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A Kidnapped Santa Claus

  [english | 1904]  

Lyman Frank Baum

Summary: [Santa Claus lives in the Laughing Valley where stands the big rambling castle in which his toys are manufactured. His workmen selected from the ryls knooks pixies and fairies live with him and every one is as busy as can be from one years end to another. On one side is the mighty Forest of Burzee. At the other side stands the huge mountain that contains the Caves of the Daemons. And between them ...]
Genres: [fiction | fantasy | short storiesDownloads: 181

A King And No King

  [english | ]  

Francis Beaumont And John Fletcher

Summary: [The 21st Century King James Version is a minor update of the King James Version. However unlike the New King James Version it does not alter the language significantly from the 1611 version retaining Jacobean grammar (including thee and thou) but it does attempt to replace some of the vocabulary which no longer would make sense to a modern reader. An example from Ezra 9:3 Another example from the ...]
Genres: [drama | poetryDownloads: 98

A Knight Of The Nets

  [english | 1896]  

Amelia Edith Barr

Excerpts: [... letter. Such lovely words. They are like poetry they are as sweet as singing.. Did you tell Andrew this.. Why would I do that.. You are ...... return to the cottage with Christina to make known the engagement they had entered into. They met Andrew on the sands. He had been disappointed. Sophy ...... struck Christina, but which was not obvious to Andrew as he added, I'll not lie to ...]
Genres: [nautical | romanceDownloads: 121

A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century

  [english | ]  

E Roe

Excerpts: [... that her husband had remembered and complied with her request, she graciously thanked him for giving the young man a little change and diverting ...... hear I mean that you or any one else in my employ who abuses my trust and breaks the laws shall suffer their full penalty. You are ...... in her hands, as if to shut out a vision that would blast her, she rocked back and forth in ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 116

A Knight Of The White Cross

  [english | ]  

G Henty

Summary: [A Knight Of The White Cross by G A Henty. Orders were given to the rowers to quicken their pace and in little over an hour they were alongside the hull. As soon as the vessels were close enough for those on the poop of the galley to look down on to the deck of the other craft it was seen that Ralph s suppositions were correct. Two bodies lay stretched upon it. One was crushed under the fallen ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 28

A Knyght Ther Was

  [english | 1963]  

Robert Franklin Young

Summary: [But the Knyght was a little less than Perfect and his horse did not have a metabolism and his castle was much more mobile--timewise!--than it had any business being!]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 497

A Kut Prisoner

  [english | 1920]  

H W Bishop

Summary: [Le prisonnier du Bouddha written by Franquin and Greg drawn by Franquin with assistance by Jidehem is the fourteenth album of the Spirou et Fantasio series. The story was initially serialised in Spirou before its release as a hardcover album in 1960.]
Genres: [biography | war | historyDownloads: 275


  [english | 1915]  

Mary Roberts Rinehart

Summary: [K. LeMoyne famous surgeon drops out of the world that has known him and goes to live in a little town where beautiful Sidney Page lives. She is in training to become a nurse. The joys and troubles of their young love are told with that keen and sympathetic appreciation which has made the author famous.]
Genres: [fiction | mystery detective | romanceDownloads: 61

Kabale Und Liebe

  [english | ]  

Friedrich johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller

Excerpts: [... ihr zu bewundern gelernt hat, wenn sich diese Dame nicht schaemte, vor einen Mann mit ihrem Herzen zu treten. Lady (schaut ihm gross ins Gesicht). ...... Opfer ward. -Mein Vater, des Koenigs oberster Kaemmerer, wurde bezichtigt, in verraetherischem Vernehmen mit Frankreich zu stehen, durch einen Spruch ...... Bedienten. Vorige. Praesident (im Hereintreten). Da ist er schon. Alle ...]
Genres: [classicDownloads: 65

Kabbalah Cowboys

  [english | 2002]  

Richard Kadrey

Excerpts: [... week out of LA and deep into Nevada's Big Empty. In keeping with true western cowboy tradition, the roughnecks traveled on horseback. Specially bred ...... brains were housed in oval-shaped, high-impact-plastic bubbles in their bare skulls. Turns out, a brain doesn't take up much room when all it has ...... spotted a cyborg crew bringing in a herd of cattle and slaves from up north....]
Genres: [fiction | science fiction | short storiesDownloads: 4

Kafir Stories

  [english | 1895]  

William Charles Henry Scully

Excerpts: [... one else had yet come, he went outside and sat in the sunshine, smoking his oily pipe with thorough enjoyment. He did not in the least mind leaving Jim ...... It is sad to be old and have such bad teeth, said Kalaza, as he paused in his chewing. Have you not got a little meat.. Maliwe stood up, and ...... but he had almost ceased from struggling. One illusion he still retained. ...]
Genres: [short story collectionDownloads: 488

Kafka Selected Shorter Writings

  [english | ]  

Franz Kafka

Summary: [Franz Kafka (3 July 1883 ? 3 June 1924) was a German-language novelist one of the most influential of the 20th century whose works came to be regarded after his death as one of the major achievements of world literature. The term Kafkaesque has entered the English language. Kafka was born to middle class German-speaking Jewish parents in Prague Bohemia now part of the Czech Republic in what was ...]
Genres: [short story collectionDownloads: 486

Kahden Talonpojan Ulkomaan Matka

  [english | 1913]  

Fritz Reuter

Summary: [Fritz Reuter (November 7 1810 - July 12 1874) was a German novelist. Reuter was born at Stavenhagen in Mecklenburg-Schwerin a small country town where his father was mayor and sheriff (Stadtrichter) and in addition to his official duties carried on the work of a farmer. Fritz Reuter was educated at home by private tutors and subsequently at the gymnasiums of Friedland in Mecklenburg-Strelitz and ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 412

Kahleeton Vanki

  [english | 1898]  

Heikki Merilinen

Excerpts: [... tajulleen. Lapsia kummastutti, kun iti tn iltana oli niin vhpuheinen. Eip hekn keskennkn tunteneet halua puhelemaan, istua kyhnttivt vaan ja urkkivilla ...... nousi kvelemn lattialle, pisti kdet taskuihinsa, kekalla niskoin, rehtevn nkisesti kveli lattialla edes takaisin ja hiljalleen vihelteli. Kasvoista ...... niskoin, ryhti isntmiehen, kdet seln takana kveli edestakaisin ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 28

Kai Lung Golden Hours

  [english | 1922]  

Ernest Bramah

Summary: [Kai Lungs Golden Hours is a fantasy novel by Ernest Bramah. It was first published in hardcover in London by Grant Richards Ltd. in October 1922 and there have been numerous editions since. The first edition included a preface by Hilaire Belloc which has also been a feature of every edition since. Its importance in the history of fantasy literature was recognized by its reissuing by Ballantine ...]
Genres: [mysterydetectiveDownloads: 51

Kai Lungs Golden Hours

  [english | 1922]  

Ernest Bramah Smith

Summary: [Kai Lungs Golden Hours is a fantasy novel by Ernest Bramah. It was first published in hardcover in London by Grant Richards Ltd. in October 1922 and there have been numerous editions since. The first edition included a preface by Hilaire Belloc which has also been a feature of every edition since. Its importance in the history of fantasy literature was recognized by its reissuing by Ballantine ...]
Genres: [fiction | fantasyDownloads: 396

Kaksi Laukausta

  [english | 1877]  

Holger Drachmann

Summary: [Holger Henrik Herholdt Drachmann (9 October 1846 ? 14 January 1908) was a Danish poet and dramatist. He is an outstanding figure of the Modern Break-Through. The son of Dr AG Drachmann whose family was of German extraction he was born in Copenhagen. Owing to the early death of his Danish mother the child was left much to his own devices and developed a fondness for semi-poetical performances ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 330

Kaksi Tolppaa Pohjalais Maija

  [english | 1883]  

Gustaf Adolf Heman

Excerpts: [... Hermanni oli mennyt siipeen, ja pohjoisen puhaltaessa meni hn mokomassa karuselliss 12 kertaa ympri huimalla vauhdilla ja olisi mennyt kukatiesi viel ...... Kun hn ensi kerran nki. Nin lauloi Teemu reki vieri, tie lyheni, jotta pian jo oltiin psty lahden poikki, ja elen itse runon maailmassa arvelee tuo ...... suinkaan messu oikein ilman kykn, hh. Teemu kurkisti ja kurkisti, kntyi ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 272

Kaleri Orja

  [english | 1864]  

Heinrich Zschokke

Summary: [Johann Heinrich Daniel Zschokke (22 March 1771 - 27 June 1848) was a German author and reformer. Most of his life was spent and most of his reputation earned in Switzerland. He had an extensive civil service career and wrote histories fiction and other works which were widely known.]
Genres: [short storyDownloads: 16


  [english | ]  

J Bergman

Summary: [Abby Barry Bergman is a science educator author and school administrator. Bergman earned a doctorate in science education at Columbia University and authored and co-authored several books in the area of science education and school administration. He served as a school administrator in public and private schools in the New York City Metropolitan Area. Bergman has received numerous awards and ...]
Genres: [poetry | dramaDownloads: 460
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