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Captain Pott Minister

  [english | 1922]  

Francis Le Roy Cooper

Summary: [Verso to t.p.: Norwood Press.]
Genres: [fiction and literature | romanceDownloads: 292

Captain Richard Ingle

  [english | 1884]  

Edward Ingle

Summary: [Captain Richard Ingle by Edward Ingle. Excerpt March 16th Lewger showed that whereas Richard Ingle was obnoxious to divers suits complaints of his Lo^p for divers and sundry crimes all w^ch upon composition for the publique good safety were suspended ag^st the said Richard Ingle assuming to leave in the country to the publique need at this time powder and shot but he had not paid the composition ...]
Genres: [history | biography | pirate talesDownloads: 209

Captain Sam

  [english | 1876]  

George Cary Eggleston

Summary: [The Captain Is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship is a collection of extracts from the journals of Charles Bukowski spanning 1991 to 1993. The book was first published in 1997 with illustrations by Robert Crumb. The diary entries record the last few years of Bukowskis life in which he talks about drinking gambling aging fame and his mundane day-to-day activities.]
Genres: [adventure | warDownloads: 112

Captain Singleton

  [english | ]  

Daniel Defoe

Excerpts: [... Adventures which happened under my Conduct hereabouts many Years after, I think this Miniature of my future Enterprizes may not be unpleasant ...... in a few Words, had many Defects, but yet, all things considered, it was as well as we could expect it to be. In short, it was a kind of a ...... When we ask'd for some to guide us, they shrunk up their Shoulders as Frenchmen do when ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 318

Captain Wheatcroft

  [english | ]  

Dale Owen

Summary: [Robert Dale Owen (November 7 1801-June 24 1877) was a longtime exponent in his adopted United States of the socialist doctrines of his father Robert Owen as well as a politician in the Democratic Party. Born in Glasgow Scotland Owen emigrated to the United States in 1825 and helped his father create the Utopian community of New Harmony Indiana. After the community failed Owen returned briefly to ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 39

Captains All

  [english | 1909]  

W Jacobs

Excerpts: [... and Sam pretending in a most lifelike manner to take it. Ginger Dick looked round the room. It was a comfortable little place, with pictures ...... the clothes stripped off of it twice. He spent over arf an hour on his 'ands and knees looking for it, and Sam said when he was tired of playing bears ...... her. D'ye see.. I hear, corrected Mr. Travers, coldly. She clings to me, ...]
Genres: [short story collection | fiction and literatureDownloads: 473

Captains Courageous

  [english | 1897]  

Rudyard Kipling

Summary: [The adventures of Harvey Chaney Jr. an arrogant and spoiled son of a railroad tycoon. Washed overboard from a transatlantic steamship and rescued by fishermen on the Grand Banks Harvey cannot persuade them to take him ashore nor convince them of his wealth. However the captain of a passing schooner offers him a job as crew until they return to port. With no other choice Harvey accepts and there ...]
Genres: [fiction | action adventure | juvenileDownloads: 34

Captains Of The Civil War

  [english | 1921]  

William Wood

Summary: [Captains Of The Civil War A Chronicle Of The Blue And The Gray by William Charles Henry Wood. The book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge. Subjects United States History General History United States Civil War Period 1850-1877 History United States Civil War ...]
Genres: [war | historyDownloads: 266

Captains Venomous

  [english | ]  

Arthur Burks

Summary: [Arthur J. Burks (September 13 1898 ? May 13 1974) was an American writer and a Marine colonel.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 338

Captivating Mary Carstairs

  [english | 1910]  

Henry Sydnor Harrison

Excerpts: [... Brahms ended with a crash. Balzac said that, he cried, rising abruptly, and said it better. But, good heavens, how you both miss the point. Why, ...... plans.. Chapter Ii. They Embark Upon A Crime.CHAPTER II. THEY EMBARK UPON A CRIME. Varney was wrong in one thing: Mr. Carstairs's Cypriani ...... not a bit of it. In fact, you hardly require me to tell you, Beany, that you were a ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 260

Captured By The Navajos

  [english | 1904]  

Charles Curtis

Excerpts: [... could have been accomplished in two hours by soldiers unencumbered with a baggage and supply train. The downward march on the western slope of the ...... to their three hundred or more. We were in the centre of a large valley, with no knowledge of our surroundings nor with any way out except the road ...... blood-shed. We started, the mounted men turning to the north of the wooded ...]
Genres: [westernDownloads: 295

Card Trick

  [english | 1961]  

Randall Garrett

Summary: [The Psi Lodge had their ways and means of applying pressure when pressure was needed. But the peculiar talent this fellow showed was one that even theyd never heard of...!]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 44

Cardinal Newman As A Musician

  [english | 1892]  

Edward Bellasis

Summary: [Cardinal Newman As A Musician by Edward Bellasis. Cardinal Newman as a Musician is presented here in a high quality kindle edition. This popular classic work by Edward Bellasis is in the English language and may not include graphics or images from the original edition. If you enjoy the works of Edward Bellasis then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.]
Genres: [musicDownloads: 6

Cargo Of Show Business

  [english | ]  

George Armin Shaftel

Excerpts: [... of Nissen huts bordering the landing fields. As the engines of my big C-47 warmed up, I signed flight orders and made a final weather check and ...... it's ivory, apes and peacocks you find in the back rows. Or polar bears and pandas. I didn't ask for this chore. But since I'm a decrepit ...... to behold that they were a double-barreled shot in the arm for the boys. They said hi, ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 50


  [english | ]  


Summary: [Bomben auf Monte Carlo is a 1930 German comedy novel by Fritz Reck-Malleczewen. The penniless captain of a vessel puts into Monte Carlo hoping to raise money at the gaming tables to pay his crew. While there he becomes entangled with a monarch in disguise.]
Genres: [short story | young readersDownloads: 190

Carlos Broschi

  [spanish | 1912]  

Eugne Scribe

Excerpts: [... esta fortuna, aun despus de mi muerte, Fernando, ser preciso devolverla. Me lo jura. Fo en su honor. Pero si esa persona no apareciese, todos esos bienes ...... al pequeo Carlos, que era de mi edad, prximamente. Esperando su contestacin, Gerardo no respiraba y yo, plida y conmovida, temblaba de pies a cabeza. Agradablemente ...... y hacanos concebir las ms halageas esperanzas. ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | history | musicDownloads: 335

Carlota Angela

  [english | 1874]  

Camilo Castelo Branco

Summary: [Camilo Ferreira Botelho Castelo-Branco1st Viscount de Correia Botelho (March 16 1825 - June 1 1890) was a prolific Portuguese writer of the 19th century having authored over 260 books. His writing is overall considered original in that it combines the dramatic and sentimental spirit of Romanticism with a highly personal combination of sarcasm bitterness and dark humour. He is also celebrated for ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 414

Carmen Ariza

  [english | ]  

Charles Francis Stocking

Summary: [Forty-fifth edition.]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 283


  [french | 1871]  

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Summary: [Carmilla publi en 1871 est le plus clbre roman de lcrivain irlandais Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.Luvre est dailleurs lun des romans gothiques et vampiriques les plus clbres du genre tant les atmosphres y sont puissantes et mystrieuses. Laura candide souhait incarne la parfaite hrone gothique. Carmilla quant elle personnage nigmatique et dangereux incarne la sensualit et prsente lhomosexualit ...]
Genres: [fiction | romance | gothicDownloads: 24

Carnac Folly

  [english | 1922]  

Gilbert Parker

Summary: [v. 1. Pierre and his people.--v. 2. A Romany of the snows being a continuation of the personal histories of Pierre and his people.--v. 3. Northern lights.--v. 4. Mrs. Falchion.--v. 5. Cumners son and other South sea folk.--v. 6. When Valmond came to Pontiac. The trail of the sword.--v. 7. The translation of a savage. The pomp of the Lavilettes. At the sign of the eagle.--v. 8. The trespasser.]
Genres: [romance | canadian literatureDownloads: 380
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