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Sea Power And Other Studies

  [english | ]  

Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge

Excerpts: [... and the fate of North America were determined by sea-power, so also at a very remote epoch sea-power decided whether or not Hellenic colonisation was ...... by men from the 'old country.' Moreover, it was small. The wealth of India would have sufficed to furnish a larger material element but, as the ...... ranks of our bluejackets till a date later than that of the launch of the ...]
Genres: [nautical | non fictionDownloads: 329

The Seven Poor Travellers

  [english | ]  

Charles Dickens

Excerpts: [... upon a Christmas-eve, that I stood reading this inscription over the quaint old door in question. I had been wandering about the neighbouring Cathedral, ...... Room. Where the gentlemen meet when they come here. Let me see. I had counted from the street six upper windows besides these on the ground-story. ...... prescribed number of Poor Travellers were forthcoming every night from ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | short story collectionDownloads: 477

Sabbath In Puritan New England

  [english | ]  

Alice Morse Earle

Excerpts: [... musket or wolf-hook. In 1723 wolves were so abundant in Ipswich that parents would not suffer their children to go to and from church and school without ...... of disorder that strangers wondered at it. In the midst of the carousal the master of the pinnace called the boatswain Brother Loggerheads. This ...... paper, to the girl whom he had once assailed and bombarded with his ...]
Genres: [history | religionDownloads: 324

Secret Chambers And Hiding Places

  [english | ]  

Allan Fea

Summary: [Secret Chambers And Hiding Places by Allan Fea. The secret chamber is unrivalled even by the haunted house for the mystery and romance surrounding it. Volumes have been written about the haunted house while the secret chamber has found but few exponents.]
Genres: [non fiction | audiobookDownloads: 369

Self Denial

  [english | ]  

American Sunday School Union

Summary: [Death Without Denial Grief Without Apology: A Guide for Facing Death and Loss by former Oregon Governor Barbara K. Roberts is a personal narrative of the authors experiences during her husband Franks battle with cancer the final year of his life and the subsequent years of grieving. At the time of Frank Roberts fatal recurrence of the illness both he and his wife were in public office Barbara as ...]
Genres: [young readers | religion | short storyDownloads: 280

Select Temperance Tracts

  [english | ]  

American Tract Society

Excerpts: [... he falls upon his side, from which he gradually turns upon his back: he now closes his eyes and falls into a profound sleep, frequently attended ...... there be but four moderate drinkers to one drunkard, it would in thirty years cut off in the United States 32,400,000 years of human life. An aged physician ...... wish him to stay he would make of him an example, and he must go. So ...]
Genres: [healthDownloads: 319

Seven English Cities

  [english | ]  

William Dean Howells

Summary: [William Dean Howells (March 1 1837 ? May 11 1920) was an American realist author and literary critic. He was known for the Christmas story Christmas Every Day and the novel The Rise of Silas Lapham.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 367

The Secret Of Dreams

  [english | ]  

Yacki Raizizun

Summary: [This is one of the most illuminating books about dreams that I have read. You can learn a lot about yourself from it.]
Genres: [non fiction | reference | audiobookDownloads: 36

The Sequel Of Appomattox

  [english | ]  

Walter Lynwood Fleming

Excerpts: [... any of them remained honest very long. Some of the natives, even, became cotton thieves. In a report made in 1866, McCulloch describes their methods: ...... section church feeling ran high, and when the war came, the churches supported the armies. As the Federal armies occupied Southern territory, the church ...... in independent churches and new church organizations from the North ...]
Genres: [historyDownloads: 416

The Second Funeral Of Napoleon

  [english | ]  

William Makepeace Thackeray

Excerpts: [... Greenacre: suppose you had been asked out to dinner, and the gentleman of the house had said: Ho. Francois. a glass of champagne for Miss Smith-Courvoisier ...... the Gammon of Gammons. And as you must not peer too curiously within, so neither must you remain scornfully without. Humbug- worshippers, let us come ...... Paris, beams with sufficient grandeur on this place: whereas the ...]
Genres: [essaysDownloads: 453

Samuel Brohl And Company

  [english | ]  

Victor Cherbuliez

Summary: [Samuel Brohl And Company by Victor Cherbuliez. Charles Victor Cherbuliez 1829-1899 was a French novelist and author. He was born at Geneva Switzerland where his father was a classical professor at the Universite de Geneve. Geneva was the scene of his early education thence he proceeded to Paris and afterwards to the universities of Bonn and Berlin then he returned to his native town and engaged ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 303

The Settlers

  [english | ]  

W G Kingston

Summary: [Bibliography: p. viii.]
Genres: [historyDownloads: 239

The Seven Champions Of Christendom

  [english | ]  

W G Kingston

Excerpts: [... hoped that the present version, while much of his vivid imagery is retained, may be free from his more glaring errors. And, thus quoting the Dominie's ...... along the vaulted roof. Then off they set. Nothing worth having can be gained without toil and trouble, observed the Dwarf, as he parted from the ...... tears. Having recovered himself, and once more buckled on his young ...]
Genres: [religion | adventure | historyDownloads: 233

Seeing Europe With Famous Authors Volume 2

  [english | ]  


Summary: [Seeing Europe With Famous Authors Vol 5 by Francis W Halsey. Travelogues Collection offers readers a unique glimpse into the diverse landscape culture and wildlife of the world from the perspective of late 19th and early 20th century esteemed travelers. From the exotic islands of Fiji to the lush jungles of Africa to the bustling streets of New York City these picturesque backdrops set the scene ...]
Genres: [travelDownloads: 256

The Second Book Of Modern Verse

  [english | ]  


Excerpts: [... [H. D.]. The Hill Wife. [Robert Frost]. Hills of Home. [Witter Bynner]. The Homeland. [Dana Bur]. How much of Godhood. [Louis Untermeyer]. Hrolf's ...... Silent Folk. [Charles Wharton Stork]. Slumber Song. [Louis V. Ledoux]. Smith, of the Third Oregon, dies. [Mary Carolyn Davies]. The Son. [Ridgely ...... with the beauty. That ever blows. Out of the lands that are called Elysian. I ...]
Genres: [poetryDownloads: 84

Scenas Da Roa

  [english | ]  

Antonio Corra

Excerpts: [... EBook of Scenas da Roa, by Antnio Corra. Title: Scenas da Roa. Poema de costumes nacionaes. Author: Antnio Corra. Release Date: May ...... tem a innocencia,. tem o perfume das flres. captivam pelos encantos. ingenuos puros e santos,. e so, meu Deus, taes e tantos,. que fazem ...... est dito. fizeste mal em negal-o. isto assim no bonito. No chores, d-me um abrao. ser Pedro o teu ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 117

Saru No Ikigimo

  [english | ]  

Basil Hall Chamberlain

Excerpts: [... Chamberlain. [Illustration]. THE SILLY JELLY-FISH. Told in English by B. H. Chamberlain. Griffith Farran & Co., London & Sydney, N.S.W. [Illustration]. THE ...... great and small, came to pay their respects, and to offer gifts to the newly wedded pair and for some days all was feasting and merriment. [Illustration]. But ...... her husband:. [Illustration]. I know of something that ...]
Genres: [young readers | short storyDownloads: 402

Seven Maids Of Far Cathay

  [english | ]  

Bing Ding

Summary: [Seven Maids Of Far Cathay by Bing Ding. The English Notes which go to make up this Chinese Class book are the result of a game which the President of the Woman s Anglo-Chinese College of Neuchang China induced the seven Chinese girls of the graduating class to play during the last six months of their College course. The Notes were read aloud in class taken down by a stenographer and afterwards ...]
Genres: [essays | humorDownloads: 282

Schlupps Der Handwerksbursch

  [german | ]  

C Berg

Excerpts: [... hatte, ausben. Schlupps beim Schreiner. Einst war er zu einem Meister gekommen, der arg geizig war und ihn hart zum Schaffen anhielt, an Tadel nicht ...... eingerichtet sei fragte, wie lange der Gast zu bleiben gedenke und wohin und woher. Grad aus dem Fegfeuer, seufzte der Bursche, machte ein gottsjmmerliches ...... Schulzensohn und wollte mich zu seinem Weibe machen, aber sein ...]
Genres: [fiction and literature | young readersDownloads: 125

Schetsen Uit Den Kaukasus

  [dutch | ]  

Carla Serena

Excerpts: [... of slechter was dan de anderen, en waar wij den nacht doorbrachten. Dit station is het tweede aan de lijn van Poti naar Tiflis, na dat van Novo-Senaki. ...... verdwijnt. Als dekking tegen koude en regen dragen deze ruiters de nationale boerka of vilten mantel met een kap van witte wol. Deze prachtige ...... kind aanschouwde. Hij begreep aanstonds, dat de vorst van Goeri zich op ...]
Genres: [travelDownloads: 45
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