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  [english | 2001]  

H Courreges Leblanc

Summary: [I guess its about as decent as can be for 1700 words]
Genres: [creative commons | science fiction | post 1930Downloads: 248


  [english | 1909]  

F Hopkinson Smith

Summary: [Fiddles by F Hopkinson Smith. This is Marny s story not mine. He had a hammer in his hand at the time and a tack between his teeth. Going to hang Fiddles right under the old fellow s head he burst out. That s where he belongs. I d have given a ten-acre if he could have drawn a bead on that elk himself. Fiddles behind a .44 Winchester and that old buck browsing to windward --and he nodded at the ...]
Genres: [short storyDownloads: 266

Fiebre De Amor

  [english | ]  

Eugene Fromentin

Summary: [Eugne Fromentin (October 24 1820 ? August 27 1876) was a French painter and writer. He was born in La Rochelle. After leaving school he studied for some years under Louis Cabat the landscape painter. Fromentin was one of the earliest pictorial interpreters of Algeria having been able while quite young to visit the land and people that suggested the subjects of most of his works and to store his ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 443

Fiebre De Amor dominique

  [spanish | 1913]  

Eugne Fromentin

Summary: [Eugne Fromentin (October 24 1820 ? August 27 1876) was a French painter and writer. He was born in La Rochelle. After leaving school he studied for some years under Louis Cabat the landscape painter.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 139

Field And Hedgerow

  [english | 1889]  

John Richard Jefferies

Excerpts: [... Night of winter-under the power of dark Ahriman, the evil spirit of Destruction-lay bud and germ in bondage, waiting for the coming of Ormuzd, the Sun ...... larks that sing without ceasing. The touch of the wind, the moisture of the dew, the sun-stained raindrop, have in them the magic force of life-a marvellous ...... feminine disagreement having arisen between the wives of the ...]
Genres: [non-fictionDownloads: 157

Field Hospital And Flying Column

  [english | 1915]  

Violetta Thurstan

Summary: [Field Hospital And Flying Column Classic Reprint by Violetta Thurstan. I THE BEGINNING OF IT ALL VAR var var. For me the beginning of the var vas a torchlight tattoo on Salisbury Plain. It vas held on one of those breathless evenings in July vhen the peace of Europe vas trembling in the balance and vhen most of us had a heartache in casein case England at this time of internal crisis did not rise ...]
Genres: [war | biography | healthDownloads: 154

Field Trip

  [english | 2002]  

Richard Kadrey

Summary: [It is rumored that technology might eliminate many useless items from our regulated life of the future--including good old-fashioned sex. However lets kibitz for a moment...]
Genres: [fiction | short storiesDownloads: 129


  [english | 1883]  

Austin Dobson

Excerpts: [... of its appearance-is an ill-judged emulation of Forster's Goldsmith. The author attempted to make Fielding a literary centre, which is impossible and ...... been successfully produced. Finally, most ancient of them all, there was the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane, otherwise the King's Play House, or Old House. ...... Tragedies or, The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great, with the ...]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 93


  [english | ]  

Frederich Schiller

Summary: [Fiesco by Friedrich Von Schiller. MOOR. The next are spies and informers--tools of importance to the great who from their secret information derive their own supposed omniscience. These villains insinuate themselves into the souls of men like leeches they draw poison from the heart and spit it forth against the very source from whence it came.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 411

Fifteen Chapters Of Autobiography

  [english | ]  

George E Russell

Summary: [Fifteen Chapters Of Autobiography by George William Erskine Russell. Fifteen Chapters of Autobiography is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by George William Erskine Russell is in the English language and may not include graphics or images from the original edition. If you enjoy the works of George William Erskine Russell then we highly recommend this ...]
Genres: [biographyDownloads: 348

Fifteenth Century Prose And Verse

  [english | ]  

Alfred Pollard

Summary: [Alfred Oliver Pollard VC MC Bar DCM (4 May 1893 - 5 December 1960) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. He later became a prolific author of crime and mystery books.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 316

Fifth Avenue

  [english | 1918]  

Arthur Bartlett Maurice

Excerpts: [... of John Mann, Jr., and Mary Mann. The latter must have been a landowner of some importance in her day, for the fragment of a chart runs into the margin ...... to whited sepulchres to the lake which burns with fire and brimstone. Of instrumental accompaniment there was none, and free scope was both given ...... comfort herself, in her home-sickness for the family, at ...]
Genres: [historyDownloads: 159

Fifty Candles

  [english | ]  

Earl Derr Biggers

Summary: [Fifty Candles is a non-Charlie Chan mystery centered around the death of a crooked businessman at a curious birthday party for an unknown honoree at which almost every guest has a motive for murder.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 139

Fifty Grand Funeral

  [english | ]  

David Manners

Summary: [Larry Quentin had had plenty of strange experiences in the detective business. But this was the first time he got mixed up with a clairvoyant who pulled messages out of the air--and pushed Larry toward a fatal future.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 488

Fifty One Tales

  [english | 1915]  

Lord Dunsany

Summary: [Fifty-One Tales is a collection of fantasy short stories by Irish writer Lord Dunsany considered a major influence on the work of J. R. R. Tolkien H. P. Lovecraft Ursula LeGuin and others. The first editions in hardcover were published simultaneously in London and New York by Elkin Mathews and Mitchell Kennerly respectively in April 1915. The British and American editions differ in that they ...]
Genres: [fiction | fantasy | short storiesDownloads: 13

Fifty Per Cent Prophet

  [english | 1961]  

Randall Garrett

Summary: [That he was a phony Swami was beyond doubt. That he was a genuine prophet though seemed... but then whats the difference between a dictator and a true prophet? So was he....]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 208

Fifty Practical Talks With Boys On Life Big Issues

  [english | 1921]  

Wade Smith

Excerpts: [... what, Henry.'. 'Jehu.'. 'What in the world are you trying to say, boy.'. 'I am trying to tell how fast a fire engine driver goes-as ...... what a fight you could put up if you were invisible. Why, you could walk right up in front of a fellow and smash his nose or knock him down before he ...... us up to them through our experiences with things we can touch and taste and see and ...]
Genres: [religionDownloads: 35

Fifty Two Stories For Girls

  [english | 1905]  

Alfred Miles

Excerpts: [... balls at the Winter Palace, and was present at all the court ceremonies. Yet was she still our Narda, she sent us girls presents of Viennese bonbons ...... grown out of knowledge. But the Christmas holidays were soon over, and I went back in a cold, snowy week and London snow is a miserable spectacle, ...... choked down a sob. After a pause she said:. Perhaps I shall have more ...]
Genres: [short story collectionDownloads: 68

Fifty Two Story Talks To Boys And Girls

  [english | 1914]  

Howard Chidley

Excerpts: [... accustomed to the feeling of the halter. From that time the training of the colt is not suspended for a moment. If in training it to travel in harness ...... receptive nature, as a moulder stamps the hot iron with his model. I shall prejudice my children neither for Christianity nor for Buddhism, nor for ...... be magized into being a Christian if there is set as his teacher and ...]
Genres: [young readersDownloads: 275

Fifty Two Sunday Dinners

  [english | 1913]  

Elizabeth Hiller

Summary: [A number of the recipes suggest the use of cottolene. ---Introd.]
Genres: [cookingDownloads: 54
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