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Helkavirsia I Ii

  [english | ]  

Eino Leino

Summary: [Eino Leino was a Finnish poet and journalist and is considered one of the pioneers of Finnish poetry. His poems combine modern and Finnish folk elements. The style of much of his work is like the Kalevala and folk songs. Nature love and despair are frequent themes in Leinos work. He is beloved and widely read in Finland today.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 238

Hell Bent For The Morgue

  [english | ]  

Don Larson

Summary: [Bob Larson (born May 28 1944) is an American radio and television evangelist currently based in Scottsdale Arizona. Larson has authored numerous books on the subjects of rock music cults and Satanism written from a Christian perspective.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 244

Hellhound Of The Cosmos

  [english | 1932]  

Clifford Donald Simak

Summary: [Weird are the conditions of the interdimensional struggle faced by Dr. Whites ninety-nine men.]
Genres: [fiction | horror | science fictionDownloads: 303

Hellhounds Of The Cosmos

  [english | 1932]  

Clifford Donald Simak

Summary: [Weird are the conditions of the interdimensional struggle faced by Dr. Whites ninety-nine men.]
Genres: [short story | science fiction | post 1930Downloads: 454

Hello Boys

  [english | 1919]  

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Summary: [The Outdoor Book For Adventurous Boys is a fun retro mixture of useful outdoor skills recreational activities and forbidden knowledge that will be enjoyable for children while reminding adults of a simpler time. The book has more than 70 entries on the great outdoors survival techniques games and cunning inventions. It includes a mixture of useful outdoor skills fun activities and hidden ...]
Genres: [poetry | warDownloads: 281

Hello Soldier

  [english | ]  

Edward Dyson

Summary: [Jean the Soldier and Eulalie the Devils Daughter is a French fairy tale collected by Achille Millien. The fable is classed as Aarne-Thompson type 313 (A girl helps the hero to flee) and revolves about a transformation chase. Others of this type include The Water Nixie The Foundling-Bird The Master Maid and The Two Kings Children. The motifs contain notable similarities to the legend of Jason and ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 382

Helmet Of Navarre

  [english | ]  

Bertha Runkle

Excerpts: [... had to tell a father of his son. I could not blurt it out in two words. I stood silent, not knowing how to start. Felix! Beware how much longer ...... That is my concern. But monsieur will see M. le Duc? He shook his head. But, monsieur- He broke in on me fiercely. ...... mesdames, we will resume our play, she added to the ladies who had followed her on the scene, and turned her ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 304

Heloise To Abelard A Sonnet

  [english | ]  

Elizabeth Oakes Smith

Summary: [Elizabeth Oakes Smith (1806-1893) was a poet fiction writer editor lecturer and women?s rights activist whose career spanned six decades from the 1830s to the 1880s. Most well- known at the start of her professional career for her poem The Sinless Child which appeared in the Southern Literary Messenger in 1842 her reputation today rests on her feminist writings including Woman and Her Needs a ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 269

Helpfully Yours

  [english | 1955]  

Evelyn Smith

Summary: [Come down to Earth?and stay there! is a humiliating order for somebody with wings!]
Genres: [short story | science fiction | post 1930Downloads: 83

Helping Himself

  [english | 1886]  

Horatio Alger Jr

Summary: [To help pay his minister fathers debts sixteen-year-old Grant Thornton takes a job with a stockbroker in nineteenth-century New York City where he makes some valuable friends as well as a few enemies.]
Genres: [young readersDownloads: 442

Helplessness and Confusion

  [english | 1902]  

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Summary: [After the defeat of the July Days the Bolsheviks had their backs to the wall. Their press had been smashed and many of their leaders were also being hounded. The reaction was further boosted by the revelation that Lenin was really in the pay of the German government (with which Russia was still at war). This lie peddled by a couple of drunken adventurers implausible though it was was suddenly ...]
Genres: [political | revolutionary | social historyDownloads: 427


  [english | 1915]  

David Grayson

Summary: [Hempfield by David Grayson. A Novel.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 447


  [english | ]  

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Excerpts: []
Genres: [classicDownloads: 297

Hendrik Conscience

  [dutch | ]  

Eugeen De Bock

Excerpts: [... van stormen en tempeesten, van Napoleon, van den oorlog en van de pontons te Norman Cross, waar hij drie keer had krijgsgevangen gezeten. Dit ...... ne tarda pas avoir sous la main, dans ses ruches-pot-fleurs, une vingtaine de sous-genres. Faut-il ajouter qu'il s'empressa d'en faire trs scientifiquement ...... althans in het leger, dien strijd niet aangaan. Andermaal zou zijn ...]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 61


  [english | 1891]  

Franz Hoffmann

Excerpts: [... ja asiapaperi tukkuja. Vastapt komeili punainen, villapeitteinen sohva ja sen edess pyhkeili kirjavan lattiamaton pll suuri pyre pyt. Paitsi niit ...... voinut el viisikymment vuotta, ell'ei tm ontomuus olisi tapahtunut.. Siin net, kultani, sattuvan todistuksen siit, ett'ei saa luottaa terveytens ...... kolkutettiin ovea, ja iloisena siit, ett hn hetkeksikin vaan psi keskeyttmisen ...]
Genres: [non fictionDownloads: 269

Henri Iii Et Sa Cour

  [french | ]  

Alexandre Dumas

Excerpts: [... la permission d'y prendre part.Mais ce soir. RUGGIERI. Quelque malheur. CATHERINE. Non tous les malheurs sont encore dans l'avenir. Vous-mˆme ...... ouvrant la porte du passage secret. Pensez-vous que j'aie consult‚ sa volont‚. RUGGIERI. Vous l'avez donc fait entrer par la porte ...... n'est rien auprŠs de ce que sera ta faveur future. D'EPERNON. Vive Dieu. mon ...]
Genres: [dramaDownloads: 7

Henri Iv

  [french | 1922]  

Luigi Pirandello

Summary: [Ce drame en trois actes explore le thme de la folie et se droule sur une journe. Il met en scne un personnage (jamais nomm) qui se prend pour lempereur Henri IV du Saint-Empire depuis une chute de cheval survenue vingt ans auparavant. linstigation de son neveu le Comte de Nolli son entourage se prte sa folie et joue la cour de lempereur. Lorsque la pice commence la soeur du personnage central ...]
Genres: [fiction | dramaDownloads: 326

Henri Iv 2e Partie

  [french | 1864]  

William Shakespeare

Summary: [Sir Thomas More (February 7 1478 - July 6 1535) also Saint Thomas More was an English lawyer social philosopher author statesman and noted Renaissance humanist. He was an important counsellor to Henry VIII of England and for three years toward the end of his life he was Lord Chancellor. He is also recognized as a saint within the Catholic Church and in the Anglican Communion. He was an opponent ...]
Genres: [dramaDownloads: 168

Henri Poincar

  [french | 1912]  

Ernest Lebon

Excerpts: [... vtre aucune juridiction mais par une tradition plus que trois fois sculaire, chaque fois que, dans l'Acadmie des Sciences sa soeur cadette et son ...... lgendaire. Rarement historien aura trouv une aussi propice occasion d'en noter sur le vif les caractres externes, et, dfaut de rendre compte de vos oeuvres, ...... en cinq actes et vous ne seriez point Lorrain, si l'hrone n'en et t ...]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 13

Henri V

  [french | 1863]  

William Shakespeare

Excerpts: [... la place du prologue, implore votre attention patiente, et vous prie d'couter et de juger la pice avec indulgence. [Note 1: O, lettre de l'alphabet. ...... WARWICK, WESTMORELAND, EXETER, et suite. LE ROI.-O est mon respectable prlat de Cantorbry. EXETER.-Il n'est pas ici. LE ROI, Exeter.-Cher ...... aux fers dans nos prisons: ainsi dclarez-nous les intentions du dauphin avec une ...]
Genres: [dramaDownloads: 2
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