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Carnacki The Ghost Finder

  [english | 1912]  

William Hope Hodgson

Summary: [Carnacki the ghost finder -- Lost.]
Genres: [horror | ghost stories | mysterydetectiveDownloads: 383

Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Debate Index

  [english | 1912]  

Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh

Excerpts: [... for literary and debating societies. 1898. The same. 1909. =r 028 G37a=. =Matson,= Henry. =r 028 M47=. References for literary workers. 1893. =Pattee,= ...... States to maintain a standing army greater than is actually necessary to enforce the laws of the country. Craig, p. 520: Speeches. The United States ...... Matson, p. 514: Briefs and references. =Burial, Premature.=. ...]
Genres: [referenceDownloads: 39

Carnet Dun Inconnu

  [french | 1906]  

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Summary: [Super !]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 153

Carnet Dun Inconnu Stepantchikovo

  [french | 1859]  

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

Excerpts: [... se laissait entretenir pendant les douze longues ann'ees qu'il v'ecut encore. Il n'en exigeait pas moins un train de vie confortable, ne regardait pas ...... de caract`ere et sans doute, il 'etait trop faible cependant, ce n''etait pas manque d''energie, mais crainte d'humilier, crainte de faire souffrir ...... enchant'e de pouvoir parler de son malheur. - Quel malheur, imb'ecile? ...]
Genres: [fictionDownloads: 181

Carnival Killer

  [english | ]  

G Morris Sand

Excerpts: [... and wagons, death would strike tonight-and none would ever know why, or from whence it came! STRANGE, pulsing music filled the carnival show ...... slender, fascinatingly beautiful, they billed her the Exotic, Sensational Zorine. Tonight, automatically, almost unconsciously, Zorine's body ...... prefers Carolyn. Zorine's thoughts became angry and confused. They heated her whole ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 2


  [english | 1884]  

Hesba Stretton

Summary: [Carola Dodo Press by Hesba Stretton. Hesba Stretton 1832-1911 was the nom de plume of Sarah Smith an English author of children s literature. The name Hesba came from the initials of her siblings. She was the daughter of a bookseller from Wellington Shropshire but around 1867 she moved south and lived at Snaresbrook and Loughton near Epping Forest and at Ham near Richmond Surrey. Her moral tales ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 75

Carolina Chansons

  [english | 1922]  

Hervey Allen

Summary: [William Hervey Allen (December 8 1889 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ? December 28 1949 Coconut Grove Florida) was an American author.]
Genres: [poetryDownloads: 373

Carry On

  [english | ]  

Coningsby Dawson

Summary: [Carry Me Home: Birmingham Alabama the Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution written by Diane McWhorter and published by Simon Schuster in 2001 won the J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize and the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction. McWhorter grew up in Birmingham Alabama and recounts being about the same age as the girls killed in the September 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 356

Carson Of Venus

  [english | 1939]  

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Summary: [Carson of Venus is the third book in the Venus series (Sometimes called the Carson Napier of Venus series) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was serialized in Argosy in 1938 and published in book form a year later.The novel which was written close to the outbreak of World War II satirizes Nazi Germany by including a fascist political faction called the Zani.]
Genres: [fiction | science fictionDownloads: 456

Carta De Hum Cidadam De Genova A Hum Seu Correspondente Em

  [english | 1746]  


Excerpts: [... Anonymous. Carta de hum cidadam de Genova a hum seu correspondente em Londres. Entre os fatas eventos desta presente guerra, entendo ser de ...... Governo as mesmas insistencias, e ameaos por outros tres milhes, que foy precizo logo pagar nem ser defficil o conjecturar quanto internamente se enfurecesse ...... extremamente sentidos, ou j pelo espolio gravissimo de tantas familias, ...]
Genres: [non fiction | correspondenceDownloads: 34

Cartas De Mi Molino

  [spanish | 1911]  

Alphonse Daudet

Summary: [Letters from My Windmill is a collection of short stories by Alphonse Daudet first published in its entirety in 1869. Some of the stories had been published earlier in newspapers or journals such as Le Figaro and LEvenement as early as 1865. The stories are all told by the author in the first person typically addressing a Parisian reader. The author having relocated his home from Paris recounts ...]
Genres: [short story collectionDownloads: 126

Cartas Sobre A Educacao Da Mocidade

  [english | ]  

Antonio Nunes Ribeiro Sanches

Excerpts: [... pelo discurso deste papel, que toda a Educaca~o, que teve a Mocidade Portugueza, desde que no Reyno se fund'ara~o Escolas e Universidades, ...... tantas Nacoens barbaras e conquistadoras de toda a Europa. SS. Reflexoens sobre as Escolas Ecclesiasticas Louvemos e admiremos, Illustrissimo ...... ser da mayor importancia esta materia, porque ategora na~o achei Autor que tratasse della,...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 141

Cartas Sobre A Educao Da Mocidade

  [english | ]  

Antonio Nunes Ribeiro Sanches

Excerpts: [... a medicina, mas estas destacamos:. No que se intitula dos Estudos Mayores ou Colegios Reaes (pg. 95 da edio original pg. 154 desta) referindo-se ...... obedecidos, e venerados, a pezar de sua tyrania porque lhes pagava os tributos como devidos, e executava as suas leys como fieis, e obedientes Subditos. ...... juramento para exercitar os cargos daquelle Estado, e deste modo o ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 9

Caruso And Tetrazzini On The Art Of Singing

  [english | 1909]  

Enrico Caruso

Summary: [Caruso And Tetrazzini On The Art Of Singing With Bonus Chapter By Luisa Tetrazzini Advice To Young Singers by Enrico Caruso. A wealth of vocal tips given by two great singers of their time Enrico Caruso and Luisa Tetrazzini. This book contains some excellent advice and insight into the art of singing that will be of value to professional and aspiring singers alike. This Kindle edition also ...]
Genres: [music | instructionalDownloads: 473

Casa Braccio

  [english | ]  

F Marion Crawford

Excerpts: [... covered all the garden still, and one passing could hardly have seen her as she stood there. Her veil was raised, and the cold mountain breeze chilled ...... nobler love mad to be free, and to break through the solid walls in which it had been born and had grown too strong. When his love was there, hers ...... an artist if he chose. At that time she had looked upon him with a sort ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 265

Casa Grande Ruin

  [english | 1896]  

Cosmos Mindeleff

Summary: [Casa Grande Ruin Cosmos Mindeleff by Cosmos Mindeleff. The Casa Grande ruin situated near Gila river in southern Arizona is perhaps the best known specimen of aboriginal architecture in the United States and no treatise on American antiquities is complete without a more or less extended description of it. Its literature which extends over two centuries is voluminous but of little value to the ...]
Genres: [government publication | historyDownloads: 460

Casanova Homecoming

  [english | 1922]  

Arthur Schnitzler

Summary: [The murderer -- Casanovas homecoming -- Lieutenant Gustl -- Doctor Graesler.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 396

Casanovas Alibi

  [english | 1914]  

Rafael Sabatini

Summary: [Short story originally published as The Alibi]
Genres: [fiction | action adventure | historicalDownloads: 328

Casanovas Heimfahrt

  [german | 1918]  

Arthur Schnitzler

Excerpts: [... zehn und acht . Also noch keines in den Jahren, sich - mit Verlaub - sich - von Casanova das Kpfchen verdrehen zu lassen. Er lachte gutmtig und machte ...... die beiden Mnner die staubige, im sengenden Mittagsglanz daliegende Strae ins Land hinausfuhren, erzhlte Olivo weitschweifig und wenig geord von ...... ein leises Zucken des Bedauerns hervorzurufen, das gestand, wie gern man ...]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 371

Casey At The Bat

  [english | ]  

Ernest Thayer

Excerpts: [... A Ballad of the Republic, Sung in the Year 1888 The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Mudville nine that day The ...... with but one inning more to play. And then when Cooney died at first, and Barrows did the same, A sickly silence fell upon the patrons of the game. A ...... in the human breast They thought if only Casey could but get a whack at that- We'd put up even money now ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 367
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