additional information and articles were added. The book was created with the intention of providing encyclopedic information on a topics as diverse as etiquette parlour games cake ...]
Genres: [referenceDownloads: 348

Ensign Knightley

  [english | ]  

A W Mason

Summary: [Ensign Knightley And Other Stories by A E W Mason. It was eleven o clock at night when Surgeon Wyley of His Majesty s ship Bonetta washed his hands drew on his coat and walked from the hospital up the narrow cobbled street of Tangier to the Main-Guard by the Catherine Port. In the upper room of the Main-Guard he found Major Shackleton of the Tangier Foot taking a hand at bassette with Lieutenant ...]
Genres: [nautical | short story collectionDownloads: 456

Ensign Knightley And Other Stories

  [english | ]  

A W Mason

Summary: [Ensign Knightley And Other Stories by A E W Mason. It was eleven o clock at night when Surgeon Wyley of His Majesty s ship Bonetta washed his hands drew on his coat and walked from the hospital up the narrow cobbled street of Tangier to the Main-Guard by the Catherine Port. In the upper room of the Main-Guard he found Major Shackleton of the Tangier Foot taking a hand at bassette with Lieutenant ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 194

Enter Without Desire

  [english | ]  

Ed Lacy

Summary: [With love in your heart... and murder on your mind. You sit there waiting in the backyard the gun in your right pocket safety off. Its almost too simple... wait till hes on top of you one shot in the heart then run run and keep running... Run until you get back to Elma and feel her warm and soft against you protecting you loving you and making you forget that youve killed twice so y]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 211

Entertaining Made Easy

  [english | 1919]  

Emily Rose Burt

Excerpts: [... be, and there's hardly a woman in the world-is there.-who wouldn't like to be known as a good hostess. But, says one of you, I haven't the knack.. And ...... were asked for. Jokes and funny rhymes or sayings were read in turn. If various persons dislike the publicity of such a procedure, all the smiles ...... fast as they can backward to an appointed goal. 4. Low Speed. Any number ...]
Genres: [non fiction | cookingDownloads: 165
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