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Three Lines Of Old French

  [english | 1919]  

Abraham Merritt

Excerpts: [... even greater knowledge will be found. It was the clinic unsurpassed for the psychologist even more than for the surgeon. Latour, the great little French ...... of purpose, burning with the white fire of the first Crusaders, he took his place in the ranks. Clean-cut, blue-eyed, standing six feet in his stocking ...... the poilus, and they loved him. Twice was he wounded in the ...]
Genres: [fiction | psychological | short storiesDownloads: 252

Through The Dragon Glass

  [english | 1917]  

Abraham Merritt

Excerpts: [... and look at it! Wonderful? It is more than wonderful, the Dragon Glass! Whoever made it lived when the gods walked about the earth creating something ...... man worth ten millions can't step out into thin air and vanish without leaving behind him the probability of some commotion, naturally. The newspapers ...... shot up dusky little vaporous yellow flames. Afterward you were aware ...]
Genres: [fiction | fantasy | short storiesDownloads: 38

Texas Week

  [english | 1954]  

Albert Hernhuter

Summary: [One of the chief purposes of psychiatry is to separate fantasy from reality. It is reasonable to expect that future psychiatrists will know more about this borderline than the most learned doctors of today. Yet now and again even the best of them may encounter situations that defy all logic.]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 294

Ten Years Later

  [english | 1848]  

Alexandre Dumas

Summary: [The Blair Years is a book by Alastair Campbell featuring extracts from his diaries detailing the period during which he worked for Tony Blair. Published by Random House]
Genres: [fiction | action adventure | historicalDownloads: 295

The Three Musketeers

  [english | 1844]  

Alexandre Dumas

Summary: [The Three Musketeers (Les Trois Mousquetaires) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas pre. It recounts the adventures of a young man named dArtagnan after he leaves home to become a musketeer. DArtagnan is not one of the musketeers of the title those are his friends Athos Porthos and Aramisinseparable friends who live by the motto One for all and all for one.The story of dArtagnan is continued in Twenty ...]
Genres: [fiction | action adventure | historicalDownloads: 214

Twenty Years After

  [english | 1845]  

Alexandre Dumas

Summary: [Lira dos Vinte Anos is a poetry anthology written by Brazilian Romantic author Alvares de Azevedo. Originally part of a project that would be written in partnership with Aureliano Lessa and Bernardo Guimaraes called As Tr^es Liras it was published in 1853. It is one of the few works whose publication was prepared by the own Alvares due to his premature death in April 25 1852. The book is divided ...]
Genres: [fiction | action adventure | historicalDownloads: 225

Turning Point

  [english | 1953]  

Alfred Coppel

Summary: [Een keerpunt in de vaderlandse geschiedenis is a 2005 Dutch book by Amsterdam University professor Karel van Wolferen and NRC Handelsblad reporter Jan Sampiemon. Its secondary title is A manifesto to the Dutch people. Despite the fatherland in the title referring to the Netherlands the book is mostly about the changes in the foreign policies of the USA since the presidency of George W. Bush and ...]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 258

Turnover Point

  [english | 1953]  

Alfred Coppel

Summary: [Every era in history has had its Pop Ganlons. Along in years and not successful and not caring much anyway. A matter of living out their years following an obscure path to oblivion. It was that way in ancient Egypt just as it will be when the Solar System shrinks to our size. And once in a while such men are given an opportunity to contribute to the society that has forgotten them....]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 115

Tartarin Of Tarascon

  [english | 1872]  

Alphonse Daudet

Summary: [The burlesque adventures of Tartarin a local hero of Tarascon a small town in southern France whose invented adventures and reputation as a swashbuckler finally force him to travel to a very prosaic Algiers in search of lions. Instead of finding a romantic mysterious Oriental fantasy land he finds a sordid world suspended between Europe and the Middle East. And worst of all there are no lions ...]
Genres: [fiction | humorousDownloads: 423

Tartarin Sur Les Alpes Nouveaux Exploits Du Heros Tarasconnais

  [french | 1885]  

Alphonse Daudet

Summary: [Tartarin de Tarascon.--Tartarin sur les Alpes.--La de?fense de Tarascon.--Le siege de Berlin.--Lettres de mon moulin.--La dernie?re classe.--Limagination de M. Joyeuse.--Un re?veillon dans le Marais.--Les petits pa?tes.--Andre? Gill.--La Belle-Nivernaise.--Notes.]
Genres: [fiction | humorousDownloads: 459


  [french | 1890]  

Anatole France

Summary: [Thas tait ne de parents libres et pauvres adonns lidoltrie. Du temps quelle tait petite son pre gouvernait Alexandrie proche de la porte de la Lune un cabaret que frquentaient les matelots. Certains souvenirs vifs et dtachs lui restaient de sa premire enfance. Elle revoyait son pre assis langle du foyer les jambes croises grand redoutable et tranquille tel quun de ces vieux Pharaons que ...]
Genres: [fiction | historical | religiousDownloads: 97

The Time Traders

  [english | 1958]  

Andre Alice Norton

Summary: [Intelligence agents have uncovered something beyond belief but the evidence is incontrovertible: the USAs greatest adversary is sending its own agents back through time! And someone (or something) is presenting them with technologies and weapons far beyond our most advanced science. We have only one option: create time-transfer technology ourselves find the oppositions ancient source...and take ...]
Genres: [fiction | science fictionDownloads: 410

A Texas Matchmaker

  [english | 1904]  

Andy Adams

Summary: [From the writer and genuine Western Trail cattle driver responsible for some of the best and most realistic accounts of cowboy life in literature.]
Genres: [fiction | westernsDownloads: 345

That Mainwaring Affair

  [english | 1900]  

Anna Maynard Barbour

Summary: [That Mainwaring Affair by Anna Maynard Barbour. This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this ...]
Genres: [fiction | mystery detectiveDownloads: 358

The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall

  [english | 1848]  

Anne Bronte

Summary: [The story of a woman who leaves her abusive dissolute husband and who must then support herself and her young son. By challenging the prevailing morals of the time the novel caused a critic to pronounce it utterly unfit to be put into the hands of girls. It is considered to be one of the first feminist novels.]
Genres: [fictionDownloads: 237

Through The Magic Door

  [english | 1907]  

Arthur Conan Doyle

Summary: [Essays about books.]
Genres: [non-fictionDownloads: 425

Trees Are Where You Find Them

  [english | 1953]  

Arthur Dekker Savage

Summary: [The trees on Mars are few and stunted says old Doc Yoris. Theres plenty of gold of course--but trees can be much more important!]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 124

The Terrible Answer

  [english | 1952]  

Arthur Hill

Summary: [They came to Mars inquiring after the stuff of Empire. They got--]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 458

Trouble On Titan

  [english | 1941]  

Arthur Barnes

Summary: [When the Queen of the Spaceways meets the King of the Interplanetary Wilds theres a checkmate in the stalking of Saturns most dangerous game!]
Genres: [fiction | science fictionDownloads: 24


  [english | 1939]  

Arthur Leo Zagat

Summary: [Reach for Tomorrow is a collection of short stories by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. The stories all originally appeared in a number of different publications.]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 99
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