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A Reply To Dr Lightfoot Essays

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Walter Cassels

Excerpts: [... at least may be possible, however little we may agree on other points. It was natural that Dr. Lightfoot should not be averse to preserving the more ...... In vol. ii. p. 420, after again mentioning the rejection of the passage, I proceed to state my own personal belief that the words must have Originally ...... omit to point out that I merely mention the anti-Pauline ...]
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Eidolon Or The Course Of A Soul

  [english | 1850]  

Walter Cassels

Excerpts: [... woe, and clamour, wherewith this world's life. Ebbs and declines unto the printless shore. Of death. O. blessed change, if there were one. To ...... spheres. A splendour, and a triumph, and a joy,. That on the brightness of thine azure breast. Settest the constellated stars like gems,. To ...... its gladness and serenity. Thine is a joyance passing utterance,. A deep delight, that ...]
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