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A Complete Account Of The Settlement At Port Jackson

  [english | ]  

Watkin Tench

Excerpts: [... new country, aggravated by the miseries of bad diet, and incessant toil, will find few admirers. Nor were our exertions less unsuccessful than they ...... on board, he appeared neither afraid or ashamed of what he had done, but sat apart, melancholy and dispirited, and continued so until he saw the ...... to the surrounding country (which is a very common custom) the squirrels, ...]
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A Narrative Of The Expedition To Botany Bay

  [english | 1788]  

Watkin Tench

Excerpts: [... their side, either to contest the command, or to force their escape, should be punished with instant death orders to this effect were given to the ...... after an excellent passage of three weeks from the day we left England. Chapter Iii.CHAPTER III. From the Fleet's Arrival at Teneriffe, to its ...... Iv. The Passage From Teneriffe To Rio De Janeiro, In The Brazils.CHAPTER IV. The ...]
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